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  1. I managed to finagle it. I found where this has been discussed before. I am just surprised that there is not simple tick mark in the wall settings somewhere to tell Chief NOT to snap a wall if you want to. Seems like a simple development over-sight that ought to be added. No matter. I've managed.
  2. I am trying to get the help-wall to come out another inch or two to line up with the red line on the floor. But it keeps snapping back into place to join the connecting shower wall. The shower walls are currently set to No Room Definition. I just want the wall snapping to stop for the half wall. Is that possible?
  3. Is there any way to prevent 2 walls from connecting when joined? I need 2 walls to join but I need 1 to jutt out past the other by about an inch or two, but when they get that close they keep connecting and resizing each other in order to snap to one and other. I just want to be able to manually control the length of a wall without it being smarter than me.
  4. Okay so I managed to get PBR to remain stable in X13 long enough to get an Exterior 3D view of a house I am working on... I've attached 2 screenshots looking from relatively the same vantage point... Comparing the 2 attached views... I personally prefer the X12 PBR. It has greater definition and looks crisp and more vibrant as compared to the X13 which seems somewhat blurred and "dull". Even the Glass looks more realistic to me in the X12 PBR version. But perhaps my definition of what is better does not meet the consensus world view??? Which view do you all prefer?
  5. I am disappointedly finding X13 unusable. Standard 3D views appear somewhat "dull" as compared to X12 which is crisp. I too am seeing stainless steel as white. And, PBR is frequently throwing internal errors as follows: An internal rendering error has occurred (assertion failure): !"Unknown exception caught in Astral::update", resulting in me having to Force Quit the application.
  6. When I turn on a reference display, all I see are walls doors and bath fixtures below... How do I add other components to show up in a reference display?
  7. I have some manually created steel framing components (i.e. Z purlins). I need to be able to show these and dimension to these in plan view on both the 1st and 2nd floors. Is it possible to get these to show up on multiple floors in plan views?
  8. Actually they are not the same. I'm butting a steel building wall of 8"girts covered with 26 gauge corrugated steel panels against a 16" OC steel framed wall covered with brick veneer. I want to then wrap the brick around over the metal to cover the gap and then flash it.
  9. It's just a furred wall type of a single exterior layer of 3 5/8" brick, nothing else. Won't stop snapping back. Is there any way to stop this insanity... or a better way to do this? I guess maybe a Polyline solid?
  10. When creating a floor pan with and a wing is at an off angle from the main part of floor plan... The flooring textures follow the angle of the main floor plan... in my case in the wing which is 22.5degrees off from the main plan, in 3D views the flooring paints off angle from the walls in that wing. Is there not an easier way to remedy this other than creating special textures at varied angles? There should be a way to open the room specification dialog and just tell Chief to paint the floor textures in those rooms at specified angles? Does no-one else create designs with wings at different angles that has warranted. such a request thus far? Or is there another sensible method that I am missing, as creating textures at different angles is inefficient. Thanks in advance for any input.
  11. I have already PM'ed Charles... and am awaiting an answer...
  12. I used to own that program... I've looked all over for it... I can't find it... UUUg.... How could I have lost it... I'm an idiot!
  13. Thanks. I was able to get it work with 6 panels and still looked odd because the glass panels did't match the door panels type... And, It's just too hard to do for a 120" x 120" door with 7 panels... Chief refuses to Mull the unit... can't get the distances and overlapping to work to where chief accepts it. Should be as simple as: Build a door just like the garage door company would build and assemble: 1) create a panel door 2) choose your panel type 3) replace panels of choice with a glass unit... This should be built in feature. Especially after 12 versions... At least what I think, but who am I... LOL. I'll let customer use their imagination...