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  1. Jambruins

    Easy Plan sketch software

    Has anyone used magicplan and got it to work? I downloaded and played around with it at my house and I can't get a floor plan anything close to my actual measurements.
  2. Jambruins

    Weird lines by dormer

    Here is my file. Thanks for the help. Buecken house.plan.
  3. Jambruins

    Weird lines by dormer

    Can anyone tell me what the weird lines are by the dormer in the attached picture? How do I remove them? If I delete the auto dormer they disappear.
  4. What is the best way to get my porch support columns/footings to be aligned with the porch newel posts? Do I have to add them manually? I know with a deck it will add the posts/footings but I can't get it to add them for a porch. If the only way is to manually add a post/footing is there a way to get the dimensions from center of newel post to center of newel post? I know I can use the tape measure but I can't snap to the newel post.
  5. Jambruins

    Porch roof over main roof

    Thanks for the help. I will review the help videos before I post on here next time.
  6. Jambruins

    Porch roof over main roof

    I know my plan doesn't look like the other plan. I am just asking how to get the front porch roof to be a shed type roof extending up on to the main roof. You can see in my picture my main house roof extends to the front of the porch (basically making one roof). I want the main house roof to end on the front wall of the house and then have the porch shed style roof extend up onto the house. I understand what you are saying about changing the wall/roof inputs to get the roof to change but that is what I am trying to figure out. I'm assuming I need to change my front house wall and some setting with it but I can't figure it out.
  7. Jambruins

    Porch roof over main roof

    How do I get a front porch roof to be installed over the main house roof. Something like the attached picture. I know how to do it manually but is there a way to do it with auto roofs? In my drawing the front porch wall is being treated like a hip so my main roof is going from the front of the porch to the back wall instead of from the front house wall to the back wall.
  8. Jambruins

    Porch overhang...can't change it

    Thank you for the help. I will make sure to post some pictures in the future.
  9. Jambruins

    Landing support columns

    When I draw a landing does it create support columns automatically or do I need to manually insert columns?
  10. Why is my porch roof being generated with a 2'-6" overhang? I have the default set to 12". Attached is my file. Thank you. Crosley Addition.plan
  11. Jambruins

    Dormer or different wall heights?

    thank you
  12. I am designing a house similar to the attached picture. There will be 5' knee walls on the 2nd floor and then rafters with a 12:12 pitch. Howerver, the owner would like a full 8' tall wall height in the middle of the 2nd story (see attached picture where three windows are). Would I do this with a dormer (floating or regular dormer) or would I create a room and use an 8' wall height?
  13. Jambruins

    How to remove vaulted ceiling from dormer

    Sorry about saying it has a dormer. My original plan did have a dormer on the front but I changed it to a reverse roof. This is for a new house so we can revise things if necessary. Thanks for the help with ceiling planes and I will look at the training videos regarding truss bases. One other questions. How do you get the overhang over the door into the mudroom to extend out to match the overhang of the house roof? I know how to do it manually but is there a way to do it without turning auto roofs off?
  14. Attached is my file. How do I remove the vaulted in the dormer? The scissor trusses will span from the back of the house to front and the dormer will be built on top of the scissor trusses so I don't want to be able to see up into the dormer from the inside. Wallenhorst House new.plan
  15. Jambruins

    Fireplace insert

    I created a 2' out x 4' wide area in my exterior wall for a fireplace insert. When I insert the fireplace it shows up the wall above the insert is still open to the ceiling Is there a way to get the sheetrock wall to cover up the area between the top of the insert and the ceiling?