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  1. Thank you for your comments on turning off the Layout Box Borders! This box/border was annoying and wasn't sure of the workaround until reading your post
  2. I'm trying to export a model rendered in X12 to a free version of SketchUp with a .SKP extension. If I drag and drop to their "free" online version, it asks me to upgrade to a full license. Do you have a workaround for this? The reason for the .SKP extension is to load it into D5 Render
  3. Many thanks for your expertise on this. It works great!
  4. I have a question regarding exporting of a Chief X11 plan via USB. On the computer, all files are linked to a folder (Notes, Details, Sections, etc.). After copying the file to a USB, I open up the Layout file, and it says that some of the files are not located in the plan? What is your recommendation, as this is frustrating when sharing a project to another associate?
  5. David, Many thanks for this tip! It looks like the secret is to export as .3DS file, then "drag and drop" into SketchUp. I first tried opening the saved .3DS file in SketchUp and it wouldn't allow it. After dragging and dropping, it created the wireframe model and allowed materials to be used with the new model
  6. Do you export as a "Perspective Full Overview" or just a Plan View?
  7. I was wondering if we have a way to export an entire model from CA X11 into SketchUp 2019? I've tried Collada, DWG, 360 Panorama, etc., with no luck. I import all of the time from SketchUp, and wondering if we have a way to export to SU?
  8. After removing the old version of X11, I downloaded another version from CA, and it's working perfectly now! Many thanks for all of the comments and help
  9. Loaded another plan file and tried Raytrace. It keeps giving the Windows 10 "spinning blue doughnut" and then the error message. Going to delete this version of X11 and start over
  10. Same thing after rebooting. I was just rendering on X10 with a different plan file, and it made 2 passes without any problem. I think I may have a buggy version of X11. Am thinking of uninstalling X11 and downloading another version again.
  11. Bizarre...I'm going to quit X11 and reboot to see if it clears it out, then reload the test plan file
  12. Here's the plan that will not allow Raytracing Chief_Test_Plan.plan
  13. Graham, it's driver date 9/5/2018; file version 2.1 NVIDIA Build_224; NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
  14. I tried using my regular driver that I've been using for X10 without any problems. I tried it with X11 and got an error message. I asked Dan Bauman about it and he suggested upgrading the driver, which I did. Still got the error message and won't allow me to Raytrace?
  15. Thank you guys! Eric, I reviewed all of your settings and it worked. I'm going to post a separate thread on Raytracing with X11 as I'm getting an error message after updating driver