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  1. DJP Thanks for that information. Looking for the files now.
  2. I have a new laptop. I have installed my Chief X5 from disc to the new laptop,then updated it. My old laptop still has all of my Chief X5 plans, files, and textures. I exported .calibz files easily and loaded those to the new laptop. However, I am missing quite a few User symbols and textures that did not seem to install correctly. I thought my .calibz export/import would have taken care of that. So, where can I locate the missing ones in my file system on the old laptop, and then where do I install in the file system on the new laptop (I'm assuming a copy to thumbdrive and then paste to the new laptop) so that missing textures can be discovered by Chief? Thanks for any help that you can offer. I did not find a specific answer in doing a forum search, some that were similar, but not exactly what I needed.
  3. I need a clarification about cabinet manufacturer libraries in Chief. At any time has the various manufacturers had their own boxes to go along with their door styles and finishes? I have always understood to use Chief's boxes (Wall and Base, etc) and then apply finishing touches with a mfc door style and finish, along with any .dbx changes I would want to make. Another party has insisted to me that they have seen and used mfc boxes, not Chief's. I just do not recall that ever being the case. What is correct?
  4. Chief X5...........continuing to relearn some of it............... I have tried to add a second window to the standard Chief X5 Boxed Window. Can't seem to find the exact way to do this. I select the boxed window, click on Next and can modify the window that is there but cannot add a second or third one. Please show me how to do this. Could not find the solution in Knowledge Base, Videos, or search in ChiefTalk as yet. Thanks for your time. I would appreciate some help.
  5. Problem solved, but not easily. It took the help of Chief Technical Support over one hour to help find a solution. Important to note from their comments. A recent Windows Update has affected some computers in an adverse way, and I was the second caller to Technical Support today with the similar problem as the earlier caller. We had to download an archived Program Update for my Chief Version X5, then uninstall the one on my computer. We then had to install the Update. The first time gave an error message, so we had to do the whole thing again. This also involved renaming existing Toolbar names twice before the program would start and finally update Toolbars. After one hour, fifteen minutes, and a service fee of $125.00 because I no longer have SSA, I am back up and running again. Many thanks to Nigel of Technical Support for his patience with me and my slow operating laptop............
  6. Thanks for responding. I was actually trying to add to an existing toolbar, but in the process, they disappeared and I could not find them again. I first renamed the toolbar folder to Old and then restarted Chief. No toolbars. The more I tried more things I found in searches, the more it seemed to go wrong. I am no longer in SSA and have not contacted Chief Support as yet, hoping someone here would have an answer. I hope not to have to do a fresh install from my backup CD. I restarted Chief, but have not yet rebooted the computer........short of time for that right now due to doctors appt in less than an hour. Thanks. Any other ideas, I'd appreciate.
  7. Chief X5 question. I have completely lost my toolbars. I was trying to create a new one and somehow must have destroyed them. I tried renaming the Toolbars file to "Toolbars Old" but nothing happens to get them back. I also tried a reset defaults and nothing there, either. Hide Toolbars is NOT checked. Attached screen capture shows the exact error message. Anyone with an answer that doesn't require a full new installation from my CD disk? I will thank everyone in advance for some help.
  8. OK, Thanks. I now have it figured out. I set the ceiling to 144", then after building the roof, I adjusted the roof baseline to where I needed for 9' walls. That gave me the sloped ceiling on the outside walls and the flat ceiling.
  9. I have Chief X5, but it has been at least four years since I used it. I have forgotten many things about how to use the program. Attached is a simple drawing that has me confused as to how I would set this up in Chief, and I would appreciate someone's help in how to set up room and roof specifications to accomplish this type layout. Essentially, outside walls are 9 feet, but I want a 12 foot high ceiling as shown in parts of the bedrooms and Great Room. This means a part of the ceiling is slopped, then flat in the bedrooms at 12 feet. Roof pitch is not important at this point. This is a common type setup as seen in many houses built in Texas where high ceilings are featured. Thanks in advance for viewing this and possibly lending a hand at a solution. The attached line drawing illustration is merely a simplification of what I am seeking.
  10. This may work. I need to check whether the hidden files were recovered............. Thanks for the idea..
  11. Long time since I've worked with the program. I'll try an import. Wasn't sure what route I could take on this. Thanks for the suggestion. Anyone else have other ideas, I'd love to hear them.
  12. My wife's laptop crashed, but we were able to save the all of the data, documents,photos, etc. However, Chief that she used (X2) was lost, but we have the Chief X2 Data files. I have installed my old copy of X4 onto her new machine. Is there any way to recover her Chief Bonus Files, Manufacturer Files, and User Files that she was using from those data files and migrate them into her X4 on the new computer? Thanks.
  13. Perhaps I should have listed the topic as specifying Lites in the DBX instead I tried the wall elevation tool and still could not specify lites. I'm fine with default size for the muntins.
  14. This applies to X5 version. I cannot seem to find the way to apply muntin bars in Chief Core Libraries, Architectural, Doors & Doorways, Entry, Glass Panel, Door E03 DBX file. Under the Frame & Lites tab, everything is grayed out so that specification cannot be made. I looked at all the other tabs but cannot find a way to turn muntins on so that I can specify what I want, which is 2 over 2 lites. The Chief X5 manual says muntins are only available for Glass Doors...........well, this is a glass panel entry door, so I expected to be able to apply the lites pattern. Thanks in advance to anyone that answers.
  15. I have been using Chief since V4.1, and now have X5. I use Chief only occasionally at this point and haven't had the need to continue upgrading to the newer versions or keeping SSA updated. Currently, I am working on conceptual design of a new animal shelter. I moved to the Dallas area two years ago.