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  1. Thanks. I learned a few things in that video. I would like to have the center portion of my house have a gable roof all the way from front to back and the two side wings to have hip roofs and valley onto the gable roof. Like the attached picture. I have attached my file. DiStefano House.plan
  2. I have been trying to figure this out but I can't. Can anyone help?
  3. For some reason my deck rim joists have a graphite siding material applied to them. How do I change this? I am looking in the default setting but can't find it.
  4. Is there a way to dimension porch columns without inserting my own columns? When I create a porch I know I can adjust the column spacing but what is the best way to place dimensions from column to column?
  5. The walls are 10' tall and then the rafters will be on top of the wall with a 12:12 pitch. What should I set my rough and finished ceiling height as for the 2nd floor? I know I will uncheck the flat ceiling option.
  6. I am designing a garage with 10' walls but the floor joists will be installed two feet below the top of wall. Basically creating a 2' knee wall for the upper portion of the garage. When I put my stairs in it says they don't meet the floor of the above level. How do I get it so my stairs know the floor joists are 24" lower than the top of wall? I know I can just change the stairs manually but if I do that and select the auto stairwell it won't create the opening in the floor above because it says the stairs don't reach that level.
  7. Attached is a picture of my floor plan. I created some invisible walls but I still can't get it to to work. The overall footprint is rectangular but that is because of the porches which should have a shed style roof.
  8. How do I get autoroof to create the roofs like the attached picture. I can't get the gable roof to go from the front to the back.
  9. Attached is a picture of what I am trying to do. The front of the house will have a 4' knee wall on the 2nd story but there will not be a knee wall on the rear wall. How would I do this? Thank you.
  10. How do I get the three decorative beams as in the attached picture? I tried adding framing-post and that works for the center vertical post but how do I get the two angled ones? I need this to show up in the 3d view. I know I can add a polyline solid for the 2d elevation views.
  11. I tried playing around with the options in the dbx but this is the only thing I can get close to what I want. I want the gable to not be as wide and the shed roofs to be wider. Also, the gable should have a steeper pitch than the shed roofs.
  12. You need to build a new floor. Select build new floor and derive 2nd floor from 1st floor.