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  1. Attached is my plan. I would like to have the first two treads wider but not with a circular end. I also do not want the railing on the bottom stairs. The railing should start at the landing where the stairs continue up to the 2nd floor. I also attached a picture with some green lines showing where I want the railing. Thank you for the help. house.zip
  2. I am working on a house with a walkout basement. I have used terrain elevation lines to get the 3d view to look like I want but the section view terrain does not seem to match the 3d view. What am I doing wrong? house plan.zip
  3. I know I can just move the foundation wall manually but I would like to get auto foundation on so if I end up changing something on the 1st floor my foundation will auto update.
  4. On my first floor plan the wall is continuous so the exterior side of the wall is the same.
  5. Attached is my plan. I am trying to get a set of stairs to the basement in the garage. When I do it shifts the foundation wall slightly so it is not in line with the rest of the wall. This is also happening on the back side of the house along the kitchen wall where there is a porch. Any idea what is happening and how I fix it? I would like to keep auto foundation on if possible. house.zip
  6. Steve, and did you use auto dormers or did you manually create the walls and roof for the dormers?
  7. Steve, does your plan have auto roof still on or did you turn it off?
  8. Thank you both for the help. Steve, can you save the file down to version x12? I can't open the file because it was created with a newer version of chief.
  9. Attached is my plan. I am having trouble getting my dormers to work. The dormer on the side opposite the stairs is good but I can't get the dormer over the stairs to work. I would like the dormer wall to be right along the right side of the stairway but when I move the wall there it says it can't create the dormer because walls are in the way. If I delete the railing around the stairway it removes the stairway opening. I also cannot change the siding material on the dormer over the stairs but I can on the opposite dormer. Thank you for the help. house.zip
  10. I want my trusses to have a bottom chord overhang and I believe the only way to accomplish this is to select raise off the plate option in the roof build dialog box. However, when I do this it is moving my top plate higher up. I want a 4' knee wall but when I select raise off top plate it is moving my top plate up to 5'. Any idea why?
  11. Is it possible to turn off interior wall in a section view?
  12. I'm mostly looking for help on why the exterior walls don't look right in section views. It's like there are multiple walls on top of each other so the siding doesn't look right. I will try removing some of the roof planes to get the deck to work. The plan is to install columns that run through the roof so the deck sits above the roof plane. It might be easier for me to use polyline solids instead of the railing tool.
  13. Attached is my plan. I am working on an addition where the roof of a garage will be removed, a 2nd story added and then a new roof with a deck on top of the roof. There will also be an addition of the back of the garage with the lower level floor, 5'-8" below the garage slab. Kind of like a split story. Lots of different elevations to play with here. I believe I have my elevations right (maybe not though) and the plan looks right except my section view walls don't look right, some walls are not showing siding and I can't get the deck railing to connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. plan.zip
  14. Why is my wall overlapping my other wall? See picture.
  15. Doug, I can't open your file because you created it with a newer version of chief architect. Can you save it down to version 12?