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  1. Oh, never mind, I got it to open. Thank you Mark3D! I was hoping to keep the entire gable end on the existing house and attach the gable end of the addition to that...without having that funny looking square/rectangle taken out of the addition gable end...but maybe that's impossible?
  2. Gable roofs for addition.plan I can't seem to open the file - this error keeps popping up:
  3. Gable roofs for addition.plan 428734283_Gableroofsforaddition.plan
  4. If anyone has any ideas about this I would sure appreciate the help! I'm new at this and am using CA X13 version. I'm building an addition to an existing house. The existing house has gable ends and the addition (36' x 24') will come off the front and extend beyond the existing house (14' past the end of the existing house). The addition also has gable ends and I'm simply trying to tie in the gable end on the addition to the gable end on the existing house. The program keeps doing weird things to the existing gable end and transforms it into all kinds of odd shapes. A friend helped me but she has a weird cut out in the roof that I'm not crazy about. Is there anyway to make this work? I've attached photos - the first one labeled "Existing addition roof" is the design my friend created with the weird cut out in the roof. The second attachment labeled "Gable roofs for addition" is what I'm trying to do, however the roof lines are still a bit squirrely and don't tie in properly (which you can only see that from a side shot and I didn't take a photo of that). Roof pitch is 6/12. Thank you, Denise Existing addition roof.pdf Gable roofs for addition.pdf