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  1. Electromen

    Virtual Reality on Oculus Rift - Almost Works

    Following because I have a Quest 2
  2. Electromen

    Cathedral ceiling ventilation.

    I prefer having two different pitches like 12/12 for the roof and 8/12 for the ceiling plane or 8/12 & 6/12. That allows for plenty of insulation and venting.
  3. Electromen

    Mac Toolbars disappearing solved.

    They told me having all your files on Apple iCloud was also a known cause.
  4. I finally called CA tech support about my Toolbars disappearing on my Mac. It got to a point where about 25% of the time, when I used a 3D camera, the toolbars were gone. I had to close the program, open it and restore the toolbars. Answer = move the CA Data folder to the same drive as the software. I had the Data folder on a different drive.
  5. Electromen

    Suggested Mini Computer and TV for presentations

    Is there anything similar to Apple's Air Play? I use it with a Sony 65" TV and my Mac desktop and laptop. It's a wireless connection that works very well without delays and is 4K
  6. Electromen

    Drawing tablet - Wacom or other

    I never use a mouse. I use the Stylus on my Wacom Intuous 5 (PTH650) I also use programable keys called XKEYS. There are 55 programable button that I've setup for CA. Press a key and exterior walls are selected, I have different keys for all the doors, windows, cabinets, walls, roof planes, etc.
  7. Electromen

    TECHNICAL HELP (graphics card? ram?)

    I would call HP, but it doesn't look like your computer can be upgraded to a dedicated video card. LOOK HERE Lack of a dedicated graphics card is the largest problem.
  8. Electromen

    slanted ceiling planes and roof

    Build your roof first, then building the sloped ceiling using ceiling planes. Set the base of the sloped ceiling at the same height at the top plate of the wall. Experiment, you may need to set the base an inch or 1 1/2" higher. Set the top of the slope at the flat ceiling height
  9. Electromen

    Locate Objects/openings

    I'm on a Mac, so yours may be slightly different Edit > Default settings > Dimension > Dimensions > Edit > Locate Objects > Openings > Sides > OK
  10. Electromen

    Creating Access in Garage Floor

    I'm not an Architect, only an electrician. Here in PA, USA., I've seen stairs in garages to the basement with a fire rated door and fire rated walls around the staircase. The door was required at the top and not permitted at the bottom. The door also had a 4" concrete curb under the threshold. The problem is gasoline fumes are heavier than air and will accumulate at the lowest point. An open staircase or non fire rated walls, door and 4" concrete curb would require the electrical at the lower lever to be Class 3, Division 3, Explosion proof. The cost in material is outrageous, one switch is $400. That's not a problem since the building inspector would turn the design down. All I'm saying is a call to the local inspector may be a good idea.
  11. Electromen

    Creating Access in Garage Floor

    Having an opening in a garage floor may be al fire code violation. I would look into that before you get too far. I know it would be in the USA.
  12. Electromen

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    Be aware, that by default, the 16" MacBook Pro uses the on-board Intel video graphics when running on battery. When plugged in, the default is the AMD Radeon Pro video card. These defaults are set to preserve battery life. The defaults can be changed in System Prefences > Battery > Battery > Automatic Graphics Switching
  13. Electromen

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    Of course all Windows programs can run on a Mac via Bootcamp, Parallels or VMWare
  14. Electromen

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    I spent more time tonight in CA with Big Sur. I don't notice any lag. 3D views all work as fast as before. All of the Libraries and file structure are the same. All the software opens quickly, just like it always did. I use Parallels for Windows 10. Parallels has a Big Sur update and also works normally. I use Davinci Resolve Pro for video editing, it too is compatible. So far, I haven't found any of my software or hardware having a problem. On the Mac Pro, last year I upgraded the SSD and RAM with OWC products. I emailed OWC before I installed Big Sur. They said both upgrades are compatible with Big Sur and they were correct.
  15. Electromen

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    I would wait until the 16" MacBook Pro with dedicated video card is offered with the M1