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  1. Thanks for all the response's, I spent a lot of time doing each segment, then I tried joey's way and it was 100 times faster and looked great THANKS...
  2. Good Evening all.. Just getting ready to start a unique project for me. we are starting the design of a round house 24' across with a 6/12 roof pitch and a trussed vaulted interior ceiling of 3/12 . question is will I have to segment the ceiling planes all the way around. Or is there an easier way to generate in chief...haven't found any info on this subject... Thanks for any response's
  3. That is it .. Thank you very much Chopsaw & Solver. Maybe it's something about that good Clean air in the Great White North that keep your memory sharp. Thanks Again
  4. Good Evening All I know this is going to sound a little strange but I created this Raytrace / picture back in 2015 , I was on this forum and someone ask about something similar to this and there was an answer or a link to follow giving you the steps to do this.. I thought it was on chieftutor but in talking to him he is having a tough time remembering. .Unfortunately the older I get the less I think I know, I obviously remember about converting the house to a symbol part. but the rest is a bitt foggy..I know It was done mostly if not all in chief, no photo shop stuff. and a lot of sizing required.. If anyone out their has a better memory than I the help would be greatly appreciated.. I just happen to have a new client that is kind of into this stuff more so than if I get the plan finished for permitting. P.S. the symbol the house is sitting on is the actual layout for that house, and the footprint and dimensions match the symbol exactly. (or real close)
  5. Greetings all I am seeking a little advice.. I am getting ready to upgrade from chief X7 to X9. No big deal, but I also am upgrading my computer to the latest and greatest.. I guess the question is should I upgrade from X7 to X9 on the old computer then migrate all to the new computer, or install X9 on the new computer and the try to get all the older stuff onto the new computer... I really want to do this the best way not necessarily the easiest way unless it the same.. Thanks for any input...
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  7. I have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to create these panel sidelites they need to look pretty good on a rendering . I really haven't even found anything that I could modify to come close , Any thoughts would be welcome. Obviously the door itself is no problem as I never changed away form's chief's default setting door THANKS for any Idea's
  8. Thanks for your tips... I tried your suggestions and after you delete all the surfaces and click onto save as symbol it adds back the deleted wall surface am I doing something wrong?
  9. I am trying to make a custom window symbol for an eyebrow dormer. I had to make a custom eyebrow roof symbol by its self because chief would not let me put it where it needed to go, all worked fine. Now I am trying to create a custom window symbol. I don't create that many symbols so I am not great at it ,every time I try to isolate the window by shutting off wall layers I loose my window. I am using a chief window that I shaped correctly.. Will or should this work or do I need to make it out of p solids ? THANKS for any and all help
  10. Dermot Yer da Man Deleted dell back up and recovery and all seems to be working fine now... strange that it worked fine for both X6 & X7 for a good while and just now only screwed up on X7 ... I used Dell backup but I am use to work arounds so I will work around their deleted software THANKS weekend wont be wasted after all
  11. I am having an issue with X7 . I only have one new plan started in X7 but this evening I started a new one an when I was finished for the night I went to click (save as) and as soon as I did a window opened an said X7 had a problem an had to close program... I tried rebooting several times and while in the program working on the floor plan everything seems to work fine till you click save as.. also reinstalled X7 and same result.. Strange thing is X6 still installed works great ... probably need to call tech on Monday but trying to get a little work done before then and really would like to start it in X7.... THANKS for any help
  12. Thank you very much Perry , It really was very easy, I just tried to make something easy complicated .. It was sooo easy I am sorry for wasting your time but I do appreciate your reply ....
  13. I am having trouble educating myself on the new transparent fill tool in x 7. Have not found any good sources that let me fully understand the workings either in reference manual, or this forum, I never have done additions before till now but took a project that would look better if I could fade out to some degree the existing house parts to highlight the new addition in the layout .. If you can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.....
  14. As a custom home builder Kitchens and baths are very important . The better we can design and show a kitchen to the client (wife) the better chance we have of closing the deal . Nice raytraces have closed more than one deal for us when their other choice was a 2d set of blueprints.
  15. Thank you Mr. Hall like you say that was easy pezy.. worked like a champ .. I must have Christmas shopping burnout..