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  1. MarkMc's post in Fully open end cabinet was marked as the answer   
    Here it is as a fixture symbol done in X14. Not sure if your version opens this?
    Radius end open cab.calibz
  2. MarkMc's post in Schedules: Can I select 2 rooms on one floor to show up on a cabinet schedule? was marked as the answer   
    With a custom schedule

  3. MarkMc's post in As Build and Remodel was marked as the answer   
    Since you can't see the wall in 3D AND Kbird1 found that the wall you used is made with Opening No Material  what I think is going on is that you used the drop down menu for wall type and just selected a demo wall. That is an OOB wall (not sure why we have it any longer)
    In the video Scott shows makeing a new interior weall type.  I don't think you did that or if you did you did not do it the way he shows (in the video shortly after 19 1/2 minutes)
    Image shows 3 types of walls OOB demo from drop down, hatch wall, and new interior wall type. The OOB wall does not show in 3D, wall hatching does not show a different color in 3D, new interior wall does both
    NOTE- if  you use wall hatching with a glass house view  for a 3D reference none of the types will show a color; so only matters if you want to see the color in the as built model not in the reference display.

  4. MarkMc's post in backdrop shows grey when no backdrop selected in PBR was marked as the answer   
    Export image with  Transparent Background checked- save as PNG.
    Import into layout-image on left is a quick no effort PBR, image on right is Clay with shadows on.

  5. MarkMc's post in Inset corner cabinets- remove stile between double doors? was marked as the answer   
    No, long time issue- need to make from 2 cabinets, easier in X13 or 14 BTW. The narrower cabinet has to either overlap the first one or use custom shelf symbols that don't resize.
    Did this on the fly ( faster than finding an old plan with one in 12) so not exactly up to snuff but you can get the idea..
  6. MarkMc's post in How to attach Crown Molding on Exterior Masonry Columns was marked as the answer   
    You found the Chief Architect forum so I don't know if you can do this in Home Designer (which has it's own forum) But you can also make columns from cabinets which allow a lot of control and alteration and will take molding. Can then turn those into a symbol which can make placement easier (again all in Chief Pro)
    Column on left is one single cabinet, column on right is two. For #2 Copied the first one, then copied in place, adjusted the height of one to be the top, and the other to be the bottom. Changed the molding on the bottom, changed the faces on the top (all sides match front as a side panel inset) and changed the material.

    Can even make a round one

  7. MarkMc's post in Making frameless filler look correct from plan view and 3D was marked as the answer   
    you never showed the DBX of the cabinet depth. The dimension used there is the BOX DEPTH same as any make would. Your image shows boxes that are 24" deep for the tall
    You can show the doors in plan view by setting that in defaults and turning the door layer on

    This is what a label would look like if the cabinet depth were 24" including the door

  8. MarkMc's post in Cabinet Door Panel/Polyline Curved Solid was marked as the answer   
    Is this what you are after?
    it's bit easier in X13 but similar principle
  9. MarkMc's post in Extend casing to the bottom was marked as the answer   
    You could fudge it with shutters

    and custom symbol that has the Y origin offset

  10. MarkMc's post in Adding open shelf to furniture style vanity was marked as the answer   
    Here a ladder shelf made from polyline solids converted to a cabinet door symbol. Read up about symbols, stretch planes, zone and origins. Then open the included symbol to start to get an idea. Sides are easy enough. make the front look the way you want each side and back to look. Then go around to each of those and first select match front, then change that to custom. When done go back to the front and finish it off the way it needs to be.
    IF you wanted full height legs with reveal as on the picture you would need to make a custom door symbol for the sides. See below
    I'm sure Eric's post will be helpful.

    Ladder Shelf cabinet.plan
  11. MarkMc's post in back wall design was marked as the answer   
    On quick way- psolid same size as tile, transform replicate to get a second one layered in front. Set back one to say 1/2" thick with emissive material, font one to 1/4" thick to match wall material. Convert to symbol, figure out spacing of tiles on wall. place new symbol over one on say the left side of the wall, check position, transoform replicate to place the rest multiple qty by spacing X and Z PDF with bloom on in camera

  12. MarkMc's post in Plot lines not working was marked as the answer   
    With that DBX open press F1 and you will see a section that includes this.

    Select the hyperlink Plot Line Views and see this...

    So the answer is switch your view type first.
  13. MarkMc's post in Cabinet material question was marked as the answer   
    Need to specify a new door/drawer for it. You can just rename them in library. Then they will allow different materials.

    You can change the material of the renamed symbol in the library, use a style palette, or in rare cases set as default cabinet.
  14. MarkMc's post in Adding niche to half glass pony wall was marked as the answer   
    Start with a full glass wall, change to a pony wall, adjust height. Then a niche works.

  15. MarkMc's post in X13 Materials List General (GN) information missing was marked as the answer   
    From X13 help

  16. MarkMc's post in Historic Building Trim was marked as the answer   
    Might make a "molding symbols" , as opposed to "molding profile". Attached image uses both.  Would still need a symbol for the ends and as JC pointed out elsewhere seperate millwork symbols to use as treatments on the windows.
    I put appliques on the front here. I would advise against that, will slog the system down. Just use a picture or simple graphic where needed.
    This was made from corbels found in the library-about 15 minutes-didn't worry about much accuracy, but you get the idea.

  17. MarkMc's post in Converting AUTOCAD Multi-Colored Lines/Layers to Black Lines? was marked as the answer   
    I usually do it in TurboCad first- some blocks won't but not usually important.
    In Cheif- select one line, then "ctrl + J"; click layer in the box, once all are selected,"ctrl + E" (open object) , change color to black (not by layer)

  18. MarkMc's post in Sink - partition showing was marked as the answer   
    easier to do than explain-plan attached, open the cabinet DBX, look at contruction and face items. Key is getting a blank area instead of a vertical partition, need to use traditional overlay and adjust the overlap but also works for inset.

  19. MarkMc's post in Customising Full Height Cabinet Shape was marked as the answer   
    Angle front, make blank, custom back, rotate, if I remember correctly may need to fake toe space.
    IRL I'd just use a cabinet front, filler or shelves.
  20. MarkMc's post in Layer Display Options was marked as the answer   
    you can export your annotation sets then open the X7 plans in 8 and import them.
  21. MarkMc's post in Cabinet Labels- User Defined Macro was marked as the answer   
    Never mind, think I know but correct me if I'm wrong. This is new in X7? and the default template for my "new plans" was made in X6 or earlier? Guess it's time to make some new ones.
  22. MarkMc's post in What Type Of Objects Prevent Creating A Block? was marked as the answer   
    I found it- Just kept shift selecting different types of object until it allowed for a block.
    Turned out there was a cad line in there I couldn't see- must have been placed to get a dimension to snap to for something else it wouldn't.
  23. MarkMc's post in CA Interiors -dimension to RO gone ? was marked as the answer   
    Solved it sort of...just got off with tech support.
    Kilgore;yes they do. It was one of the (biggest) advantages it had over 2020.
    New construction or an addition- architect sends me a pdf- it is to framing dimensions; or we measure new construction once framing is up but before drywall because they want the kitchen layout for electrical and mechanical. I get info on casings, we put that into the defaults,check the window schedule and use the appropriate RO's
    Set up the drawing based on that, switch dimension defaults to use interior surface of wall and casing, hide the layer with the architectural dimensions and do my job (like make sure that the cabinets don't encroach on the casings)
    So in x6 I can still tell it to dimension to RO and wall framing. And it does.
    The first problem I had was apparently the file I was sent to work on was done in an older version.
    I sat down to my assistants computer and did a new plan and got dimensions to snap to RO and to wall dimension layer no problem. That is the good news.
    The bad news is that at least from X3 through x5 I could specify how much to add for the RO. That allows me to use the window schedule. That is no longer available.
    The RO is set, worst part is it is set at a default to add 1" to each side. Just checked -Anderson is 1/4 and Marvin is 1/2.
    Added after- had a thought last night and it worked.
    In case anyone else runs into this.
    I found another solution for some windows-windows for Pella and Anderson from the mfg catalog use the correct RO- Marvin doesn't guess since the cat is so old.
    Haven't found which doors work yet but didn't look that hard- don't see any interior doors so may try creating a door symbol in premier and exporting- if that works I can make a few more for assorted roughs. Will update if that works
    Fortunately I upgraded one license to premier so can fudge around it or we can mathlete adjusting every opening so the casings are correct. If I use Premier that now means the initial drawing has to be done on that machine- which I upgrade for doing the final drawings...not happy. The second license becomes a lot less useful.
    I do intend to upgrade the other this year but matter of money.