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  1. We are not aware an issue where the software doesn't run on the Macbook pro. We are aware on a issue where the rendering on some MacBook pros is not functioning correctly, and we are attempting to see if we can resolve it. Is this the issue you are having? If not please contact our support team.
  2. Are any of you still able to produce the "white out" issue in the latest 20.1 update? We were able to reproduce and resolve in the update at least one case of this occurring in the Beta based on a report sent in by a user.
  3. David, Creating a General Material with a low roughness and a higher specular value should give you a very reflective surface in 20.1. Altering the roughness and specular values should give you the control needed to get results similar if not the same as X9. Have you been able to test this out? If you are still getting undesirable results in this area please submit a plan to tech support so we can look into the issue further. Thanks
  4. See attached image. Make sure use backdrop is checked for the rendering technique you're using.
  5. PBR will not function in any way if you turn off Global Illumination. Has Mick mentioned this should never be toggled unless you are troubleshooting an issue with technical support. I would also suggest you uncheck texture compression, leaving this checked will cause 3D views to take longer to generate. If you are still having issue after doing this I would suggest contacting our Tech Support team and troubleshooting the issue further with them.
  6. We are aware of an issue that is occurring on older (7-10 year old) ATI cards that causes the ambient occlusion to generate incorrectly as shown in the original images. We are looking into seeing what we can do to resolve this. For now the best workaround as you have already discovered is to turn off the Ambient Occlusion on these cards.
  7. We have recently seen quite a few cases of this issue occurring across all versions of Chief old and new. In all cases so far the only common thread is that all of the users have been running Mcafee virus scan on their systems. We have been working to try to contact Mcafee and reproduce the issue so they can get it resolved. So far however we have not been able to reproduce the problem internally so if you are having this issue please contact our support team with any and all information you can recall on how you reproduced the issue. The support team will also gather some additional system data from you that will be helpful to us when trying to resolve the problem. Thanks
  8. We have been able to reproduce the issue when using the Windows menu to change between tabs and we are looking into it. For now I would suggest clicking the tabs to activate them. Thanks
  9. Perry, What browser and browser version are you using? We have been able to reproduce the issue in the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser. Could not reproduce the issue in the latest versions of any of the other common browsers though. Thanks.
  10. For anyone reading this we strongly advise you do not do this. This will not actually resolve the issue although it may prevent the error. You will not get the features of the X9 ray tracer, you will be using the old X8 technology. This is however a good troubleshooting step that may help us try and track down why this issue is occurring on some machines. The actual problem is likely related to the error message posted in the prior post. We are looking into the issue.
  11. Both of these are false. Bloom will have no effect on the what you are seeing. The blurry lines Perry refers are only an issue on live views on a layout page so that would not be the problem here. I am pretty sure you are referring to the ambient occlusion as Chopsaw mentioned. Another thing you might want to try is to check the 'Edge Smoothing when Idle" in the activate camera specification dialog. This will smooth out and sharpen all the edges once the camera stops moving.
  12. We have just added embed code to our Sharing tool in the management interface for both the 360 panorama and 3D Viewer. To use it just click Make Public, click the Share button, then click on the Embed tab to see the code you will need to copy and paste into your website. You will also see there is an option for ChiefTalk. Just paste that link into your post and the viewer will automatically be loaded.
  13. To anybody reading this do not ever do this! It will not in any way improve performance, it will in almost all cases make Chief slower. These preferences are only for troubleshooting purposes to help us try and track down what may be the cause of user rendering related issues. If toggling any these checkboxes out of their default state fixes a problem we would want to know about so we can fix the root cause.
  14. The staff link is only for the ChiefTalk staff/admins. Not all Chief employees want to be listed here or will be. The reasoning per the developers of the forum software for the member list being removed is that this was not a common feature on any common online social community(facebook,twitter..etc do not have list of members) and a use case could not be provided to the developers of the software for why it was needed when search was available. Were you really ever scrolling through pages and pages of members looking for one specific member?
  15. Looks like the member list was removed from the new version. You can go here for something very similar or just use the member search tool
  16. We have so far not been able to reproduce any of these issues. We did however research the issue and discovered a flaw that we believed could have caused this problem. A fix was put in for that problem late last week. If you are still seeing this problem could any of you please describe in detail what exactly is happening? For example how much time is passing from when you start to post to when you click post. What browser are you using? Do you see any errors when you attempt to post? The issue above will definitely cause the described problem. If you are logging in and out of your Chief Architect account in different browser tabs while you are attempting to post it is almost guaranteed that a problem will occur. I would suggest that if you have altered your login state while ChiefTalk was open that you refresh the ChiefTalk page prior to attempting to post as this should make sure you are correctly logged in to the site. Thanks
  17. Steve, We have seen this in the past, I think in X7 but are not aware of any issues currently in X8. Previously certain changes to render settings would cause this on certain machines. I have not been able to reproduce the issue on any of our test machines when making the those changes in X8. Could you either post or contact support with the following information: In Edit>Preferences send screenshots of the Render panel and the Video Card Status panel. This information should help us troubleshoot this further. Thanks.
  18. The roof overhang is not a new feature and has been in the program for many many versions. The only thing addressed in this update was some lost functionality in X8 where you could not display the overhang area layer separately from the roof plane layer, which you could do in X7 and prior.
  19. We were able to reproduce the issue when copying and pasting schedules. We are looking into a fix for the problem.
  20. Rob, Sorry you are having trouble getting your discrete graphics card to be recognized. I wish that they would make switchable graphics more user friendly. I have had the same issues getting laptops setup internally for testing and the solutions are never consistent nor do they make sense in a lot of cases. One thing I found is a good starting point is to make sure you have a clean install of the current drivers and software for both the integrated intel chipset and the Nvidia graphics card. Both graphics drivers need to be current in a lot of cases before the graphics switching is enabled. Regardless Chief should not be locking up when you are using the Intel chipset. Could you either post or send to tech support the information on what intel chipset you are using? Also please include what driver version your intel chipset is currently using. Thanks
  21. This is because Chief is trying to change file association on each launch. ------------------ In X7 and X8 Go to Edit>Preferences and on the Reset Options panel click Reset Message Boxes. Close and Relaunch Chief. When the question appears asking if you want to associate files do anything except for choosing Yes and checking the remember my choice button. ------------------ Choosing Yes and Remember my choice makes Chief try and set file association on every launch. This requires admin rights which is why you see the user account control message.
  22. During the public Beta phase, if you were not a member of the private Beta you can contact Technical Support via the Online Support Center to report any issues you may be having.
  23. Thanks Steve, I have been able to reproduce the issue. We will look into seeing what we can do to resolve this.
  24. Steve, Could you submit your plan and layout files to us via the Online Support Center so we can try and reproduce the issue? It is possible the issue with the descrepancy in the print dialog is related to something specific in your plan. We currently do not have a feature that gives the user the ability to specify certain aspects of a printout to be in color and others not be. We did fix a bug in the 17.2 update where some plans would print in color even when Print in color was not checked or vice versa. This fix likely resulted in the change you are seeing. Thanks
  25. Steve, I have not been able to reproduce this. Could you give me a little bit more information about what you are trying to accomplish? I don't quite understand what you mean by: Choosing print in color should always print everything in color. In your before image it looks like everything is being printed in color. One thing you can try to see if it resolves the issue is to go to File>Print>Clear Printer Info, then try printing again. Thanks