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  1. Many of the recent CA training videos say that a plan file will be placed on Chief Talk after the video. However, I have not been able to locate where I can find those plan files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, --John Cunningham Quincy, CA Using CA Premier X12
  2. When I place trapezoid windows in the upper portion of a balloon framed gable wall which has windows and doors in the lower portion of the wall, they show on the wall floor plan and block out portions of the wall. I have tried placing the windows on a separate layer and not displaying that level on the floor plan, but that does not solve the problem. I have tried using the window vertical stacking option, but again no help. I tried to attach the plan file, but get a note telling me the file is too big, even after zipping it. Any help you all could provide would be much appreciated.
  3. I do not know of any Code section in either the International Residential Code or the International Plumbing Code that would prohibit placing a toilet and/ or sink in the bedroom. FYI: I am a retired California county Building Official. — John Cunningham
  4. Gene, I use Zoom Video Conferencing. Works great, is free and allows me to share my screen with my clients. We review the drawings and make changes "on-the-fly". So much easier and productive than trying to coordinate face to face meetings. --John Cunningham
  5. Had this same problem when first upgrading to X11. Updated video card driver and solved problem.
  6. I know this questions has been asked and answered previously on this site, but I have searched this site, the user manual, and CA videos to no avail. So I apologize for having to ask again. I need to change the ceiling heights of all the room on a floor level. I have gone to the Floor Defaults tool and resent that, but it does not change anything. So, is there a way to change all ceiling heights on a specific floor? Thank you, --John Cunningham X10 Alienware 15 R2
  7. Alan, Thank you for your advice, much appreciated. I have not been making use of annotation sets, but will now. Thank You
  8. Yes, I was not using Plan Views properly. Thank you for all your help, much appreciated.
  9. Chop & justmejerry, Greatly appreciate your taking the time to reply. I think my problem is with Plan Views, will check it out and see. Thank you!
  10. Thanks Chopsaw - "Make Copy of Active Layer Set" is not checked in the Send to Layout DBX. I don't understand how, and if I need to, give an independent name. I just change layer sets to the view I want and Send to Layout with Make Copy of Active Layer Set not checked. If I understand your response correctly, that should work. Yes?
  11. Greetings, I am a fairly new user and have run into a problem creating my layout file, would greatly appreciate any help you can offer. I have watched the videos and read through the Reference Manual, but still cannot figure it out. From the plan file with the floor plan layer set displayed, I send it to page 1 of layout, all good. Next, with the framing roof layer set displayed I send it to page 2 of the layout. The roof layer set is now displayed on page 2, but page 1 of the layout has now replaced the floor plan layer set with the roof layer set. Every time I send another plan layer set to layout, all layout pages change to display only the most recently sent plan layer set. I am at my wit's end, any help would be so appreciated. Thank you, John Cunningham X10 McKeown, Colleen & Joe - McKoewn, Colleen & Joe - Prelim V2- HELP.layout
  12. Sal, That did it. Thank you so much! I would have never found that one. Curious to know how you figured that out. Thanks again, --John Cunningham