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  1. Caddyman

    Deck newels and posts

    Thanks. It sounds like we are all in the same boat. I brought this up last year at the user group meeting. I like the wall rail options but it could be more productive to be able to customize the posts/newels with a click and drag method. At the very least to be able to use snaps to dimension or draw a post above or below a rail newel or post.
  2. Caddyman

    Deck newels and posts

    Hi All, I have been fighting this for years with chief. I do a lot of decks and screen porches with stacked decks below (basement level). A frustration I have is the inability to move a newel or post with in a railing wall to a desired location dynamically. It would also be great if newels and posts would show up on the reference layer or maybe there is a way to show it an I have missed it somewhere. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. Caddyman

    Sub basements

    If interested here is what I ended up doing. If I were on floor zero and inserted a floor Chief would make floor zero the sub basement. The problem was it was not the correct ceiling height and everything got screwy above. I never did find where the default height was. Unlike creating a new floor where you are prompted for floor heights it would create something automatically no matter what my defaults were for floor or foundation. The work around I used was to create a new floor while on floor 1. That moved all floors up one level and created a blank level on floor one. Doing it this way allowed me to get my new floor ceiling heights correct moving the roof and opening the correct distance. I then copied my existing foundation to the new floor one. That’s it in a nut shell. Hopefully it helps.
  4. Caddyman

    Sub basements

    I have tried to insert a new floor. The issue are the elevations. The roof and floor seems to move up fine, but the moldings and millwork stays on the level it was drawn on. Not a huge deal but it makes for a good bit of editing. For some reason it inserts the new floor and if I start drawing the sub basement I get a odd ceiling height default. Where does this info come from? If I copy and paste the floors in a new plan. I will need to reproduce the exterior elevations, molding and millwork. So I guess there is not a quick way to accomplish it. I was hoping for a quicker solution, but it is what it is. Thanks for the input.
  5. Caddyman

    Sub basements

    I'm looking for ideas on how to create a sub basement for a steep piece of land. The plan is already drawn with 10' basement now the customer wants to raise the house first floor another 16'. This will be done by adding another level below the basement. I realize Chief has only one foundation level (floor 0) so I'm looking for the most efficient way to add the floor for the sub basement without too much headache of the existing floors and roof. Any input and potential pitfalls would be very helpful.
  6. Caddyman

    Iron entry door

    HI All, Anyone created an iron entry door like the attached? Any way to do it in Chief?
  7. I'm looking for an experienced residential drafting service familiar with the Atlanta Metro market to take preliminary designs started in Chief X8 and develop permittable buildable plans. Please email me direct at with your qualifications, rates, and typical schedules based on square footage size. Steve Crain Cad Home Design, Inc.
  8. Caddyman

    Bathtub Symbol X7

    Thanks Dennis. That's what I usually do. I didn't know if the symbol difference was local or global.
  9. Caddyman

    Bathtub Symbol X7

    Just ran into this in X7 and wanted to know if it is something on my end. Check and see under Chief's core library architectural-fixtures-bathtubs-standard tubs-left. My left tub does not look like the right. I have two installs on two computers and it's the same on both. Anyone else have this symbol issue?
  10. Caddyman

    Electrical connections

    Kilgore, Thanks, that works, but I wish I knew what changed. I never had to change the switch settings before.
  11. Caddyman

    Electrical connections

    Michael, I do the same thing for stairs and a few other items that need special noting it just takes a few extra steps. The fan light combo worked well before so I think it has to be something simple, I just don't know what or where it is.
  12. Caddyman

    Electrical connections

    Hello All, I starting an electrical plan today and inserted a fan/light combo. I can connect it to a one switch (for the light) just fine. When I try and connect the fan to a seperate switch it won't connect or I get the 3-way. This used to work. Is there a setting that changes this? I just upgraded to the latest version of x6. I even went back to an older plan which I had previously done and the same thing happens on a connection that was already there. Anyone else having this issue? It also happens on the exhaust fan light combo. Steve Chief 4-X6 Asus i74770 3.4 32gb Win8 Nvidia GeForce GTX760