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  1. Thank you guys. Really appreciate it. I'll review the videos and learn how to properly use Saved Plan Views, etc. I'm used to AutoCAD and how their system operates, and need to learn more about Chief. As always, the Chief User's Group is the best around!
  2. Thanks Charles. Why would the Electrical Layer globally override the other settings? You should be able to switch from Electrical Layer Set back to Working Plan Set, and have the changes reflect on the Layout sheet. Why do you need to re-link if it's just changing the setting from a drop down menu? That's a glitch to me. A user should be able to click "Undo" several times to get back to original plan view, and not have to re-link anything. Can't even do that...
  3. Here's a couple more screen shots: 1. "Layout Elevations" sheet is missing all views. Clouds and deltas shown, but missing the views. 2. When double clicking on "Layout Elevations" sheet, this is what comes up each time - Electrical Layer Set. (see "Elevations Missing" screen shot) 3. If I select "Working Layer Set" from Active Layers, the elevations populate, but don't show up on Layout sheet! Is there a glitch in X15 or is it something I'm not seeing here? I've tried refreshing the screen, but doesn't help.
  4. I made a change in Active Layers for changing over a floor plan to an electrical plan. 1. Selected the Active Layers and drop down to switch from Working Layer Set to Electrical 2. Floor plan changed over to Electrical plan. 3. Here's the conflict - when I went back to Layout sheets, some of sheets are either missing or have been changed to the Electrical plan. When I click on each window (view) from Layout, it opens up the Electrical Layer Set. I change it to Working Layer Set and Save, but it defaults back to the Electrical Layer Set. Attaching three screen shots of my conflict. I have no idea what I've done and hoping to switch these views back to Floor Plan, Elevations, Sections, etc. This is a project for plan check corrections, as you'll notice the clouds and delta marks. Hoping someone has encountered this before.
  5. Thanks Rene. We will use your advice and give it a try.
  6. Thanks for your comment as well Rosco. I'm running both platforms. Perry's correct. My colleague uses a very small display setting on his 34" monitor. My eyes aren't as young anymore and I need to use a larger screen display for my 34" Dell monitor (3440 x 1440 and 150% text size) . Learned something new today as well!
  7. Perry, thanks for your suggestion. What is the cause for this, as this happens many times when sharing files with a colleague? Having to manually open and stretch the text boxes is time consuming, and wondering how to prevent this from occurring?
  8. We're both using the same font (Bahnschrift Light Condensed), and just checked all of the setting in Default. Reopened the Layout file and it's still crowding the characters together.
  9. Want to reach out to you regarding a conflict I'm having with text shown in both Plan and Layout files. I'm collaborating with another designer, and when opening up an existing plan file, the text is sometimes jammed together and does not automatically resize itself. Attaching an image of what I'm encountering. I went to Preferences and Default settings and didn't find anything to change this around.
  10. Many thanks guys, as I did Rob L. said, and it works perfect! Able to rotate and move around easily. YOU GUYS ROCK!
  11. The image of the sky is the Camera view looking at the model that I made. It's supposed to be flat with the flat portion facing up toward the sky. The way the block sits currently, is vertically-oriented. The model that I traced over was the PDF section with the man standing. I traced over the outer portions of the truss-roof, and then converted it with "Convert to Polyline" tool as a slab. I gave it a 35' depth. I was trying to extrude the object, but it was converted to a vertical block, and I need it to be a flat block sitting on top of a wall (shown in PDF section). All I'm trying to do is lay the block flat from its current vertical position.
  12. Created and modeled a 3D truss roof into a custom profile. Traced over the attached PDF and converted it into a 3D object. What I can't figure out (in my small brain) is how to move the image so that it can be imported into the floor plan as a "flat roof"? Attaching a section of what it looks like, a Plan file, and Camera view of what it looks like currently. In Section view, it looks great. When you take a camera shot, it's 90 degrees vertical...? What is the procedure for creating this block as a flat image? This is a tricky one CUSTOM ROOF MODEL.plan
  13. Many thanks for your help. It worked with Edit Wall Layer Intersections. Attaching what it looks like, and what I'm trying to create.
  14. I created a 6' tall concrete block wall using horizontally-stacked blocks. When trying to locate next to the main layer of the house, it merges into the main layer and will not allow it to locate next to the main layer. Please see screen shot. Not sure how to locate it right next to the stucco house wall.
  15. Thanks for the comment. I'm having difficulty with most of the Plan files and images not copying over. Tried "Backup Entire Plan" thinking this would copy everything to the flash drive. It didn't work.