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  1. Dan_Park's post in Poor Performance in Layout was marked as the answer   
    It does appear to be the room label text is causing the lag.
    By just editing the room labels:
    I notice improved  speed by un-checking CAD Style Font sizing.
    Also improved speed by unchecking auto width and auto height.
  2. Dan_Park's post in Font Differences Btw Win7 & Win8 was marked as the answer   
    I have seen issues with this where the Windows Text size was set differently causing display issues from one computer to another.
    In Windows 7 this is in: 
    Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display
    Where you adjust your font display size. This display size affects how the GDI draws fonts and can affect how fonts display on Windows.
    (You can see small differences going to MAC from Windows as well.)
    I have also seen some Windows 8 computers shipped with defaults that set the text size to 125% instead of the default 100%. This is typically with small high dpi screens,
    You should verify that these settings are the same on both computers.
  3. Dan_Park's post in Layout scaling on V10 was marked as the answer   
    I probably was not as clear as I should have been.
    What I was describing are the print scaling settings set in Drawing Sheet Setup (Page Setup in version 10)
    The layout print settings should be 1:1 when you send to layout you choose the scale. Most plans in the US are 1/4" = 1ft but there are many choices.
    Typically users set the plan print settings to 1/4" = 1ft so that you can either print from the plan or see the plan as it will be printed at that scale.
    The real work is done when you send to layout at the scale you want.
    When you print a 24 x 36 sheet to a 24 x 36 paper you don't want to scale it. You want it that size.
    This is a common area of confusion - see this link:
    The dialogs in the knowledge base are different than version 10 but the process is the same.
  4. Dan_Park's post in Can't print layout was marked as the answer   
    There is an issue with certain layouts where you can get into a resize / refresh preview situation that hangs the preview. (I had a repro with 4 24 x 36 pages at one point. ) It has a lot to do with the size of the preview dialog.
    What is happening is that it's going back and forth between needing a vertical or horizontal scrollbar. When the view refreshes for one it calculates that it should resize the preview, which causes the other scroll bar to be needed. It's really hard to reproduce except when you have a specific number of pages at a specific page size. It may also be related to screen resolution.
    To work around the issue, choose a layout with a different number of pages, or add a page to your layout. Then you can do a couple of things,
    1) Turn off automatic preview and save, it will remember this. You can click the preview button to refresh the view anytime you want without issue.
    2) Set the layout preview to a much larger size and make sure you are remembering dialog size and position.
    This particular issue is resolved in the upcoming update.
  5. Dan_Park's post in Community Index?? was marked as the answer   
    If you post information in your signature on a publicly facing forum page it is public - anyone can see it.
    Google and other bots can't browse the user information contained in the member list, nor can they browse forums that are not public facing. If you can see it when you are logged out they can, if not they can't.
  6. Dan_Park's post in Chief X6 Hangs Up was marked as the answer   
    It does sound like a window that did not display. ESC would get you out of that. Do you have more than one monitor?
  7. Dan_Park's post in Hardware lock, software lock and everything in between was marked as the answer   
    The places you can go without internet are decreasing, however, in places like Idaho and Alaska you can still easily find them.
    With the software lock, if there is internet it pings the server. If you go for more than a week without pinging a server you will get a nag screen. Once you first get that nag screen you have a week to get back to the internet.
    You choose to have software lock or hardware lock security. To have both would require two licenses.
    Hardware locks get lost and broken. It takes time to get a new one shipped. In most areas of the world you can probably get to internet quicker than you can get a lock shipped to you.
    I recommend the Software Lock and it is preferred by most. Some like the hardware lock.
    Some of the reasons to prefer the hardware lock are, in my opinion, unfounded. (Chief goes out of buisness, internet goes down for weeks at a time, etc.)
    The only good reason, again my opinion, to own a hardware lock is when you never have access to the internet.