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What it says- locks up when I go to print layout- can't change printer, size anything.

had this a few weeks ago and seemed to be related to missing layers, thought I had that solved. Not sure if it is the same plan.

When I had that tech support told me to clear the "update automatically" which I was unable to at the time. Managed to do that but still

Have tried clear printer info, resetting drawingsheet size, changing the default printer in the plan, reopening. nada.

Any help please. This is just a tiny little job and it's killing me.

I thought I had this on the old forum but can't seem to access that either??

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Post your file to drop box and see if someone else can print it. I was having printing problems with the beta version but the update is working better. Make sure to do a "Back Up Entire Plan" to a folder from your layout file. It will be a big folder but just zip the folder for upload.

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There is an issue with certain layouts where you can get into a resize / refresh preview situation that hangs the preview. (I had a repro with 4 24 x 36 pages at one point. ) It has a lot to do with the size of the preview dialog.


What is happening is that it's going back and forth between needing a vertical or horizontal scrollbar. When the view refreshes for one it calculates that it should resize the preview, which causes the other scroll bar to be needed. It's really hard to reproduce except when you have a specific number of pages at a specific page size. It may also be related to screen resolution.


To work around the issue, choose a layout with a different number of pages, or add a page to your layout. Then you can do a couple of things,


1) Turn off automatic preview and save, it will remember this. You can click the preview button to refresh the view anytime you want without issue.


2) Set the layout preview to a much larger size and make sure you are remembering dialog size and position.


This particular issue is resolved in the upcoming update.

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Adding a page with a cad circle on it did it immediately- had rebooted a few times, saved as, made new layouts, checked half a dozen others, sacrificed a squirrel, and was trying a copy and paste to a new plan, can find a lot to try in 2 hours. Thanks for the help all. Was ready to look for another squirrel when Perry said it printed.

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