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  1. If you are using Plan Views very easy to do. Place your first one where you want it and then copy and hold position for next page. Once you place open the layout box and change your floor and plan view to suit.
  2. I normally just select item in the corresponding plan view and use match properties to select all that are relevant. in your case click sill plate match properties and under layer to group by that. Once open you can select a fill colour and all get modified at same time. Time consuming but works. If you update framing after your changes would disappear as a word of caution, so once framing is set would be best time to do it.
  3. Click on the cabinet where the sink is and hit the tab key. That should highlight the sink and you can open it or delete it at your choosing.
  4. You can add a molding line at end of joist or general framing member and apply rafter tail as molding. Like Joey said if you make one block it and you have it for library or for multiple copy.
  5. If you draw a plain polyline instead of 3d moulding line you can add the curve and then change it with convert curve to polyline and increase segments which will smooth the curve.
  6. You can copy the wall in the wall library under the build tab in top menu. Set the new copy to be a partition wall. It wall stop at other wall surface then.
  7. I believe if you have your temporary dimensions on it shows. If you hit tab while drawing you can set exact length.
  8. Have you tried a material region on that portion of wall?
  9. You can just use a molding line and rafter tail or custom molding of your own creation to do same thing. No need to create a rafter first.
  10. Under the options tab when you have door dialogue box open you can increase number of panels.
  11. There is a tile like that fish scale in the library if you downloaded newest catalogues..Mercury Mosaics https://www.chiefarchitect.com/3d-library/index.php?r=site/detail/1166
  12. Rob some of these little tips may help.
  13. David these have been posted on here before. Both of these are free to use and provide the various maps with the simple import of whatever the texture photo is. Shader Map is on your PC and Normal Map Online is obviously online. Shader Map Normal Map Online
  14. You could just make your own. Fairly easy and straight forward. https://chieftalk.chiefarchitect.com/topic/21560-custom-material-generation-with-substance-player/?tab=comments#comment-176330