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    Menu Bug Issue --- a different one

    I don't normally keep the side windows off by themselves (I like to keep all 3 stacked.) Just tested with the 3070 and don't get what you are getting. Wonder if it's a quirky Win setting or a Chief one? Or cables? My two main monitors are DP and 3rd is a USB (DisplayLInk not port) . At one point I had one as HDMI, one DP, 3rd as now and had some unusual things. I could make the HDMI monitor as Primary but when identified it always showed as #2 which confused a setting in Ultramon, (throwin spaghetti at the wall here)?
  2. MarkMc


    Use a cap at 1/16 or less, wall as partition, furred, no locate. window double wall options "not through" You may find if you edit the height after it is placed that the wall cap floats above it. The way around is to turn ON newels, adjust the heights of those, then drag the wall up to meet the cap, then turn off newels
  3. MarkMc

    oval island

    Didn't bother with the wine fridge
  4. MarkMc

    Creating a pie-cut corner wall cabinet

    In cabinets I posted ope the other tabs to find what is different.
  5. MarkMc

    Creating a pie-cut corner wall cabinet

    Open each cabinet DBX and check EVERYTHING- front and sides. Most of the things I post require you to do that to get an understanding of how things work.
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    A Good Desktop for X13

    I couldn't be happier. I was originally talking with an outfit that promises 24 hour response, great reputation but a 2 month lead time. The responses weren't so great and couldn't get the Compact, only the full size or a mini. The last question I had they never got back to me, while waiting to hear found AVA. Figured I'd take a shot. Ended up with a better GPU, the case I wanted and saved $800 :))) After getting a basic config I spoke with Kyle (sales guy). He made some suggestions said: the PSU I picked was not quiet so we changed that, and the Asus 3070 I picked he said would take a long time to come in (if ever) so suggested the Evga as they had in hand, he reserved it for one day. I needed to make a Paypal payment so he had the hold extended for another half a day. The PSU was also his suggestion. So before I ordered we knew that all parts were available, which I expect made a difference. (even when I got back to him to change the MOBO). Someplace in there ( the thermal paste got changed from Kryonaut to Arctic Silver5..not a big deal) Anyway he said 1 to 2 weeks to ship, confirmation said 10-14 business days but blah blah...; it shipped in 16. Fedex mucked up a bit but got it worked out, only an extra day of shipping instead of two (found the secret to getting past the robot with Fedex- after saying representative a few times when it tells you they won't know any more than we already told you scream and curse "I don't care I want... instant representative:) The PSU brand and GPU were his suggestions, the rest were my suggestions for what I was after-quiet. We also discussed the M2 and PCIE4 (which won't make a noticeable difference from what I found and he agreed). I was a little concerned about the case. I knew that the full size Define 7 would be cool and quiet and also knew the Compact was not as quiet but I don't game at all so took a shot. I know at least one person with a popular brand with a 3090 and an I9 who said his sounds like a jet engine when the 3090 really kicks in (PBR) As soon as I could I set it to slam everything. It sits at eye level 3 ft away, can barely hear it even when I try. Right now there is a truck somewhere down the block that is louder :) Thermals are excellent. They put the burn in reports (12 hrs total)on the C drive. They got the temps higher than I have so far still just fine, no throttling. I have absolutely no idea about support and hope I don't need to find out. After I ordered saw a few complaint review, worried a little but only a little
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    Two sets of cabinet labels

    Check project browser to see if there are two schedules which is most likely issue. There could be two sets of labels in plan view just on top of each other. OR there are two cabinets. I had an assistant who would often accidentally copy and paste in place.
  8. MarkMc

    Latest Chief version, previous chief plans

    Export default sets from a plan with ones you want then import for anmotations. Import plan views from a current plan. Selectively import other defaults you want-camera, OIP, ...macros I keep exported ones on a folder to bring in as meeded.
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    A Good Desktop for X13

    While you may not need a top end video card for your work I'd suggest getting a dedicated GPU as opposed to ontegrated (Intel). I mention that since AVA is not currently showing either GTX or 2000 series cards, maybe give Kyle a call there.
  10. MarkMc

    A Good Desktop for X13

    PSU is the power supply unit, rated in Watts. May inexpensive systems have very small ones (350 watts). It's not as simple as that. Chief has uses a balance of resources so all parts have a bearing on cost. Did you read the link supplied by Chief above? While Yes the new X13 Real Time Ray Trace requires a capable card yes, old fashioned Ray Trace uses the CPU so need power there. Standard view uses the CPU too. Only you can decide how expensive a system needs to be. It depends on how you use the program and your business model. I look at it as a 5 year investment, guess how much time it will save me this year, factor the tax deduction, how much can I manage now/this year...Check the signatures on the forum, there's a wide range of systems folks are using.
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    Vintage Sink & Faucet

    Decided to see if trial of Revit Lite works-it does So here is faucet in a plan. I didn't fuss much with any of it-has a lot of faces so be careful. I'd maybe try mesh reduction on it if I really needed it but in middle of loading this machine up. I noticed that is a monthly subscription option for Revit Lite but it total$ to more than yearly. It still might suit my needs better if it's easier to re-instate, somewhere down the road ... Faucet plan.plan
  12. MarkMc

    A Good Desktop for X13

    Yes that's possible. I was looking for something for someone with more simple office use and checked just to see. There are some that are ok BUT bumping the budget a bit gets a significantly better machine. There are machines out there with RTX 2000 cards in the low to mid teens and good CPUs. With the 11th generation Intel CPUs out some places have good deals on 10th gen machines. The best deals I saw were at the LOCAL Microcenter or at BestBuy- not at the manufacturers. NOTE that If you hope to upgrade the GPU someday keep an eye on the power of the PSU or you could end up needing both. Also upgrading either Intel or AMD machines after this years will also require a new motherboard no matter how much you spend. I don't think that's a big deal, at least I'm not worried about it. A decent current generation CPU should work ok with Chief for 5+ years.
  13. MarkMc

    Vintage Sink & Faucet

    The faucet at least is available at the Kohler web site BUT the down side is it's a Revit model. Saw one suggestion to download a trial version for a onesy situation. I just took a look over at Autodesk- you can get a trial version free, I've not found limitations but they may be there. I also saw that Revit light can be had for $475 /yr. I may look into that myself as there are enough Revit models out there that could make it worth the $$ for me. (I'll put on my list- maybe when I'm slack and just go to town for a bit converting models-will see what happens there. The soap dish depending on how clean and accurate it needs to be wouldn't be that bad to just make. Not as simple but I've hacked things like that from other models in Chief- takes a batch of generations and likely faster to do in something else OR just pay some SU guy to do it. (every now and then a SU person has free time and takes pity, maybe get lucky)
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    Yrue enough but0 the trial version does NOT save
  15. Open the 3D view in Remodel and reference the As Built instead of the other way around. Change the current view to Glass house and the reference view to standard.
  16. Yes custom molding takes a minute to make
  17. MarkMc

    Programming in Ruby for CA

    I"m not as bright as Joe or the others :0 Early on Joe suggested the Humble little book of Ruby-free on line. I also use the website he mentioned above. Got a fistful of free pdfs on line. First two books I bought were really really basic and not great. The one that helped me better understand things even though not all apply is The Well Grounded Rubyist. A lot of it is more advanced (beyond me) but that one has helped me more than any other-YMMV. (in the long run I doubt I'll ever be very proficient at it )
  18. I played "go fish" for door styles when I was first learning Chief. Actually the best way to deal with it is to download a batch of style brochures for brands that are in Chief. If you are a KD dealing with unsupported brands you know (or soon discover) that many door styles are proprietary. The best you will come up with is close enough. For myself, dealing with anxious clients I found "go fish" less than ideal. One of the great things about Chief is that you can do this easily, make any door symbol you need (try that in 2020). For me it's saved time, improved skills, made money, & pleased clients-hard to beat.
  19. MarkMc

    modifying Cabinetry legs

    Nice one Dermot Can also take any post from library, place in plan, open symbol, add stretch zone. then open object and changed the dimension to half of what it was, place a door symbol, convert to cabinet door symbol.
  20. MarkMc

    What's a G- label?

  21. MarkMc

    What's a G- label?

    Two schedule for same item?
  22. MarkMc

    A Good Desktop for X13

    Don't know if you settled yet or gotten enough input to be comfortable. My priorities -quiet, low heat, good cooling, ATX board, good ports in a quality compact case, Wifi, Gigabit Ethernet. I get enough render requests that I wanted a 3000 series card since Chiefs preview indicated they are enough faster than my 2070S to be worth it. For my needs I decided on 3070 as best balance of heat, noise, $$ for me. IF I did less renders a 3060 saves $, more renders a 3080 for extra $$, heat and noise, no way was a 3090 in my sites. Similarly my sweet spot CPU is i7 I ended up at AVBAdirect. I'd never heard of them but was checking all options around. They're worth a look. I started with Desktop, Tower Checked off a few filters, settled configuration, put in cart Then talked with them, (Kyle) was really helpful tweaking the configuration and checking availability of parts.The buying experience was excellent. I have no idea how support or any of the rest will be System delivers in a few weeks. (they do test em as they build em which is critical to me) You can get higher level GPU and/or CPU for less than I spent; either from them or elsewhere (for comparison I configured an i9 , rtx 3080, liquid cooled, 32 GB, 1TB 970 plus, 1TB HDD- at $2400 & then an i7, 3060 for $1800). I looked at systems from $1800 to $4k, 5 custom builders and stock systems from 4 places. I ended up with: Define7 Compact, i7 10700k, EVGA 3070 XC3 ULTRA GAMING, MSI Meg Z490 Ace, Noctua 15, Grizzly Kryonaut, (4) Silent Wings 3, 32GB 3200 Corsair, 1TB 970 Plus M2, 1TB 860 Evo SSD, BeQuiet 11-850w Gold, $3k delivered. Won't really know how I did until beta
  23. MarkMc

    Custom Cabinets

    While it's possible to do this with a cabinets using a very narrow one at the wall it tends to not be stable, the front clip comes back or the back one goes away if you sneeze. So the fastest way to get a clipped back is to set up cabinet to have clip then convert to symbol. I prefer to have that with no countertop and use a custom counter after placing. I always allow at least 1" filler or extended stile or installers will complain. As to the Recessed Corner sink base. Here's one I made since I have done enough of these to bother. NOTE that the back NEVER ever goes all the way into the corner (all mfg make them like the attached). Attached plan has one as shown, set to use default cabinet/door material, and another that is a block with countertop. There is also a pline of the correct outline of the cabinet. clip cab.plan