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  1. I looked and "auto rebuild walls/floors/ceilings" was not turned off in 3D view defaults. However, I tried lowering the footings as I described above but with an older version of the plan and it worked so I assume the newer version I was trying to do this in was just corrupted.
  2. I'm trying to learn the software using the trial version of version 10. I started with a plan that was done for me where the foundation footings in the basement garage, which has a concrete floor, were not low enough to be below the frost line. My goal was to lower them enough to be below the frost line and I decided to try to lower them by 3'8". The rear of the basement, which has the garage doors, is a walkout and the top of the basement garage concrete floor is at grade level. The footings were just below that floor and so they were barely below grade level and were thus too hig
  3. I should clarify that I hired a consultant in the past who has drawn up my plans using Chief Architect and so yes, I do have a full plan export and a layout file. So there is no need for you to have to redraw my plan and put in a lot of time doing that. I simply need someone to take those existing files and add main support beams (three 2 X 10's nailed together) under the first floor, lally columns, and pads under those columns plus 2 foundation pockets to accept the ends of the support beam.
  4. In reply to Jay: I intend to build in the Plymouth, Carver, Middleboro area.
  5. I only have the trial version of Chief Architect which I am using to try to learn as much about how to use the software as I can in the time I have available. And so, I have no way to save any work I might do and that is why I hire people here to do the plan work for me. I'm just looking to have a main support beam put in across the house in a specific location. That beam would consist of three 2 X 10's supported every 7 feet by a 3.5" lally column with a 3' X 3' concrete pad that is 8" thick under it. Each end of the support beam would sit in a foundation pocket.
  6. I need to add in the basement a support beam, lally columns under it, concrete pads under those columns, and notches put in the foundation for the ends of the support beams. This would be added to an existing Chief plan for which I have the plan export and layout file. The work I would receive would consist of a .mp4 video file(see below), revised plan export file set, and revised layout file. I seek someone who would make a video of his work that I would receive so I can lean more about using this software. I prefer someone who would bill me at or below the rate of $75/hour(billab
  7. When I let Chief do the automatic framing, I do not see any support beams for the first floor or lally columns for such beams or concrete pads for such lally columns or pockets in the concrete foundation for the ends of support beams anywhere in the basement. Is it normal for Chief to leave these out or did I do something wrong that either made Chief leave them out or else put them in maybe but just not display them? If it is normal for Chief to leave these out, is it also normal for Chief to leave anything else that is similar out of plans by default?
  8. Yet, Chief Architect seems to specify the concrete foundation walls & footings which also are structural elements, I wonder what the difference is between those & the main house support beams? This is somewhat confusing.
  9. Do you have any idea why Chief Architect skips putting those elements into the drawings/design?
  10. I've been trying to learn how to do as much as I can in Chief using the latest trial version I recently downloaded. I believe I have successfully created a floorplan. I then mark 2 walls to be full gable walls and do "build roof". I then do "build->floor->foundation" using 109" height foundation walls and it appears that outer foundation walls with footings under them have been created. I then do "build framing" and it seems that framing members are shown. However, I do not see anything that looks like main support beams with lally columns appearing un
  11. I've created a floorplan in a jpg file plus an extensive .txt file describing a residential home. I'm looking for someone to put these into Chief Architect & have it output a set of construction docs. The house will be built in Massachusetts, probably in the general area of Plymouth.