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  1. Can anyone tell me why this one window wants to orient itself backwards (i.e. the exterior is facing the interior)? I've got 2 windows in this wall that are identical - for some reason the one is correct while the other is not. Thanks! x14 windows11 RTX3080 Dropbox link to file:
  2. I did notice the roof was slightly off center after posting. I have fixed that and removed the extra node. Still getting the same problem though. Were you able to get it to work on your end?
  3. partial file.plan Hello, x14 roof issue. I am joining a 9/12 gable roof to a 6:12 hipped roof. Both roofs are square cut and both fascia top heights and shadow board top heights are set to 119 5/8". Can anyone help me figure out why the fascia and shadow boards just disappear as shown here: partial file.plan Thank You! X14 - windows 11 - NVidia Geforce RTX3080
  4. I figured it out - I had the room that was bounded by the railings set to "no floor below room". When i went in to the room dialogue and deleted the 4" floor structure, the problem was fixed. Thanks for all your help
  5. I dont have a material just called "framing" so i chose "fir framing 1". that didnt work. Then i tried making it "opening (no Material)". Its showing the outline still but no material applied to the faces. I can live with that. Here is the plan file in case anybody wants to look into it further. (had to zip it to get it under the file size limit) 230919 Freeman -
  6. Thanks - it was a multi layer railing - I tried to make it a single layer wall (railing) but it wont let me delete the interior layer and it still shows something below the rail itself.
  7. Hello - Can someone tell me how to remove this unwanted framing below a exterior railing? Im on X14. Thanks
  8. Thank You Rosco - That worked! \I would have never thought that a setting in an adjacent room would control that.
  9. My soffit extends out too far. Is there a way to trim my soffit back so that it butts into the fascia? I copied the room and roof off to the side and it appears correctly for the most part - still has issues with the frieze and the soffit appears to be trimmed a little too much but i could live with that. Anyone have any ideas what setting is causing this? File attached. Thanks! X14 - Windows 230509 Baeder - Existing.plan
  10. I tried that but it didn't work for me. I think you are right about it being an adobe thing though. When i open the PDF in Chrome, the lines are gone.
  11. Thanks for confirming that. I was afraid that was going to be the answer. Seems so easy for CA to clean up simple graphical bugs like this.
  12. I should clarify: The gray area is a cad object filled solid with 80% transparency. It looks great in Chief but when i print to PDF, I get those lines.
  13. Hi - When i put a gray cad object over a portion of a plan, i end up with these distracting lines when I go to print. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, X14 Windows RTX 3080
  14. thank you - yes i did add it manually. I will try adding from the wall dialog.