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  1. If I understanding you correctly the room you want at the 9' keep as that in your settings then the rooms you want the ceiling to be higher open the room dbx and under ceilings just put in the 144 and the ceiling will be raised and sloped where needed
  2. Chopsaw not sure either if you are doing this in a cad detail try just putting a space between (70 40 20) to see if that helps you, I always just put the space between each and it puts the symbol in automaticly it works for me
  3. try not using the symbol and just put a d or space between each segment (175.00' 12d12'36"n) or instead of the symbol just put the space between
  4. Thanks Michael, I turned on all my layers and it was a mess next time I should do one at a time, as usual thank you much for your help much appreciated
  5. I did a plot plan in a cad detail window (Costanzo plot plan) with all the corodances provided, see detail, when I try to bring in a plan footprint by selecting the cad, and then plan footprint I select first floor and nothing shows up anyone else have this problem, I am attaching the plan COSTANZO
  6. Just think Chris there is also an hour you will never lose again for something like that
  7. Chris Mark made the cabinet then selected the doors, adjusted there sizes, put glass in the top one, or like he said make 2 cabinets
  8. can you make the protruding cabinet lets say 6" or so narrower
  9. Scott I agree I wish Chief would concentrate on revamping the stair and railing tools, and concentrate on producing construction documents since without accurate condoc there is no accurate pretty pictures like putting a house on the ground without any foundation
  10. yea in elevation view it would be good when I do my section details I have a detail with gravel in it for superior walls, not sure if you have those type of walls out west since you don't need frost walls
  11. Scott what would be the purpose that you want to change the footing material since all footings are concrete, except back here if they use superior walls then it is on pee gravel compacted with drain tile around that is the only way you can put them on
  12. Basil that is a tough one for Chief but can be done if you use railing and newels seperate might be time consuming maybe someone else has a better idea, this is one place we have been asking for a revamp totally the stair and railing tool
  13. Eric, I think he meant dvd, I have that one also someplace in my many older disks
  14. Steve if you go under the layer and whichever layer display option at the bottom of the layer display option you can change the text style to the type and size you want that will change everything on that layer to the style and size I think that is what you are asking
  15. chief58


    Sweeny a couple things you might try is doing manual roofs with 2 seperate materials on them or doing a materal region for the for those area's,
  16. I agree with Richard let the floor plan show the swing and let the contractor order the door with the hinges and knobs on the way they do it in their county or area
  17. Thanks Glenn know I remember if you had them in a plan for printing they showed ok but in 3d when you moved the camera you didn't see the same thing
  18. in previous versions didn't we have a lib of people I don't use them but remember having them awhile ago some of the longtime members might remember
  19. without posting your plan and knowing what version you are using it is just a guessing game for all
  20. yes thanks for checking Jay found where I had to change the numbers at