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  1. Neil will you be using wooden beams to carry load on the piers? If so, I would personally just do manual beams and piers on level 0. More control in placement.
  2. I would just do screen capture of the one layer set you want to compare. No way of printing layers only that I know of. It may require two captures to see them all.
  3. Does it show core library items when you are in the materials?
  4. Joe, try this and see if it works.STUCCO WITH PATTERN.calibz
  5. Make sure that in defaults under floors and rooms - current floor your settings reflect what you want. This is what is used when you see default in room structure dialogues.
  6. Is it an attic wall drawing in? Never had same situation yet myself. I agree with Rod, post the plan.
  7. If you can connect your old hard drive in new system you could copy files from it. There is hardware you can buy to do it or if its compatible you can put it in one of the drive slots and wire it up.
  8. I usually avoid railing walls and place my posts manually.gives me full control of everything. Most of the time decks I do aren't too simple so workflow is faster. They can show on reference layer if need be as well. Another solution if you want to see Chief's newels would be to place a cad cross box over them and then copy paste hold position to lower/upper floor.
  9. You can check this thread out. @ShaneK might pipe in and give you some advice. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/13600-i-love-roofs/?tab=comments#comment-116018
  10. Looks like you have a fixtures schedule. If you don't need the schedule you can just delete it. However, if you need it and don't want to see them go to fixtures label in layers and turn off display. Alternative is to open schedule dbx and under label, uncheck show as callout. The layer will still show a label just not callout then. So you can decide what you want to show...full label, callout or nothing.
  11. Yes Mick that is what I meant. Good catch.
  12. Your temporary dimensions are controlled by the default dimensions. I usually switch my dimensions to 3" = 1" - 0" for something easier to work with. You could just create a dimension default you like for sizing everything and label it profile dimensions and then just switch to that.
  13. Are you letting go of the mouse button and hitting tab or are you hitting tab while holding mouse button? mouse button must be pressed for it to work.
  14. Check the bonus catalog Country Chic #4 - lighting - Wall Mounted Warehouse Light
  15. Maybe attach a few different photos and a note. You could also include Joanna Gaines' from Fixer Upper phone number and she could give them detailed instructions lol.
  16. It looks like you clicked on the extension line of dimension.Try clicking on the string line. You should see diamonds.
  17. Why not use the one that is in the GE library?
  18. Those are roof connection points. If you don't want to see them in preferences under architectural you can toggle them off.
  19. If you use your plan views and have one saved for each view you want to send you will be fine. Example..floor plan first floor, floor plan second floor, floor plan foundation, framing roof, framing wall etc...
  20. The only time mine don't fill in , is if the view is open.
  21. If your foundation walls under the porch are checked as foundation walls and not checked for no room definition, then they should already create a room if they connect to rest of foundation.
  22. Scott when you are in Maine; stop in for good eats at Moody's Diner. The seafood platter is huge and New England boil dinner is great too. Don't forget dessert...Whoopie pies. US Route 1 (1885 Atlantic Hwy)Waldoboro, Maine 04572
  23. Use a solid railing. Height is completely adjustable as well as wall type.
  24. Have you tried using a cross section thru the deck?