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  1. got it. I had to uncheck the schedule .thank you for your help
  2. thank you Joey. For some reason it is display the door number which I had assigned from the schedule
  3. similar, but I want the door size displayed there. eg. 32"x80"
  4. is it possible to display the door size beside the door panel in the plan with a macro?
  5. Thanks Eric, this one worked. Previous one was return with 'zero' result Thanks again for your quick response as usual.
  6. Yes, My calculation would be height x width convert to sq.ft x 0.9 (for frame size) should be the glass area.
  7. Is there a macro ruby command that I can add to my window schedule to calculate the glazing area of a window
  8. Could someone help me out to add a custom column heading to a schedule so that I can add some text to that schedule?
  9. Hi Joey, thank you for your reply. What does the wall have to do floor above? The hole is cutting through the floor slab
  10. I am trying to cut a hole in the ceiling for a basement window as shown in the attached picture. But when I cut hole in the ceiling, it is cutting through the floor slab above as well. Could the experts give me a clue how to achieve it.?
  11. Thank you all. As usual I was doing wrong instead of the text i was using box and adding macro to it. that's why it was not giving me the result. Once again thank you.