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  1. I'm very happy with BenQ. I bought two and use them as dual monitors. https://www.benq.com/en-us/monitor/designer/pd2705q.html
  2. Until then, Do you have a compatible TV to Mirror the screen wireless using Wifi ? An Apple TV device will also do it. I use a 65" 4K Sony TV to mirror when I meet customers. In the upper right of the OS tool bar, you'll see an icon that looks like two sliders stack on top of each other. Click that and select Screen Mirroring. My TV shows up there and when I select it, the TV automatically switches to Screen Mirroring, select it again and the TV switches back.
  3. Do you use Time Machine? If so you can revert to Big Sur until a fix is issued.
  4. Many Mac sites and Forums including MacRumors have reported problems with Monterey and USB-C connections including Hubs. Hopefully Apple has a fix soon.
  5. Thanks Eric, Mark & Robert. I was able to create the new wall and save it to my Library. It looks good.
  6. Here's a PDF of the front elevation I'm trying to reproduce Brick Siding.pdf
  7. Are you receiving this error when the MacBook Pro is plugged in or when it is running on battery? The default is Automatic Graphics Switching = Checked, This means that when it runs on battery the computer using the onboard Intel UHD Graphics. When it is plugged in, it uses the Graphic Card, in my case, it's the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M Go to System Preferences > Battery > and also Power Adapter (Both) > Uncheck Automatic Graphics Switching. This will use the AMD graphics card at all times, but will decrease battery life.
  8. I fixed it, In X12, PDF Box Specification > Line Style > Drawing Group, I always set it to Front. In X13 I have to set it to Back.
  9. In X12 and all the previous versions, when I imported a PDF, I could see the CA walls, doors, windows, etc. In X13, the PDF background is White and I can not see the CA walls, etc. Any idea how to change this? X12 is on the first screen shot. X13 is second Ignore images 3 & 4
  10. My 2019 Mac Book Pro has dual video cards. Onboard Intel Graphics and AMD Radeon Pro The default is for the computer to use the Intel when running on battery, but use the AMD when plugged in. In System Preferences > Battery, there is an option to automatically switch video cards when using battery. This can be turned off.
  11. Go with Lift Master, top of the line in residential
  12. Yes for all projects. I haven't had a problem.
  13. CA uses Vimeo. In the Vimeo settings, CA has unchecked permission to download. They would simply have to check that box to permit it.