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  1. Thanks Mick, that sounds a bit risky and messy...have you tried that before?
  2. Just installed latest patch and just did an 'edit area all floors' and it has a HUGE bug...when it is creating copies of all the openings on the walls it's intersecting. Can others verify? Verified this on multiple plans...easily reproducible on my 2 computers. How do I uninstall the patch to get this working? Need a fix ASAP...use this tool like crazy when designing.
  3. Slower for me...zooming on floor plan is slower, dbx slower to open, 3d longer to generate initially...not happy. I'll have to play around with it more and on multiple plans to see if it is the plan. Bummer, this thread got me excited until I tried it for myself.
  4. I have lots of .pl1 files and have kept X8 installed to bring these forward (all of my .pl1 files are 9.54 versions, so X8 works). I use these a lot and I am disappointed that Chief doesn't have a built in legacy converter to bring these forward. However, I've seen Chief chime in on this topic and encourage people to contact support for help. Perhaps they have a solution, convert for you, or provide a download of a previous viewer that will do the trick. Might be worth contacting them. Otherwise, you will need to email someone like David to bring the files forward for you. Hope that helps.
  5. Thanks for suggesting another 3rd party pdf option. Always looking for the perfect one. I tried bullzip really quick in hopes that it was the cure...but...the same pixelation occurs. So, unfortunately, not an option for me. So far, only the built in printer cures this problem...for me. It is due to the use of transparent fills I use in my walls, if I eliminate that, then all 3rd party printers work. I much prefer 3rd party printers and all their features, but I really like the way I have my walls set up, so I'm fine working with Chief's printer in hopes it will get resolved one day. It's been reported and well documented in previous posts that Chief was part of and commented on. Really glad it's working out great for you guys. All the best.
  6. No problem with integrated making larger file sizes for me.
  7. Are you using Chief's built in PDF printer, or a 3rd party printer? If 3rd party, try Chief's integrated one. If you are using Chief's, then need more info. There are a few threads on this topic, and some have found (myself included) that using transparent or gradient fill causes this problem when using 3rd party printer and using Chief's PDF creator corrects the output. A search may result additional fixes.
  8. This topic brings up the mulled window issue...wish we could group select even if windows are mulled, and make universal changes. PITA to work around these mulled windows. I do Like Jay and tab through the selections, but still a PITA...need to be able to change universally. I realize that may be difficult if changing sizes, but some attributes should be available for change.
  9. If you post the chief file, then people can test it on their machines, printers and settings to see if they get the same results and troubleshoot it as needed. We are all just making our best guesses based on info, pdf file and our own experiences. I only get that when i'm dealing with transparencies (knowingly or not), but perhaps it's caused by something else. Hard to know without the actual Chief file. Sounds like you are getting their though.
  10. Refer to previous discussions on this topic (linked below) short, it is likely a result of you using transparencies and using a 3rd party printer. You either need to eliminate the transparencies or use chief's built in PDF printer for it to go away:
  11. It's fun to see how the different geographies and business models play out around the nation and world. Naturally there is a place for large format printers as demonstrated by many of the previous posts...I've had one for 20 years prior to selling mine. Many of our municipalities require PDF digital submittals and no longer take paper copies, so PDFs are a requirement and not an option for us. It's just a matter of time before all the ones around us all require them. Most subs are also moving to digital only. Naturally, we lock down the PDF, but we all know digital and hard copies can be hacked if the thief is determined enough...I've had people bring in my plans with a different title block trying to pass it off as there...that was a printed copy, and not a pdf one. Additionally, the client gets there plans instantly after online payment vs making a trip to us to or a print shop for the final copy. They can be submitted to the city digitally within minutes of us putting the final touches on the plans in CA (which is often the case). Our clients are all over the metro area and are often hours drive from us, so PDF is certainly preferred in those cases. Also, our local print shop is just down the street from us, but certainly understand being a disservice if further away. So IF they want hard copies, they are close by. But again, for my area, it is rarely requested anymore...hence the reason for me getting rid of my printer. Pretty slick advances in our business the last couple decades, wonder whats next. Just thought I would share my experience in my specific area if it helps anyone...not meant to be disagreeable or the right or wrong way, nearly meant to be reading everyone's take on the issue, thanks to all who have and will share.
  12. I had the T120, great printer, small footprint. However, sold it on Craigslist due to more digital usage and hated printing for clients. I would charge $5 per 24x36 sheet (all I ever printed), because of my time to put together and assemble and keeping paper and ink supplies in stock...local shop charged $1/sheet. Basically, I hated printing for people, took way to much of my time, so I encouraged everyone to go to the local repro print shop. I love not having the printer anymore...more office space and no more clients asking for prints, etc. My opinion anyway. Good luck.
  13. It's great to see design/builders using Chief Architect in the Phoenix area.
  14. We just use cad lines and draw it up in a cad detail window with labels and send it to layout from there. Many examples on the web:
  15. Nice to see an Arizona design/builder focusing primarily on detached garages and I assume, on occasion, with guest quarters. Lots of demand for that here in AZ. I often turn these projects away, unless I'm designing the primary residence as well. I've been referring them to a local draftsman I know pretty well, but if they get busy, perhaps I can send them your way. All the best!
  16. If you haven't already, make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card. If you do, try going back a version.
  17. Yep, I'm having the same issue as well....very annoying.
  18. UPDATE: Started Chief the other day, and got an error about no video card (weird). So checked drivers again. Reinstalled drivers, updated latest Windows 10 patch and restarted computer and all is working good now. (I admit I probably don't restart my computer as often as I should). Not sure what caused it in the first place. Likely just a video card glitch. Just suspicious timing with the install of the latest Chief patch, but could be a coincidence. Either way, happy to be more productive again with my multiple monitor setup. Thanks again for all the suggestions and testing. Always appreciated.
  19. Everyone, thanks for chiming in with your feedback. I'll do some more testing and research and get this figured out. Appreciate it.
  20. Ever since the latest update to X10, on any plan: I produce a vector overview. Drag that tab to a new monitor and Chief hangs. I have to force close it. I had the latest Nvidia driver, and just updated to the one released today, and still no go. Any others seeing this? Suggestions?
  21. Agree it can be recreated in new plan. Perhaps somewhat quickly. However, I want it all. No matter how easy or fast it is to recreate, it is still faster to import. I want faster, easier and less clicks.
  22. Yeah, this feature is nearly useless for me without an import/export option. Much of the work I do is taking old plans and customizing for new clients, and so it can't be used for that until we can export them.
  23. Why didn't this new feature come with an import option? I realize some or based on the 'zoom', but if I don't want those after import I can delete them. That is easier then having to recreate them all over again. Plan views should also be available in cad detail windows.