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  1. basilbabaa

    Printing Layout with Physically Based Renders

    I agree on the standard vs physical renders as far as quality... only main difference in my case is we're color matching metal panels and the physical render tends to produce an image that more closely depicts the color of our metal manufacturer colors...
  2. basilbabaa

    Printing Layout with Physically Based Renders

    Elevation region did not make a difference. But FYI. Turning OFF "Improve Lighting Quality" in the Physically based Rendering Technique Options removed the ghosted images from the PDF Print dialog and final PDF output.
  3. Why this ghosting? Only occurs when Physically rendered content is on the layout. Cannot seem to get these ghost images to go away. See Page 1 of PDF. Any ideas? Thanks... Design - David Parker.pdf
  4. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    Oh Glenn, I just now saw your post! LOL. You had the answer all along. Ha Ha. Thanks!
  5. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    Because I use this same process with my accounting software, I never access another system until the uploads and downloads have synced. I am familiar with duplicate files and corruption so I avoid opening synced apps until I have confirmed syncing has completed. And while not great for business and collaboration as compared to DropBox or OneDrive, so far, iCloud has been the fastest to sync with for applications such as this. Sync speeds for me typically measure at a rate of 130MB /sec. to/from Apple's servers, which is typically 5 times as fast as I receive with DropBox; and OneDrive is so slow for me it's not worth it to me to measure. So far I am noticing it takes about 20 seconds for CA to sync once I close it and move to another. I will keep you posted... thanks!
  6. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    Will do. I have manually backed up everything, now that I know where all the settings are. I'll try iCloud first then Dropbox, then even my local SAN to see how performance differs, and give an update...
  7. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    It was not the preferences so much, more so I was wanting the Recent Files List to sync across them.... Kinda silly I know, but it was such a simple fix once I started thinking about everyone's suggestions... just find those preference files... and boom you don't have to change anything else, just use symlinks and boom the machines are identical every detail, all the time no matter what I change on either one...
  8. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    You guys rock! I found the .ini files they are in a hidden folder under my user folder "Macintosh HD/Users/USER/.config/Chief Architect Inc/" Chief Architect Premier X11.ini Chief Architect Premier X11 Dialog Sizes.ini Everything syncs w/ one change as follows: Setup Chief on 1 computer Move the hidden "user home folder/.configChief Architect Inc/" into a cloud space Use symbolic links on each system to replace the moved "user home folder/.config/Chief Architect Inc/" BOOM everything syncs! ALL PROGRAM PATHS ARE SYNCED You cannot tell you've moved to a different machine. NICE! Thank you.
  9. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    I was hoping for the following workflow: Deactivate licence at sit down desk walk to standup desk open Chief & activate license choose from Recent Files (which synced during my move to other desk) goto work... as if nothing changed I am unfamiliar with the SAM method. I have successfully used symbolic links before, but with new Chief 11, pretty much everything is syncing, except for preferences and the recent files list... mainly because I cannot figure out where on a Mac that these files are stored/hidden. I even moved the entire Application and everything to the cloud with symbolic links, but that still did not sync the Recent Files List, so it must be recording to a MacOS file somewhere??? If I could only just find this, but for now, I've manually configured my preferences and I know from where on my cloud synced drive to open my most recent file... Was just hoping with Chief 11 for Mac, to get the Mac experience where we never have to think about setting up to sync anything... many of my Mac apps ask now what preferred cloud storage medium we prefer to sync our configurations to whether it be DropBox, iCloud, etc... and if you choose iCloud, they just setup a hidden space in iCloud and start syncing there...
  10. basilbabaa

    Sync Chief Across Multiple Computers

    I am aware of how to manage my license and deactivate and reactivate on the other machines... I'm also on a Mac and looked all through the OS including hidden files and files that may be buried in places it ought not be... I could not find anything resembling the likes of an .ini file. Called support they said they could not support that... I guess I'll have to manually sync my changes... seems sad for this day and age of cloud computing that it's not a simple syncing of a few settings files...
  11. Is there a way to sync the Preferences between multiple machines. I see that you can change folder locations in X11, but it does not seem to affect the environment when opening Chief on another system... I have a sit down desk, standup desk and laptop computers that I'd like to run Chief on... I'd like to be able to get up from my desk and go stand at my standup desk and resume working with whatever environment changes I made to automatically appear without having to manually do anything. I managed to get my Libraries all to relocate to the cloud and those all come through, but the environment is not the same across each computer.
  12. basilbabaa

    What is this Symbol

    And what about this Terrain related cursor symbol? What is it and how to turn it off?
  13. basilbabaa

    DWG Export Clipping

    Those were screenshots of the content in Chief and then the clipped .DWG export in AutoCAD. But, I figured it out. I had had surgery the day before so was not paying attention and was exporting in inches not feet. Must have hit a limit in inches that resulted in a clipped .DWG export. When I changed to feet it exported the entire plan file without the clipping. Moral of the story: “Never Chief while under the influence of narcotics.” But my engineer was needing it, so I had to try. Ha Ha. Thanks.
  14. basilbabaa

    DWG Export Clipping

    Need to send drawing to my engineer. Exporting ALL ON Set as DWG. All the Layers are exported properly but the export as DWG is clipping the drawing. What's set in Chief that is causing the export to clip? Thanks.
  15. basilbabaa

    Import Plan into New Plan file

    That worked. Thank you!