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  1. can you select tje cad and put it on one layer of your choice
  2. Larry I have found when getting a plan from someone else to finish or correct might just start from scratch and use there dimensions and layout what they want but in my way, saves time in the end
  3. chief58


    As Eric says but you might want to take the existing wall and make a copy of it rename it to framing sheet rock one side then go into the dbx and delete one of the sheetrock surfaces
  4. If you select the elevation view you will get a refresh icon at the bottom select that and it would update
  5. X11 has been totally stable for me no crashes, I always close out when done for the day which consists on 9-10 hours
  6. might be a lot of money but to upgrade that many versions, you say is it worth it yes yes yes if you are going to be using it for your business, I use to use it for a design build business but know just use in to draw plans for other builders and there clients
  7. draw a cad box around the area you want to calculate open it and it wll give you that information
  8. the height is all over the map here, we start as if we were going to put the garage on the high side of the lot and stake out from there and then determain the garage floor height, the foundation walls most always are the same at main foundation and garage height and floor doped down from there
  9. Curt this is true most of our garages are set on the high side of the property to as we can have some room for adjustment of the garage floor and the footers are just trenched footings so we don't have to bring in a lot of fill for there
  10. The garage slabs around here is determined by the final grade and to have a few cmu or conc fnd walls exposed so if someone wants to wash the car or hose down the floor its not against the wood part or the garage, when I built my house it was a site decision and I have 2 setps and a landing to my man door to the housee
  11. do a search of your computer
  12. Brian for getting up to speed quicker you might consider joining Dan Bauerman or David Michael both excellent sites with lots of videos to watch at your leaser
  13. print a pdf file which you can find in Chief printer option and send that
  14. Michael I for one and am sure many others appreciated your knowledge and imput on this site, I value as one of the best Chief users on here and always look forward to your post to review
  15. My decison would be made on how old the machine is and if you needed to repace other parts, I usually upgrade my computer every 2-3 years
  16. Again we are dealing with stairs, railings and I know many have asked for chief to revamp this tool for years and have fallen on deaf ears so again we have to wait and see what the next version would bring, this is one thing I always look for when a new version comes out and have been disappointed far to much. CHIEF LETS GO ON REVAMPING THAT STAIR AND RAILING TOOL, and yes there has been many request and suggestion on this
  17. you should still have x9 on your computer I know it would be combersome but do those drawings in x9 for them
  18. post your plan so people can take a look at it instead of trying to guess
  19. I have made that same request many times and for many previous versions to be able to break the stairs around a wall but on deaf ears each time just see more and more 3d things wishing for more things to move the plans along for construction documents
  20. If you want to make your own use poly line solids and turn into a symbol
  21. multiple beams, just draw one and copy move the others or just put a note on the plan if this is what you are looking for
  22. try a cross section camera select the wall and drag it up to where you want it to be
  23. you can print screen or export a jpg file
  24. I draw walls on the first floor where I want the steps to go to then copy the walls to the second floor, go back to the first floor and draw my steps, then to the second floor and make open below, after that make all walls invisible around steps
  25. doing manual shed roofs is no different then doing a manual roof you are just doing one side of the roof and putting it where you want it or adjusting the pitch to what you want or need it to be