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  1. Im doing a demo with the "ArcSite" software today. Its seems to be the closet to what Im looking for so I will check it out and let you all know where I land. Thanks for the input
  2. I don’t remember having this issue in the past. When I move the upper wall cabinet to the ceiling, the crown molding goes through the drywall. I know I can set the height of the cabinet but is there a way the crown can just snap to the drywall surface when I move it up?
  3. This is a nice program and you can set wall thicknesses. But I need to learn more about it and it can be exspensive but it is what Im looking for. I only want to do a floor plan and put wondows and doors in it and be able to make notes. I want something I can draw on my "Ipad pro 11" and then transfer the line drawing to Chief. Even if I can transfer it that would be ok. I just dont want to take my computer out to the site and I dont care about blutooth measuring devises. https://www.arcsite.com/
  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could download Chief to IPad
  5. Those are all good ways to do it. I also found that adding 10% to the square footage gives me an appropriate number for waste.
  6. I don’t care so much about 3D. I just want something to do asbuilt floor plans in the field. I like clean lines and easy to read.
  7. I’m looking for a floor plan app for my iPad that will work best with transferring to Chief Architect. I found Sketchup but noticed there are lots of other apps. Wold like to get other thoughts and opinions. any help would be appreciated.
  8. Or you can select not to include the newel post and make your own and put them in werever you want.
  9. You guys are awesome, thank you!!!
  10. Hello and Happy New Year! I have always just worked around this problem in the past and I would like to figure it out once and for all. When I connect a glass wall to another wall it wipes out the drywall and exsposes the wood stud. Im sure there is a simple fix for this but Im just a little to dumb to figure it out. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. I can attach the plan if needed but I would think this shold be a problem to fix.
  11. Thank You! I had that and other settings that somehow got messed up. Its all resoved now.
  12. Im not sure what I did wrong but my rows in my note schedule are to big. Not sure how to get them adjusted back to normal. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thank you, Definitely have more control over the frame work that way.
  14. I added this problem to the suggestions.