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  1. I definatley ask more questions then answer so Im very thank full also! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
  2. How can i transfer my project on my laptop to my ipad? I have chief architect Designer Pro 2022

  3. I was trying to go into the deck room and turn on moulding and use the verticall and horizontal setting for the base molding to put a molding on the outside. I gave up becasue I ran out of time for now but was intrestead to see if that works. I might mess with it later when I have more time. For now I will add a joist. Thank You Guy's
  4. Thats the mistake I was making. I was trying to change the foundation from a room on the first level and I needed to be on the foundation leve and then it worked great.
  5. I was looking through the room and deck specification dialog box and did not see a place where I can add a fascia board around the perimeter. I know that I can make one manually but was wondering if I’m missing something simple to have it added automatically. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. SIDE NOTE: It would be nice if we had Audo Fill defaults. Unless we do and I just dont know how it works.
  7. Make a mark (cad line) on the sheet so that it will show up in your index. Then when you go to print you just specify the sheets you want to print.
  8. Thank you sir! I really appreciate that. Not sure why I didnt think of that.
  9. Im having trouble getting the deck planks to display on the deck next to the pool. Plan is attached. Any help would be appreciated. Im sure its something simple that Im over looking but now I'm just getting frustrated. The decking should all be grey Deck.zip
  10. Thank you Michael, I will exsplore that a little later today. Sounds like something I need to get familiar with anyway.
  11. I really like that framing over lay with the shoe adjustment!
  12. Can this video be downloaded? It keeps buffering and its very frustrating to sit and wait for it.
  13. I think I will be patient and wait. Im sure they will send me an email before it exspires. Thank You
  14. My SSA expires Jun 5, 2022. I tried to renew it but it doesnt give me the option. Is it to early?