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  1. Jambruins

    Windows in gable interfering with floor plan

    Perfect, thank you.
  2. I have inserted windows in the gable end as the house has vaulted ceilings. There is not a 2nd floor. I have inserted some windows in the higher portion of the gable but they show up on the 1st floor plan. I need to put a door on the 1st floor plan where the windows are but the windows are in the way. I tried to put the windows on a separate layer and then turn that layer off but then it leaves a cut in the wall. Any ideas?
  3. I have sent my floor plan to my layout sheet 2 but when I send my framing plan to my layout it changes the floor plan to have the framing layer set displayed. I have tried sending my framing plan to a separate sheet but it still changes the floor plan. How do I get my floor plan to show with the floor plan dimension layer set and the framing plan to show with the framing layer set?
  4. Jambruins

    Dimension basement columns

    When I layout my basement columns I like to put a dimension from the center of one column to the next and so on. Is there a way to get the dimension to show like the attached picture without having to pick a column and then the next column and then having to drag the dimension up to align it with the previous dimension?
  5. Jambruins

    Question about roof and baselines

    thank you
  6. Jambruins

    How to get fascia/eaves to line up

    solver, thank you very much. I will be sure to watch the videos. How do you get a view like that? Is that using the full perspective view? I get the attached view when I select full perspective view.
  7. If I want the top of all of my walls (house and garage) to be at the same height and then have all of my trusses start at this point do I control that by locking the baseline height at the same elevation for all of my roof planes or is this done some other way?
  8. Jambruins

    How to get fascia/eaves to line up

    That worked for one of the areas but I can't get it to work for the rest. Attached is my file. There are probably a hanful of issues as I am pretty new to chief architect and learning as I go. Thanks for the help. Kasprzak_House_Option_B.plan
  9. I am having trouble getting the fascia/eave to line up where the shed style roof ties into the main house roof. How do I do this?
  10. Jambruins

    Corner boards to match siding

    Awesome. Thanks.
  11. Jambruins

    Corner boards to match siding

    I can get my corner boards to match the color of the siding but they also take on the siding material look (horizontal lines spaced about 4" apart) but I can't figure out how to get the color to match but for the corner boards not have a texture to them. I have tried selecting a different color with no texture but it does not match the siding color exactly. Thanks for the help.
  12. Jambruins

    Porch roof

    Perfect. Thanks for the help.
  13. Jambruins

    Porch roof

    Thanks for the help. I got the gable end wall to work but I can't get the circle part to close by dragging the attic wall. When I drag the attic wall it gives me the look as shown in the attached image. I need the wall to be trimmed above the roof and below the porch roof.
  14. Jambruins

    Porch roof

    Please see the attached picture. How do I get the gable end of the porch to have the siding extend down to the green line? There is a little triangle section at the peak of it but I want it to extend down to the green line. Also, how do I get the siding to close in the area where the green circle is?
  15. Jambruins

    Door label text position

    Thanks for all the replies. Sounds like I will just need to manually adjust it for each door.