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  1. VHampton

    2nd Side Monitor for iMac

    So it seems that every Mac has a display control for each monitor. Laptops or desktops both have the same interface for the displays. You can decide to "rotate" the view on the second one if you like - and it should be that easy. Although I didn't want to experiment on mine... according to on-line comments - it can be done!
  2. VHampton

    2nd Side Monitor for iMac

    Macs typically have an HDMI port to add a secondary screen. You can plug almost anything in - including an old flat screen TV. Dual screens is such a great way to work whether it be a PC or Mac... I won't promote any brands here, but there's a company that rhymes with bell - and they make a really good monitor for the price. https://www.macworld.com/article/3532366/add-a-second-display-to-your-mac.html
  3. Hey Brian, If your plan file had a name, it should surely have been saved. I posted a map on how to find the archived plan. Once you open a saved version, you can rename it to the original, even if it may have lost s few hours of work depending on how much was done before the "save" took place. And per Ryan... on a Mac, you should be able to look at the top right of your screen for "Time machine". It looks like a clock with a backwards arrow. Assuming you have a back up disk, or a place on your drive where the computer is doing it's back-up, just go back to the day that you deleted the file. It should still be there alive and well. Hope this helps.
  4. VHampton

    Hatching not shown when printed

    I've seen this before when the fill is transparent. The pdf won't always show the desire infill unless the transparency is set to zero. Don't ask me why, but I'd like to know more about this myself. BTW... Welcome. And if you have a moment to add a signature w/ your version, and computer spec.s, that can be a help for folks to getting a better insight on what might be causing the situation.
  5. VHampton


    Couldn't agree more. Alaskan is the man. Much respect.
  6. VHampton

    Help with a second floor (X12)

    Mike... You can also add a parapet to a flat roof by using a gutter. Ideally the roof wants to come out to the edge of the outer wall. This walls on that particular floor in check so to speak. Make a square stock gutter. Say 2" x 6" In the gutter options Set the y axis plus 2" and the x axis to minus 6". The gutter sits flush with the EPDM, and is inset, just as you would have in a real world condition. Then the material gets colorized black to match the roof.
  7. VHampton

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    Interestingly, Layout lag time seems like a common issue. When you do an update of all plot line views for example, the layout sheets take seem to take forever to scroll through. Often times, I have to shut the program down and somehow this refreshes the memory when it reopens. Turning off the undo feature works best for speeding up things in plan views and 3d, not necessarily layout. But back to layout speed... any camera views sent to layout as images (as opposed to plot lines), have a way of increasing the size of the layout exponentially. Try to avoid "live" camera views in layout altogether. It can be helpful to save the live view away from the layout borders - and just keep an image capture of that particular camera to help minimize. PDF files in the range of 50 to 70 mbs are often the result when you print a project with lots of live cameras in the viewports - and they can take an incredibly long time to spool through the pdf printer.
  8. VHampton

    Fast PC, Slow Chief Architect - Why???

    Sometimes the plan file gets severely bogged down because of the undo/redo option. As an experiment, go to preferences and turn it off altogether. That always results in a huge speed boost. If that turns out to be the cause, then try setting it to only a couple of moves. As Alan pointed out, notes can also be known to bog a plan down. Back in the earlier versions V7, V8 and V9... they always recommended to keep notes to your layout sheets or CAD details. Never on plan views if you could possibly limit that. Not so certain that it would matter in this day and age though. 15-20 years ago, you'd be lucky if you could find a computer with 1 Gb of memory. Changing the undo/redo setting will make the difference no matter what.
  9. VHampton

    screen capture odd shape

    My pleasure.
  10. VHampton

    screen capture odd shape

    X-11... This was again made using poly line solids... But with a cut-out for each piece, so that the rug reads as one. The 8 foot section was created first. Then it gets a poly line solid "hole" for the middle section. The middle section gets slid into position... and likewise, it gets a cut-out for the center. The center section goes into place... and voila. (3) pieces all at the same height. No shadows lines. Round carpet.plan Round Carpet .3ds
  11. VHampton

    screen capture odd shape

    That's correct... and part of why it only took about a minute to "stack" everything. Anyway ...Just opened X-11. Takes 2 minutes to re-do, and using your suggestion. The right way. ...BTW very impressive renders on your site. Are all of them done using Chief? or is there a hint of Lumion as part of the rendering process?
  12. VHampton

    screen capture odd shape

    My pleasure. Here's the plan so you can see how it works. Hopefully you're using X-12. Carpet plan .plan
  13. VHampton

    screen capture odd shape

    A quick way to do this is with the Poly-line solid method. It won't be perfect since each texture gets layered over the next... and you may see an 1/8th inch thick build-up. But it's good enough to fake in a 3d camera view. Attached is a 3ds symbol which should get you going! BTW... this was done really quickly. In case you want something to match more closely, I can resend. Best, Val Round Rug .3ds
  14. VHampton

    Where can I find a slipper style tub with no feet?

    Excellent. The 3D Warehouse has some excellent resources. It's not exact, but close enough... If you scrunch the height down to about 27" it takes on a similar proportion to your reference image. Too bad the the "scoop" is a bit more exaggerated though. Otherwise it's a near match.
  15. VHampton

    Where can I find a slipper style tub with no feet?

    This one can be stretched either vertically or lengthwise to come close to the look you are after... Amalfi.skp