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  1. Electromen

    PDF cut off?

    Jpeg is a Raster based image and will show the pixels as it's enlarged or zoomed in. PDF is a Vector based image and can be enlarged an infinite amount without degrading the image. Most Billboards are Vector based images. In the Photography world, Adobe Photoshop is used for Raster. Adobe Illustrator is used for Vector. So, you are correct wanting to use .PDF When you Export in CA, make sure the screen shows the entire image/plan Adjust the Paper Size and Scale when you Export
  2. Electromen

    New Computer - Macbook Pro

    I've been using the new Mac Pro for about two weeks. It is at least equal to or superior to my Mac Pro. 3D views are instantly shown, no delay at all. This is faster than the Mac Pro which takes about a second. Ray Tracing is slightly faster by a few minutes. I bought a CalDigit docking station and I'm waiting on two BenQ 27" 2705 monitors. Then the MacBook Pro may become my main computer. We'll see, I still like my Mac Pro and the setup I have using a Wacom Tablet and XKEYS for input.
  3. Electromen

    PDF cut off?

    From my Layout, I always Print > PDF and match the PDF size to my layout paper size.
  4. Electromen

    "Old" Chief user needs advice on upgrade

    Before you upgrade, copy these plans to an external drive like a USB or external hard drive or external solid state drive Test a few to make sure they open from the external drive. Then you can safely upgrade to Win10. Win10 includes DRIVE ONE. DRIVE ONE is a free Cloud backup for the Documents folders. Everything in that folder will be backed up to the DRIVE ONE cloud.
  5. Electromen

    Internal railings cutting through ceiling

    Post the plan?
  6. Electromen

    360 panorama Ipad pro 11 Doesn't seem to work

    From the Home screen, Swipe Down from the Top-Right Corner to Open Control Center Tap the Rotation Lock to Off. The Pad Lock should look unlocked/open.
  7. Electromen

    Monitor question

    I just ordered two 27" monitors. I considered one large one but I prefer dual monitors.
  8. Electromen

    New Computer - Macbook Pro

    I did it ! I ordered a 16" MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i9 8-Core, 32GB RAM 2TB SSD AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8 GB GDDR6 VRAM It's going to be interesting to see how CA X12 performs compared to my 2013 Mac Pro
  9. Electromen

    Non-C.A. Electrical Resources for Permits

    I'm an electrical contractor, commercial / residential / light industrial. Are you sure you're not looking at the commercial permits? I would call the permit office and ask for specifics. Something to this level is usually not done by an architect, but an electrical engineer and only one commercial jobs. If this is residential, they are way out of line.
  10. Electromen

    BenQ Monitor

    The one's I pre-ordered will have USB-C, Thunderbolt 3. I don't have a computer with that, but will in the future. https://www.benq.com/en-us/monitor/designer/pd2705q.html
  11. Electromen

    BenQ Monitor

    I just Pre-Ordered Two-BenQ PD2705Q monitors. $399 ea. at B&H
  12. Electromen

    BenQ Monitor

    I came within seconds of ordering the monitor and got called away. When I returned, I did a little more research and found that 4K may not be the best resolution for things like reading this forum because the text will be smaller. I know I can scale it, but now I'm considering the 2K monitor. BenQ is coming out with a new model PD2705Q and it's $139 less, $278 less for two.
  13. Electromen

    BenQ Monitor

    I was ready to order, but now I'm on a bit of a delay, I applied for a BenQ business account to see if I can save a few bucks.
  14. Electromen

    BenQ Monitor

    I downloaded the User Guide. The monitor has MiniDisplay Port, Display Port, and HDMI. Thunderbolt 2 and MiniDisplay are the size and fit. From what I've read, there is not need for the Thunderbolt cable, just a MiniDisplay to Display.
  15. Electromen

    BenQ Monitor

    USB input to the monitor feeds four powered USB outputs.