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  1. @Alaskan_SonYou're the man! I remembered sending a copy of the font file to a design manager for one of my customers like a year ago and found and downloaded the old font. I took the risk and deleted all chief blueprint fonts (after backing them up in case I need them to run X15 properly) then added the old version I had back in and now my old plans are displaying properly! Thanks for the help from everyone in here but you especially.
  2. Looks like it was modified the exact minute I opened X12 for the first time since installing X12. How do I know what version of the chief font I was using before and getting a copy of that?
  3. Thanks for the reply. It seems like only rich text boxes were affected. I've tried changing the character height and coming up with a simple formula (i.e 3" text goes to 3.25") but it's still ever so slightly different and it means updating text boxes and font sizes on like 35 plans.... I don't want to mess with the font file quite yet as I'm worried it'll make things even worse. Also, the font version is still showing version 8 00 from May 2, 2022. So I don't think it's the actual font file... Something about installing X15 changed the displayed size of rich text in X12 even though it's still showing my same sizes.... Really confused and a little miffed.
  4. I installed X15 yesterday but kept my install of X12 as I have long running projects to maintain and didn't want the stress or work of having to update all of my old templates and whatnot. I opened a file in X12 today and now many of my text boxes that used this font aren't filling the boxes. It's like the "new" chief blueprint font is slightly smaller than it was just a few days ago. Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to fix it?