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  1. Wondering if there is anyone out there that would be interested in taking our finalized designs and creating construction documents. Happy to discuss flat rate or hourly. Thanks in advance.
  2. This was what I was missing. Thanks!
  3. Yes, like that. But then build a second roof on that wall and keep the roof underneath.
  4. I have a project I am currently working on that involves over framing a new gable roof on top of an existing shed roof. The idea is to not have to remove the shed roof so as to not make a mess of the interior. Basically we would like to frame some angled knee walls on the shed gables, then frame a new roof on those walls. Is there a way to model this in Chief? Thanks!
  5. After latest update whenever i try and export a PBR to a JPEG i get a black image. Tried old and new plans. Any advice?
  6. Fixed it with the help here so nothing to post. Next time I will definitely post the plan though. Didn't realize you could do that and people would help you out.
  7. This was the problem, found a auto generated wall in the way. I think my problem stemmed from the fact that I was trying to use a modeling had done for just the kitchen renovation we had already started. Basically working from the inside out. I think I did some funny things with the walls on the interior. Thanks for all of your help. Lots and lots to learn!
  8. BTW, I am attempting to model and existing home so that I can then add a master bath addition over top of area and enclose the porch.
  9. Ok, so I was able to get the wall back by moving the porch roof around, and clue as to why the shadow boards get cut short of the corner now
  10. Thanks for the is X9. I will modify my profile. Looking forward to learning this! Some of the things you guys model are amazing!
  11. No matter what I try here as soon as I build a roof plane the wall changes and looks like it has no siding. Image attached Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Pretty new to this program.