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  1. @glennw I did not know that feature was available, it works perfectly and does exactly what I was looking for.
  2. @Renerabbitt Thanks that will do what I want. I had to select the interior walls and right click.
  3. Sorry guys, I thought I had filled out my signature. And thanks Renerabbit, I was looking to display the interior dimensions automatically, like when you use interior dimension tool. When I set to surfaces, it will go to the interior finish in one room, but then it will go to outside of the other wall, if that makes sense. I want it to display within that room. Does that make sense?
  4. I'm running Chief X12. When I dimension, I want to show the interior finish dimensions automatically. I can't seem to find a way to do that any suggestions?
  5. I searched the forums, but I didn't see any kidney shaped swimming pools, does anyone have a link for one? I didn't see one at 3D Warehouse either. Thanks
  6. Now I'm thinking of eliminating those awnings windows at the fireplace altogether, the afternoon sun comes that way and it will cut down on glare, not to mention that one of those windows looks directly at the neighbors fireplace. There is plenty of light in the room because there is a skylight in the kitchen and a window in the dining room to the right of kitchen.
  7. Johnny, I'm in the SF Bay Area, so it's suburbia. The wall with the door and 3 ganged windows looks out to the yard to a pool. The awning windows at the fireplace faces the next door neighbor , so no view. It's more of a question of sizing the windows to fit the room. The ceiling is a tray ceiling with the height at the plate at 9'6" , I originally had the 2nd view I posted, with a 7' door and the other windows at that same header height. That left a space of 2'6" from header to plate line. I'm starting to think that might make the windows and door look small in the room, especially since it drops down 12" from the rest of the house. That is why I'm considering going with an 8'-0 door and setting the other windows at that height, but then the awnings at the fireplace are too high.
  8. I was thinking of making them wider too Michael. I originally had a 7-0 door with the window header heights to match. I started to think that I will have a jamb height at the door of 7-0 and with a 9-6" plate line, would mean 2'-6" from there to plate height and since the kitchen is up 12" from the living room floor, 8-0 might be better. Here is the view with a 7-0 header height. Living Room 3D view 7-0 door height.pdf
  9. I have a project that has 8'6" ceilings in the main area of the house. The living room steps down from the kitchen area 12". The Living Room has a tray ceiling that will measure, after the step down 9'6" at the plate line and 10'6" at the flat ceiling line. My question is, I think the exterior door should be an 8'-0 height with the window to the right of set at the same height and the awning windows near the fireplace set at that height as well. The question is, the sizing of the awning windows at the fireplace are 3'-0" x 2'-0" , this would mean the operating handle is at 6' with the locking lever at 6'6". I think the 3-0 x 2-0 size works well ( Golden Ratio) but I'm concerned the locking mechanism will be too high. Should I increase the size of the window to 3-0 x 2-6? I'm thinking that dimension might not work well proportionally. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Living Room 3D view.pdf
  10. It was overthought. Alaska- yours was so simple. Thanks for the followup.
  11. Shane K - I did have one question, my original plan has a tray ceiling on the that back room. I was going to manually reset that tray, because when I rebuilt it, created a funky valley , did you manually rebuild that tray too, because when I did it raises that wall height as if it is a flat ceiling. I'm just wondering if I'm missing a shortcut to building that tray. Thanks for your reply!
  12. Thanks everyone, Solver's approach worked for me. I guess I was confused by Chief's dialogue boxes and their video. A good Chief feature would be to be able to simply lock different roofs or areas of the roof so they didn't rebuild your intended areas of the roof. Definitely more ways to skin a cat, thanks for all the help.
  13. I'm currently using Chief On a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.5 and I am having trouble changing the pitch of my roof on the main house to 5.5/12 and retaining the pitch of the garage roof of 4/12. I tried locking the garage roof in Layer Display options, I renamed the garage roof planes "Garage Plan"., I tried to elect the lock pitch checkbox in the Roof Plane Specification as well. I have checked the garage roof plane as edited. Then I rebuilt the roof at a 5.5/12 pitch but it stills rebuilds the garage roof. So my goal is to keep the existing garage at 4/12, while rebuilding the Main House Roof to 5.5/12. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 235 St Francis Hip Roof