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  1. VHampton

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Agreed Larry. This should have been bumped over to another thread. At least the signature police haven't shown up!
  2. VHampton

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Hi Eric, So yes, you're absolutely correct. BTW... no arguing whatsoever. ") The are indeed insert page up and page down commands in X-12. For either placing a new blank page before or after. But in X11 the one arrow was all you needed to tap, and presto, the blank new appeared. In X-12 however, the page gets inserted, but then you have toggle back down or up to get to the new blank. Again, not a big deal, but the single insert tool to spawn a new page was handier since it involved one step, not two.
  3. VHampton

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Hi Eric, Please see the comparison. The insert page tool is no longer available in X 12. You have to insert "page before" or "page after". Then after the page jumps, you have to go back to the newly created blank page. Not a big deal, but that's what's missing...
  4. VHampton

    Copy and Paste in Place X12

    Copy and paste in place is very helpful. It's easy enough to learn the new method, but still, it was a surprise to see that taken off of the toolbar. Not to digress, ....One thing I miss is the layout page tool, where you could insert a new blank page. Now you either toggle up or toggle down for a new page insert.
  5. VHampton

    Human figures?

    Hi again creatrix, I was going to post this in your PM box, but it won't allow file uploads there. The people are appearing as a "poly-line solids" in plan view since they are only one inch thick.
  6. VHampton

    Human figures?

    This should hold you over.... https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/search/?q=2d silhouettes&hl=en
  7. VHampton

    Human figures?

    So... those are actually 2D figurines only. They’ll only show up in a camera view. That’s the difference between a silhouette and a cad person, and that’s why you won’t see a thing unless they happened to be inserted to a 2D elevation.
  8. VHampton

    Human figures?

    Type in "people" in the Library search. The silhouettes can be used as 2d or 3d. Here is one of a man drinking, probably the architect.
  9. VHampton

    Angled bottom on bay windows.. how to?

    I just watched through the video Michael. That's a huge help for anyone new to the program. Excellent tutorial! Just noticed your YouTube Channel as well.. The folks at CA should be paying you for your service to the community! ...I haven't been on the forums for a little while. I only stop by once a year when a new release comes out. It's helpful to see what new features are available, and to keep an eye out for the typical bugs in the beta versions. That said, the new release is proving to be very stable. In any event, awesome job! It's folks like you who are an added benefit to what might possibly be considered the best drawing program in the industry. All the best, Val
  10. VHampton

    Angled bottom on bay windows.. how to?

    Excellent point. When stuff like this happens, the unwanted object can be typically placed on it's own layer, and get turned off for interior camera views. This was just a quick two step process for modeling the shapes. To your point, the roof option definitely has merit. ...The best answer in most case scenarios is to ask yourself how would one build this in the field, and then just use the tools to make it work. In this case, a reverse sloped roof with no ridge caps is the winner, and it would avoid having to play hide and seek (with the bay window molding) when taking interior views. Thanks for pointing this out!! The OP might have wondered what was happening inside the house.
  11. VHampton

    Angled bottom on bay windows.. how to?

    Bay window.plan.zip
  12. VHampton

    Angled bottom on bay windows.. how to?

    Bingo. Draw the shape you want in a cross section, and add it to the Library as a molding. Go back to the plan view and trace the bay with a line - convert to the new molding type, and it should be fairly close to the desired look. You may have to adjust the vertical axis a bit, bit this is by far the fastest way to illustrate it.
  13. VHampton

    Furring strips or studs?

    Make a new wall type. Take a 6" interior and copy it. Change the width to something like 1-1/2", and call it Interior 2 or Furring wall. When they frame the room in the field, the cabinet wall will be viewed more like a component of the millwork, not necessarily part of the structure.
  14. VHampton

    Render Camera Running Super Slow

    It could be a number of things... Try turning off undo-redo under your preferences. It's it's set to anything over 3 or 4, that could be why there's a lag. If your machine starts working at lightning speed again with the Un-do re-do off, then you'll know why. It's a memory issue, and nothing to be too concerned about. Secondly, as mentioned, if you've got a new object in the plan with multiple surfaces, that can really bog down the program. Be careful what you import, especially from the 3d warehouse. They have tons of great models, but if they get into the 10 MB range, take a look and find something with a count thats under 1M.
  15. VHampton

    X12 Crash and Windows FTH Warnings?

    Could be an issue with the sketch-up file which is know to have glitches from time to time. Not every import for the warehouse will make it through the import process, and when it does go wrong, it will freeze up your Chief program. Test the import process out with another .skp file and you'll know if it's just that one bad file in particular. Also.. regarding the FTH warning, you can turn that off... this may help: https://discourse.paraview.org/t/potential-ms-windows-10-performance-hit-due-to-fth/405