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  1. The dxf you attached is empty. I just did an export and it seemed to work fine though. Not sure what steps you are taking and why it isn't coming through. See if attached works for you. Butterfly A.dxf
  2. Thank you Rene, I'll look into that as well. Appreciate you feedback.
  3. Thanks Lew & Johnny, really appreciate your input. I will put some time into that and report back. Thanks!
  4. I put this in Q&A as to gain a larger audience. While it may not be directly related to Chief, it is directly related to running the business with Chief, which keeps Chief in business. This was brought up and better explained by Rod a while back: Looking for input on how each of you track your jobs: priority, assignment to employees, due dates, tracking, notes, etc. I currently use a spreadsheet with some macros, but pretty simplistic. wondering if there is some good software for this. I've researched some software that is overkill for what i'm looking for, but perhaps it can be simpler. Any input is appreciated as i'm sure others will benefit from this as well.
  5. Bryan, Without looking at the file, one thing to try is sending it to a pdf and see if the output is correct in the pdf. I recently had an issue somewhat related where the chief layout didn't print elevation patterns correctly, but sending to pdf, then printing from pdf gave me the proper output. I recommend sending to tech support so they can figure out if there is a bug so that they can fix it for the benefit of all. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
  6. I agree, 3rd party should work. It has been reported. Reference linked thread where Chief comments. I've also had individual conversations with them about it.
  7. Did using Chief's built in pdf printer solve your issue? (see Eric's post above for the printer to use).
  8. Are you printing with 3rd party such as Adobe Acrobat DC, or using Chief's built in 'save as pdf'? The issue only comes up when 3rd party, and only in the areas immediately around the transparant fills. Sometimes the fills work fine. In my testing, it happens more often with angled or circular fills vs right angles. Something to consider. Glad it is working for most. I use transparent fills in my walls so i don't have to do all the gray scaling layersets and hoops, and so it happens 99% of the time for me UNLESS I use Chief's built in 'save as pdf', then it works perfect everytime. But then you lose some of the extra features of the 3rd party apps. Hope that helps those who are running into issues.
  9. More details on the problem here:
  10. I've done some stuff in Yavapai, but too busy right now with Phoenix area stuff to take it on. If you need a local guy, PM me and I can recommend someone. Good luck.
  11. Duplicate post:
  12. While Intel graphics will work, you will notice some lag, especially in 3D. For about 500 or so more, if possible, and looking through the same website you provided for NZ, the following link lists some better options with discrete graphics and also include an SSD drive which will help speed things up as well. I'd get at least the 256 drive capacity so you can get your chief files on it along with all the Window files. Still a little tight, but considering the budget, a good option. If you can increase the budget more, then a 512gb drive would be great. The HDDs are likely 5400rpm drives and so a little slow. Probably worth swapping that out on your own for a SSD drive in the future. You can pick up a SSD drive for a decent price these days, but depending on the manufacturer, that can void the warranty. So things to consider. Best of luck.
  13. Rod, I respectfully disagree. Not sure what size homes you do, or the level of detail. But I can bring an old Chief 9, 10 or other version forward and be working full tilt on it in about 20 mintues, after cleaning things up, importing annotation sets, wall definitions, changing different defaults, settings, etc.. The only side effect is the plan can be a little sluggish when working in 3D, but I don't blame that on Chief. I expect some hiccups going back that far, but it works pretty good. Good enough that I keep doing it. If I were to start over on a plan, it would take a good day to recreate floor plan and elevations (more or less depending on plan). Not too mention all the finishing details, saving me several days into possibly a week or so. Way faster to bring a plan forward in 20 minutes of clean up and some sluggishness then starting over. I do this regularly, so I have a system down, and I have a huge library of plans to call from going back to 1998. (would love to record this transition process in a macro, which would make the transition even faster). It's not an occasional thing. This lost feature is a big handicap to my business.
  14. I generally try to keep the center of the project around 0,0, or at least that is the way I start, but close enough. Main reason for this is if you ever reverse the plan using Chief's reverse tool vs Edit Area or other ways to do it, it reflects about 0,0 vs the center of the house. So this saves problems including saved cameras, terrain, etc. I have a large library of plans that I reuse and recreate and have learned this from trial and error. But as other mentioned, in the general area of 0,0 is good.
  15. Yep, seems like it is something they would support. Feels like long time loyal users are being cast aside.
  16. I'd like to have auto numbering callouts...or numbers that are circled or square or triangles, for key notes and schedules. Is there an app for that?
  17. I do this just fine within chief. I just create a new text box for the next column. Not very intuitive on doing the indentation, bullets, alignment etc, but once you know how to do it, it's pretty easy. Within Chief hit F1 to bring up help and search 'indent' and it will bring you to the section that shows you how to do it. Again, new column, new text box.
  18. Working on one now that has a lot of fixes needed. For me, thick walls are a big offender. Chief changed the way those connect when they added the connection adjustment tool and it has caused more problems for me. I hate doing individual walls to create voids because then there are room definition issues that mess with the 3d model and roof production later (and foundation production). Angle walls and curved walls are also big problems. I guess everything that is not a normal 90 degree, 4 or 6 inch wall with only 2 connections typically take some work. Unfortunately sometimes I don't want to fight with the program so I adjust my design (permanently or temporary depending on the situation), which should never happen, Chief should be working for me, not against me. I should send in all the example to Chief to help them fix them, but i'm just too busy to get a reply that says, we can't reproduce it, or you should adjust your walls, or mess with this wall, then this wall, then this wall and add an invisible wall at this spot to get it to work. Or stop using thick wall, that isn't how Chief was designed to work. Just don't have time for that. So I guess that means I can't really complain, right?
  19. Has anyone created a library of these types of doors. I would pay for that. Use them a lot.
  20. I have many connection issues. As mentioned, in most cases it works fine. Or in other words, the normal wall connections. But add anything out of the ordinary with multiple intersections, angles, short walls, or thick walls, and they have to be fixed manually, if they can be fixed at all. It seems that ever since we have been given control to fix wall intersections, i get more issues then before. However, it is nice to be able to fix some issues easier then before we had the control. I probably come across it 10-20% of the time, but when it happens, it's frustrating, but usually fixable. It's the angle wall and curved wall connections that are difficult at times. Electrical connections still have issues. I liked the way it used to work before splines were used, other then not being able to connect mid-circuit. One I ran across the other day was a plan was finished with annotations that included arrows pointing to walls. Due to a field change, i needed to break a wall and make an adjustment. As soon as I broke it, all the arrows shifted down for some reason. Fortunatley I caught it on all plans (electric, annotation, framing, foundation, etc) before sending to print. Don't get why that happens.
  21. Chief has a training video that demonstrates this...this is a good source to search as is there knowledge base:
  22. See previous discussion on this topic which has some great tips that you can read through:
  23. So worth the time setting that stuff up. Nice job. I would like to see a fill toggle for everything including text and cad boxes and more.
  24. Would love to see a quick toolbar to toggle this on and off quickly.