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  1. When I select create wall/footing below in the porch wall dialog box it creates the foundation wall but it puts a 1-1/2" offset in my basement wall (see picture). Why is it doing this and how do I fix it without turning auto foundation off?
  2. See the attached picture. Why are some of my doors showing a line across the opening but some not?
  3. I had tried that but it changed all my joists to 12" spacing. Once I added two more joist direction indicators (one on the left side and one on the right side of the area I wanted changed to 12" it worked perfectly. Thank you.
  4. I need to change the floor joist spacing to 12" o.c. for one room in my basement (due to the span). I know I can undo auto floor framing and do it manually but is there a way to set it up so I can keep the auto framing on?
  5. Here is the plan uploaded again. Untitled 1.zip
  6. I am trying to get my porch roof to tie into the main roof as per the attached picture. I have tried using dutch gable walls and it seems to work in some areas but it screws up other areas. Here is my file. house.plan
  7. when I turned on the "Walls, Layers" it worked. Thanks.
  8. Here is a screenshot of my wall type definition screen.
  9. I am trying to define my foundation wall with an 8" concrete wall, a 1" air gap, a 5.5" wood stud and then 1/2" gypsum. I have it defined but in my plan view it just shows the overall wall thickness. How do I get it to show a line for each wall component? A line 8" in and then two lines representing the wood stud wall?
  10. Has anyone used magicplan and got it to work? I downloaded and played around with it at my house and I can't get a floor plan anything close to my actual measurements.
  11. Here is my file. Thanks for the help. Buecken house.plan.
  12. Can anyone tell me what the weird lines are by the dormer in the attached picture? How do I remove them? If I delete the auto dormer they disappear.
  13. What is the best way to get my porch support columns/footings to be aligned with the porch newel posts? Do I have to add them manually? I know with a deck it will add the posts/footings but I can't get it to add them for a porch. If the only way is to manually add a post/footing is there a way to get the dimensions from center of newel post to center of newel post? I know I can use the tape measure but I can't snap to the newel post.
  14. Thanks for the help. I will review the help videos before I post on here next time.