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    Windows treatment adjustment, resizing

    You can mess with the symbol bounding box and/or origin-takes trial and error but if you need multiples easier than floating them in. WINDOW TREATMENt2.plan
  2. MarkMc

    Can we create cabinet pulls like this?

    You can turn options on/off in the library but you can't change the spec itself. Only what is turned on will be applied to the object, all other settings are taken from the object as it is. Even if you don't select something when you define the palette it can be turned on later and will apply. So yes the best way would be to change the separation or the door style, yes you need to do that in plan and then can replace the the palette in the library. Few things I found along the way - specify label is not copied from any objects. My solution is: to set a custom OIP field to place the label in place a macro that reads that field into specify label in the items default settings. Include "custom fields" in the palette. Result is the label reads from the custom OIP field for items placed in plan OR painted with the palette, useful for cabinets and windows (so far) Palettes work nicely for complicated windows and doors BUT will not work for mulled units which is too bad. It will copy fixtures included in cabinet faces but does not include sinks-at least I can't figure out how yet?
  3. MarkMc

    Can we create cabinet pulls like this?

    Nice, I didn't expect the wide separation between the drawers?. A note (since I've been playing with these lately)- May want to edit your Style Palette to include "Copy Face Configuration" ? I'd also initially set the door symbol main material to "use default" and leave the handle as chrome, then don't include drawer finish in the style palette. As it is now the handle finish comes out blue like the rest when using the SP. Changing it allows the handles will stay chrome when using the SP. I'd also set the box finish to use default. If just the finish for the room needs to be other than the default you can still spray by room and handles will stay chrome.
  4. MarkMc

    Can we create cabinet pulls like this?

    Make the pull part of a cabinet door/drawer symbol, specify the material for the pull in the symbol and the drawer separately. From the looks of what you have offset the Y axis of the symbol to set it back a bit.
  5. MarkMc


    IS it also enabled in preferences as well as Edit, Snap Settings? are you able to bump but not push?
  6. MarkMc

    remove wall layer

    In 3D and section you can use the delete surface tool to temporarily remove drywall though these can't be used as live images, must be plot line elevation of image for 3D. In plan view you can keep the drywall as part but change the display options lines and fill-change lines you don't want to by layer, create a layerset that has the lines you don't want as invisible, best of both worlds. Villalobos_wall_display.plan
  7. MarkMc

    Moving objects to different plan view

    Those that are not showing are likely on a layer that is not displayed in the LAYERSET that is associated with that PLAN VIEW. You can open the object to see what layer it is on and change it there. OR you can check the ALDO (active layer display) which will show the layer something is on when you click on it. The ALDO can also show what layerset is being used. Once you have sorted this out it might be a good idea to read up on layers, layersets, plan views, default sets. Having a good grasp of those things prevents lots of problems. One thing to keep in mind-once an object is placed in a plan it is ALWAYS there even if you can't see it in a specific view. Conversely once deleted it's gone from everywhere.
  8. MarkMc

    Beginner questions

    I took a class at the start, then immediately came down with a bad case of the flu and was down for a month so didn't manage to follow up immediately. I had a large project that I managed to get out the door the month after that though it was challenging and a bit messy. Followed up with a second class and was off and running. In my retail business I trained 3 assistants and had each take the intro class to start with regardless of what skills they brought to the table. Two of the three did fine, the other simply balked at working in 3D (came from AutoCAD). Nowadays I do spot training; just tech support really for my drafting clients. One thing I see often is a lack of understanding of the fundamental foundations-defaults, dynamic defaults, layers, layersets, plan views, and default sets. The intro class covers those, pay attention. The classes tend to focus on what you CAN do, "the program will do this". There is a bit less about what you may do wrong, how you can mess things up or the program can fool you. I would second what David says about follow up. The class won't make you an expert IT IS a good foundation, build on it. Use all the help resources they are excellent-F1 for context sensitive help, the reference manual (my favorite), the free training videos (I don't use the vids as much as some folks though), and this forum (learn how to search it!!). I've read this forum every day since I started. Read anything that looks interesting, challenging, or just MAY be useful someday. Take some time to try to solve someone else's problem for practice. I copy and store some things from here though rarely go through those files. The act of copying them helps in a way similar to taking notes, tucks it into my brain somewhere. Then it depends on where you want to go with it, how you intend to use it, which is different discussion.
  9. MarkMc

    Buying a new computer

    I've been using desktop replacements for years now. The ones I favor are not exactly portable but I do take them on the road, just not to job sites much (use the Spectre for that but gave to my daughter to use during Covid) I run two externals, an extra keyboard and a number pad. Have run 4 externals off it. I'm at the point of upgrading and have been thinking of a desktop only because if I build it I can save a good bit of money for what I want. Was going to upgrade last year but moving changed plans. Now am anxiously awaiting the RTX 3000 series to drop and likely the next gen AMDs. Lately I've had a few plans that have me wanting something sooner but I'm torn, likely will wait the next few months though the new laptops out there look tasty, better cooling than ever (key for laptops under heavy use), and a bit more rea$onable than they were. To the OP. You are running a low level mobile CPU, the "U" series. Likely with integrated graphics. For a laptop moving up to the "H" series will show great improvement and getting something with a dedicated GPU. From what I was told at IBS this year the next version of Chief will support RTX cards so I'd seriously look at that if you do much rendering ( it may very well help other aspects though I don't know).
  10. MarkMc

    How to make custom appliances ?

    Thought about this last night. Might want to just size the vase, turn into symbol fixture interior-options none and lock the size, alter the origin and use it as a shelf. The tricky part is how you do the cabinet, which would depend on how often you need the parts again. Just a note-life will be simpler working the program if you don't use ever so slightly off angle walls (for just half a degree). Note them, draw a colored cad line if you need a reminder but leave the walls square. Quick 2.plan
  11. MarkMc

    How to make custom appliances ?

    Just place the object(s) in plan, select them all, convert to symbol. If you are in X11 or 12 (maybe 10 but don't remembger-prior versions you need to place in a blank plan and shoot a 3D view) To make appliance make symbol type fixture interior, then options inserts into a cabinet. I'd personally make it a cabinet door in this case but that would take a little more fiddling with origins and such. You'll want to read up on custom symbols, origins, bounding boxes, stretch zones and planes. THEN you will have to mess with the cabinet to get the side open like that-OR use multiple cabinets-or use psolids-AND you have to decide how you want to deal with the side panel. Can use solids, another cabinet, bunch of custom doors. Will be a bit fussy. Here's is a real quick version that still needs the origin set. Quickie.plan
  12. Yeah they're nice but for a layout box you need a referenced macro and arrow. Have one client that wants them, not a big deal except she has a habit of adding a couple of dozen elevations midway into the layout-lot of fussy copy, paste and such. Wish there was another way for them to work.
  13. MarkMc

    Firt Floor Balcony

    Invisible walls, build main roof first, add roof plane above garage with auto roof off, 2nd floor balcony room has no floor. Then just details and finishes.
  14. A few thoughts: I use the method of multiple plans linked to a layout instead of reference sets unless it is only a single slight option. Using the multiple plans to layout you send the first to layout, then in the project browser duplicate the page, open the layout boxes one at a time on the copied page and change the referenced plan, all very fast. The advantages are you can include elevations and/or 3D along as well as the plan and it prints. When it comes to finals just delete the unwanted pages in project browser. You're student could get a trial version. You can't print but may be able to take screen shots (though I whole hardheartedly believe in learning to work with pencil and paper :) I've had clients that don't have enough seats for everyone to use. Folks who don't need as much access to the program can download the free viewer. Link here They can't make changes but I think they can add notes? don't remember as has been a while and have CRS.
  15. MarkMc

    Recording cross section slider

    Changing snap units in plan defaults changes how far an object moves with the arrow key but has no effect on the slider in the DBX. Might be possible to alter with a programmable keyboard? I had a quick play at this with a trackball lowering the DPI setting and making the slider DBX length equal to a little less than the distance a single rotation of my thumb worked fairly well. If I had to do this much I'd pull out my Elecom Huge with a bigger ball. Tested with a mouse but can't alter the DPI on the one I grabbed. Found smoothest for me was pulling the mouse with my forearm flat on the surface. Fun game
  16. That has to be done with separate plans using save as. There are two ways to use those to get what you want. Most common would be to link each plan to different pages on a single layout. The other way is to use reference display set to show the second plan. Combine that with a plan view to show alternate options with a click. NOTE that both plans need to be open to set this up and make it work. Quick example here. It will also work in 3D views though that gets a little trickier and doesn't save the reference display as readily. I more often use that to show the relationship of an addition. Sent you a PM about showing this live for you or the class.
  17. There is one on this forum posted May 2016; search of this forum for:curved mullion, mullion or curved. (stretch zones need to be added)
  18. MarkMc

    Small Wall Offset issues - again

    I did what you did-only I copied and pasted windows and doors after building roof and foundation. Have had luck in the past cutting openings, moving wall then paste in place, didn't need to here. That was on the first one, attatched is yours returned. Cut openings on right, pulled interior wall away, point to point interior wall then pulled the other end back in place; paste and hold. Left side was a bit harder, didn't mess up the exterior wall but interior wall did cut into the exteriors. This worked though-cut openings, pulled wall away, rebuild walls etc, pull wall back, paste and hold. walls align(1).plan
  19. MarkMc

    Small Wall Offset issues - again

    I have had trouble with this on occasion but usually worse conditions than these. I have always managed to fix it. Not sure the difference but this worked right out of the box. Wonder if it could be resize about? grid snaps? I set my snap grid distance to 1/2" often then turn the grid snaps off. Anyway plan attached if you want to check for differences. It's from a fresh X12 template btw, changed wall fill colors for this. walls align.plan
  20. MarkMc

    Automatic filler between wall and full height?

    Use Build, Cabinet Filler. They are no longer in the cabinet drop down menu (I use hotkeys and never the auto fillers) FWIW I never make side panels less than 26 so counter doesn't stick out. Usually more to allow scribe for plumb and level...and always make the over fridge cabinet 24 deep with tray dividers. (yeah most things fit in 18 but the few that need 24 this becomes the best place and cost difference is nada)
  21. MarkMc

    rich text

    Select, open object, what is it? Can only guess without plan, a block?
  22. Check your sun settings, no issue with sunlight? .
  23. MarkMc

    Changing Line Color While Retaining Fill

    If you have the 3D symbol why not just use CAD block management and insert the block? Explode, set to line color by layer, do whatever you want with the fills.
  24. Two ways using two cabinets, make sure that auto fillers are off. Just saw you are on X9, sorry plan is in X12- attached it anyway-maybe get a trial or download the X12 viewer. One is two angle front cabinets, the other is two standard that overlap. If you need it really clean then do what Eric said and build it from parts or create a symbol. I don't remember if you can have 0" separations in x9-they are used to do what I posted. Open corner cabinet.plan