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  1. Well that's what Lower wall type if split by butting roof is for. You will have to add a break at the eave of the butting roof and move it away a smidge.
  2. Well, must be doing something wrong, concentric is at default OOB of 0" Sorry but I rarely do vids and no Youtube so just an MP.4 (Forgot a few things along the way, it's late but then again maybe I learned that watching all of Scott Hall's generaous vids back in the day- Concentric with tab.mp4
  3. True but if you have a keyboard set that just copies and pastes in place- as I do- you won't get the circle. Will look into changing the keys.
  4. I deleted truss at wall, copied door, made sure wall was continuous, then added a truss base, built trusses for that. Went back and checked baloon through ceiling above (gets unchecked when building truss for the base. Still get a line at the wall but is good in standard and PBR Truss base
  5. Well YMMV. The clients I have that want it are almost all for interiors and they like it. There is a learning curve but once you have some cameras you can copy from an existing plan the adjustments are usually minor. I was due for a complete system upgrade when I did mine so was not really much extra as that is the GPU I'd have gotten in any case. OTOH one client wanted a few along with a walk thru for a show which paid for the GPU upcharge.
  6. Yes-see edit above. I was not seeing it because I use a keyboard to directly copy and paste in place. If I right click the object and select copy and paste it show up goes away once I select hold position
  7. Is there a setting for that? I don't get it after copy paste in place? Never mind- I get the circle after I select copy paste BUT once hold position is selected it goes away. Thanks
  8. Here is what I did, thinking you wanted to resize the entire pline I dragged from the corner. ( I don't know what "hold c" is or does- if it's not working then I'm guessing it does not enter into the same edit mode I'm using -note the change in icon) Dragging from a side using edit behavior concentric changed two opposing sides on the rectangle, no idea what it does on more complex plines) IF you are dragging it in instead of out UNCHECK Polar, think taht is what you have going on? I'm not sure and can't figure out what the "circular edit handle" is but sounds easier?
  9. copy paste in place, switch to edit behaviour concentric (A,C on my system) drag any point, tab, enter distance
  10. Post images not PDF, better yet post sample plan. Likely has to do with fill background (I didn't look at PDF)
  11. CAD, CAD block management, find the block in the list, Insert Once placed in plan, select, edit cad block. When done close, popup will ask- Now select one column, open symbol, block, check off use original plan colors. Now add to library. Select any other column- replace from library-identical objects on floor. If using columns within a railing wall replace newel from library- then drag the wall.
  12. I've been doing the same for as long as I remember though often have it extended 3", then scribed and trimmed to 2" in the field. Had asked for this since X6 and included in my list for X8 User Panel. (though I was told it's not in the database? so resent an email conversation from long ago) Thought when we got extend stiles this would have been included. It's a standard mod even in the majority of middle of the road semi-custom brands. It's just about the last important thing missing from cabinets so maybe some day....
  13. The symbol in the plan you posted IS a cabinet door, and what you had on the back for the extended side is a cabinet door. CA won't allow you to use a different kind of symbol. FWIW-I wanted to see if you found something new so simply added the symbol from your plan to the library. Dragged onto cabinet face in 3D, set face to be only one door high. Surprise covered to floor. SO I opened DBX, back panel, the side panel inset and specify, works fine. Have no idea what you did that was wrong with what was used in the first place but it IS a cabinet door. Ryan a cabinet side works, I have an assortment of those sides for special purpose but -no less work, requires a symbol for each side, not as useful in schedule used for ordering cabinet
  14. Likely has to do with how you sized the object. I copied your symbol, opened it, changed origin back to zero, then moved the stretch plane so it is within the object allowing it to stretch. Opened object and checked the dimensions. The object MUST be all the final dimensions you want before converting to a symbol. Then Select object, convert to a new symbol, name it moved origin, locked height by setting stretch plane outside of object.
  15. The stretch plane needs to be above the total height to keep it from stretching. NOTE in some cases it's a good idea to also have one the same distance in the opposite direction. I noticed this recently and think new to X14 but if I only offset width in one direction I was getting a symbol moving off center.
  16. Well Well the way you're doing cabinets doesn't help either. In attached- copied cabs from your plan then fixed a few defaults and construction- more to do but nor by me. Would have been easier from scratch. the cabinet sides that you don't want to see "NONE" used framed cabinets and learn how to manipulate them use a material for the cabinet box and NONE when you want it to go away Corner cabinets are made from a single cabinet- now chief does some naughty things with corner cabinets so you may have to go back to using more than one depending on what you want. Can use a custom symbol for shelves (or you appear to really like solids but I would learn about symbols for things like that and for doors) also deleted unused layers, purged unused plan materials, and merged duplicate plan materials. Might want to learn how to adjust materials texture without painting all the time as that can cause problems. Here is what a stripped plan looks like (I rarely am willing to download,in particular from Gigooglo)
  17. That adds up to 30 1/16" is a part of the reason Even than- to get those faces you have no reveal at the bottom (have had makers do that) AND no reveal at the top which I've never seen and would never ever allow. Something is off??
  18. with line weights off make a detail from view- add what you need to in the cad detail, change the line weights in the detail to 0 , send to layout, print. This was printed with line weight ON- detail print.pdf
  19. That has only ever been in CPU based RT. PBR always needed 3D plants for shadows even before RT was added to PBR. To me nothing has been lost, just not all you want added. Suppose it would be nice when they improve it.
  20. Did you try Kbirds tip for turning off refraction? it shows shadows and 2D plants. You said showing shadows was important but now say you use 2d plants which never could show them.
  21. Will get richer colors if you adjust the brightness in a photo editor than using blend. two version below, image files attached. Forgot as these have lights overhead (as aluded to by Eric)
  22. Apparently new in X14- 2D plants aren't showing through windows, 3D are fine. Work around is change the glass to insulation air gap. Shadows are working on 3D plants in all view types for me though.
  23. No way to automagically get that. One way would be to do something with custom OIP fields. I selected each window, checked specify label which brought up the automatic label (there is a way to have that read a macro from an OIP field insted) copy, cancel. Paste into OIP field, repeat... I didn't fuss with labels, or schedule numbers for this... I use custom OIP fields for cabinet accessories to get things into an order form template. - Separate units (or cab mods) with semi colon and space makes manipulating in a spreadsheet using paste special. Can also remove unwanted columns from schedule prior to copying, then undo. Paste special into spreadsheet.
  24. A very very large billboard, set to always face camera, bottom a bit below terrain, use a white image. Turn Brightness to 100 and increase exposure as much as you can get away with..
  25. I've been doing that for years (and started asking for this in X6). This is one of the most common mods I use, pretty much every single kitchen. I always set talls so counter dies into the side- far cheaper to extend even two sides than resize a tall cabinet (and cheaper than paying for a fridge with damaged door from countertop), allows scribe to wall in remodel so no extra molding. MOST (every one I ever carried) semi custom brands beyond the box store have that available as a standard mod Plan attached with symbol for base, tall and wall cab. There are several ways to do this but the one I like best is a custom door inserted into the back of the cabinet because -It will show up in plan and does not bump to the wall so can be set deep enough to allow for scribe and order the correct size (in schedule). Downside is the extra line in vector view. IF that is a real problem there are other ways and I likely have some symbols around but this is the one I use almost always. Symbol has to be offset for cabinets with toe kick WHICH MEANS that it also has to have a locked height so need multiples for heights-also need more if changing depth (make it bigger if you're just lazy since it doesn't bump Extend side