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  1. Even my partition walls on the 1st floor are not giving me any problems for the moment.
  2. I guess nevermind, for some strange reason it seemed to work for me this time. I'm not sure what I did different (except for it not being 11 o'clock at night) but it appears for now I'm getting the result I want. But the day is not over yet.
  3. These 3 pictures show the area of the full barn where the studio is going to be placed, the studio placed in the partial barn using the shelf ceiling option, and finally the bizarreness I'm getting when attempting to add the mezzanine using the 2nd floor option. It seems to be attempting to add a ghost floor in between my 1st and 2nd floor.
  4. This is the customer approved plan I'm working towards.
  5. This 3D view is showing how I've laid out my plan, Tan Pole Barn is the existing original, 1st Blue barn is the addition the customer is adding which I've already fleshed out with the foundation and most of the framing (except around doors and windows). I don't have the old and new tied together because of previous problems of walls and gable ends making strange extensions and disappearing act when I attempted to do so, I'm just going to stitch together plan and elevation views within the layout to get the results I want. 3rd partial blue barn is just a partial copy to place and layout the interior studio, and that's the one where I'm getting the problems. I'm not going to have the studio shown in my main barn addition layout to keep the barn structure construction separate from the studio buildout.
  6. I'm running into difficulty creating a studio apartment with a mezzanine storage area above that is to placed at one end of a pole barn. I've tried using the shelf ceiling feature in the room structure dialogue that kinda gets me there but for me to make a deck above I right now have to create one manually using a shape and then specify it's material for a subfloor. I also have problems when I create partition walls in the studio area the program creates errant attic walls automatically in the attic area above which is not acceptable. I've also tried making a second story above the studio area and when I do I start getting drywall up to the barn roof that I don't want either.
  7. I think I understand, I see where you can adjust the vertical and horizontal offset in the material definition, and yes it appears to be a pain in the butt. I think I've done it before adjusting grids for lay-in ceilings. not fun.
  8. I'm referring to I guess what would be the hatch of the wall that's seen in in Elevations not the position of the wall itself. Seems like it's just predetermined from some zero point that I haven't been able to figure out or find instruction how to manipulate. I guess it'd be like having a framing reference for the hatch, or if this was autocad being able to pick a zero point for a user coordinate system. But I figure I'd need a zero point for each elevation, and specifically for the block hatch itself. Just to make the block look proper and not look a quarter or so block off in both Vertical and Horizontal
  9. Can the Start Point for running Bond Block be adjusted for correct positioning in Elevations and Section Views?
  10. I know this is kind of an odd question but I have a reason for it. I'd like to indicate an interior door as an exterior door so as to be shown and tabulated on my door schedule as such. I know that Chief automatically determines Interior or exterior by where the door is placed and although I've attempted to find some way to override and force the door to be shown as an exterior door I haven't been able to do so. I don't want to change my door schedule to a text entity as a means to an end because I don't want to loose the door schedule's associativity and automatic updating with the plan. The reason for me wanting to do this is because the door is on a wall between an unheated garage and the basement and I am using that same wall as my insulation barrier in rescheck energy calculations so the interior door is going to be insulated and will also then be identical to another exterior door located elsewhere. Being able to designate the interior door as exterior I can then have a qty 2 shown for two identical doors.
  11. Thanks solver, removing that wayward break in the roof plane got rid of my soffit problem. As for the outside walls where I needed siding I just went with adding faces rather than changing wall types because of the annoyance of siding getting inside the house envelope (but I guess I get drywall where I don't want it as well - unless I mess with the wall type). I like how the dormers only take the siding walls down to the roof plane - was trying to see if I could accomplish the same using regular walls in the other areas and just changing wall options but didn't see a magic button anywhere to do that. Now in the one dormer where I added drywall walls below the siding walls of the dormer that are above the roof plane I got the interior at least to look right on the inside of the room but I had wall connection issues whereby the small unfinished attic spaces would still highlight with the rest of the room and I couldn't specify them as attic space - but... close enough! Kbird, I'm sure my main problem in the one area I am missing part of the wall is the fact I didn't draw a wall there. I really didn't get that far into the house to really know how that room looks (bathroom with what I believe is another sloped ceiling over the tub) and it's so far not in the scope of my project so I am fine with just skinning the outside with a face showing siding for now. I do have another question on locating faces and solids depth wise. When I create them in a view they can sometimes end up far beyond the area that I attempt to create them and I have to switch to a view 90 degrees from the one I was in and then find it to wrangle the thing back to actual spot I want it. Am I missing a step to precisely locate them when I make these things?
  12. I have a couple issues regarding the attached plan that I'm hoping someone can direct me in the best approach to solve. I have several locations where my roof planes overlap that I am not getting my exterior siding along with the area shown in the picture where I have a bit of missing wall as well. I already took care of one area by being able to place a straightforward dormer but the balance I thought was either a bit to cut up to try or not an area I'd really consider a dormer (not sure how well it would work). I can fix a couple of spots by just adding a face skinned with the exterior siding but in the area shown by the picture I included shows my missing wall that I mentioned before. I also have circled an anomaly caused by where I have the corresponding roof baseline located that I'm not sure how to solve either. Also, note that the plan is being drawn as the way the home exists at this time but I will be adding an addition to the front gable end to extend it out by 20 feet or so. My next question is regarding setting up roofs for rafters/trusses which I can select in the default roof settings for the plan. This house is mostly rafters but the front gable end is no doubt a scissors truss with 3/12 cathedral ceiling which I plan to continue into the new addition. Just not seeing where I can select trusses for individual roof planes. 1520 Pettibone Alt01.plan
  13. Thanks Alaskan, checking "use layout line scaling" on each corresponding layout box fixed my problem, but my "Drawing Sheet Setup" is correct and I haven't changed it. I'm sure it has to do with me changing my scale when sending a plot plan to layout view several days ago and now that scale is always defaulting to what I previously selected. (1/4" = 8Ft) rather the 1/4"=1ft that I am using for these floor plans. Don't have a clue why it's still defaulting to that odd scale when I know I've sent several views to layout using the correct scale. Now I know several slipped by and ended up on the sheet at the 1/4" = 8ft and I had to rescale them but I don't know if these are the only ones that caused me problems or if it's more global. I think it was all plan views had problems and none of my elevations (which also default to the odd scale) did. My Elevations are giving other problems tho' which I mentioned in my other post, namely dimensions shifting that are part of the elevation view as well as grade lines shifting that were overlaid on the sheet's layout box (when printing to a pdf file).