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  1. In solvers video near the end it is missing on two short sides then it looks like he touches the wall and then it just appears correctly. Looks like a bug if he did not actually do anything of substance to get it to appear
  2. @GuyBreton My apologies for not responding. I was actually waiting for a response in the thread and did not look back after a few days I pretty much do solely drafting on a fixed price basis. It looks like you are mostly there. I might change the front door gable and the garage roof. But if you are happy with it and want elevations, schedules, section, 9.36 energy calc (required by the municipality) etc. i could do that I also work with an engineer if you need one I would typically do something like the following as output. If you need a site plan and have the RPR I can add to the RPR. If you need a block plan or streetscape I would need more information
  3. @GuyBreton I just did an ICF near leduc last fall If you have a preliminary set, I can quote you. I will also need to know if the lot is flat. Thanks
  4. you could search the forum as well, I commented on this same issue probably sometime in the last two weeks
  5. The other nice use of p2p is as built measurements by using a point marker instead of snapping it to a wall because you know it will not change, I also use it for things like existing furnace locations
  6. I had the same issue trying to dimension a stepped footing in another thread so I just put on a cad line
  7. i think you are right. if I move the building east to be over the trees, you can now see them in the window growing through the floors. hmm thats not good, I think then the answer to my question will be "no" it is not possible. so what do people do for "actual" 3d neighborhood model. Do they just take photos or screenshots at specific angles and do a lot of photoshopping? paint every pixel? no wonder the 12 story building in the other thread was quoted at 1.5M to render, maybe that is what they do!
  8. I have a building built in CA, but GE will only remove the things that lie in the building. I tried creating four walls which are invisible with no roof in hope CA would create a cube of nothing to show that beside the building all of the existing tress will be removed by the excavation. but it did not work Anyone know how to build a transparent building in CA which will be considered in GE as occupying the space? Or some other means? my leaveless tree is on the bottom left, there are 3 others across the bottom right, but GE keeps the old "bushy" trees there so you cannot even see my trees
  9. that is impressive. my CA computer is in for service at the moment and my other computer does not meet twin motion requirements. Hopefully it will be back soon
  10. perhaps. are you offering this project is actually to oppose this development. The poor little old lady next door gets to look up at a 75' wall
  11. the only standard interface I have seen is the catalogs. They are accessible by SQL lite. But that does not help you. But given your use case, if if CA had an API into their files, you would need a a constantly running program which checks for updates to all CA files in user specified directories, and then run an "integrity update" every once in awhile. You would also need a key name specified within the CA file which matched the SQL db. I would suggest the simpler option is once you are done the schedules, export them to a certain directory with the key field in the filename, and then write a program to suck them into SQL. I wrote a program years ago which did this, and there are many Extract-Transform-Load programs which may even avoid any programming altogether, but you still have to export them manually
  12. i think it is creating an opening for the window try changing double wall setting to "Not through" in the window properties
  13. CA has a thread for minimum and recommended requirements. If you want RTRT it lists minimum video cards to do so
  14. you need to change the absolute elevations of the rooms you want to start at a different elevation in the room dbx if you are trying to do something like this:
  15. There is a material list polyline where you draw a box around where you want the materials to come from