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  1. Is the X11 software still for sale? Would you consider US$1200

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      You can email me at

  2. Thanks Larry and Javatom for your feedback. The apartment ceiling is not that tall. It's only 2.6 metres high and the client wanted storage all the way up to the ceiling. Yes, I will take note of the counter space around the range in future designs. I'm very happy to know you like the renders. It is something I have been practising for a long time. It is great to know experts like you in this design industry think I got the renders done nicely. Eric
  3. Hi all, Here is a recent kitchen design for a beach front apartment. Original kitchen design is by an external kitchen company and I modelled the kitchen using CA Premier X9. I also did the rendering and styling of the kitchen and living room. I look forward to feedback from members PS. I tried uploading these images as an album in Members Gallery but for unknown reasons there appears to be an issue with the upload. Thanks Eric (Cabinet Story)
  4. Hi, Did you turn on photon mapping in your Ray Trace? Turning it on helps to brighten up the ceiling.
  5. Thanks Graham. I misunderstood your original message on the lights. Ok. I will change and see how the scene looks like.
  6. Hi Graham and Rene Thanks for your inputs. I tried running for over 100 passes and the speckles cleared up a bit more but they were still there. The settings were used with "Compute Caustics" and "Photon Mapping" Removing the recessed lights in the living room made no difference in the reduction of speckles. Unchecking "Compute Caustics" didn't reduce the white speckles either. Thanks, Eric
  7. Hi, Can anyone please help me here? I have been reading the forum on ray trace topics especially on glass materials and there are a few articles on recommended settings for glass materials in ray trace. I have also watched the ray trace training videos too. There have been suggestions in the past forum to overcome glass materials issues for ray trace. Generally they are: 1) change the glass to General Material and increase transparency to 50-70% and increase emissivity a bit 2) use the Crown Glass with refraction index 1.52 and select "compute caustics" and "use photon mapping" 3) use transparent material for glass material and tweak the refraction index I have tried all the above three methods and spent countless hours but I still ended up white speckles. Worse still, the light bulb in the glass pendant lights looked distorted due to the refraction index of crown glass. In the attached ray trace image, I have placed 3 pendant lights. For this ray trace image, I opted to use Crown Glass with refraction index 1.52 and select "compute caustics" and "use photon mapping" The furthest globe pendant light is turned OFF, with the middle one turned ON, and the one closest to the camera is ON. All pendants have speckles and this image was run for 10 passes. The light bulb in the glass ball pendant lights are distorted in the first and third. How do I ensure the light bulb inside the glass ball pendant light is not distorted AND getting rid of the white speckles? I don't believe running more than 10 passes, say 100 passes will eliminate the white speckles. Anyone has any ideas? This is frustrating for me because it means I have to refrain using glass materials for ray trace and this is just not possible especially when doing bathroom designs with glass shower screens. Thanks, Eric
  8. Hi Mark and Gene, The other solution I can think of is to import the fixture door into Sketchup as a collada object and then modify it in Sketchup. After that then import back into Chief architect. I will give it a go and keep you guys posted. Thanks, Eric
  9. Hi Mark, Thanks for taking the time to look at my query. No problem but I thought I will try seeking advice from the forum group if there is an alternative method. Cheers, Eric
  10. Hi all, I have encountered a problem in X9 Premier for a selected manufacturer - Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens -> Door Styles -> Perma - Tek Door Styles -> Key Largo - Key Largo Door I selected this particular door style (consists of vertical panels) for my cabinet drawers/doors and because I have various widths for my base cabinets, the distance between each vertical panel varies depending on the width of the base cabinet. See the word document for my explanation. How can I make the distance between each vertical panel consistent? Thanks Eric Kitchen base cabinet door.docx
  11. Thanks Jintu. I have done this in my previous attempts. Made little difference.
  12. Hi all, Thanks for chipping in and offered various options and suggestions. I really appreciate it. I have installed the latest version of X9 (previously mine was X9 beta) and the issue still persists. I even created a small room with basic features and have this plan created in X8 and opened in X9. Lines still blurry. I have escalated this issue to support team. I'm surprised no one has this issue because I have both Macbook 15" and iMac 27" 2013 model with 4GB graphic card and both devices displayed similar issues. I know there are users here who have iMac 27" 2013 in this forum. I have attached the screen shot of this small room. For those who are interested, you can see what I mean by blurry lines. Difference between X8 and X9.docx
  13. Hi Dermot, I have already tried all the options you suggested above - even before you posted your response here. I really appreciate it. But none of these options have worked. I'm having this issue of X9 on my Macbook 15" and iMAC 27". My iMAC 27" has a 4GB separate video card and is still having this blurry line issue. I have already provided my backup plan to the technical support team and log files etc. I hope this gets resolved soon. It's very frustrating for me. Thanks, Eric
  14. Hi again, I have tried editing the active camera by playing with the settings of 'Ambient Occlusion' but the lines are still blurry. Do you have this problem? Thanks, Eric
  15. Hi everyone, I have just recently upgraded from X8 Premier to X9 Premier. I have a couple of designs I created in X8 and when I opened them in X9, when I view them in Standard View (3D -> Rendering Techniques -> Standard), all the lines in the view are blurred. I thought my plan files were corrupted so I opened them in X8 in Standard View (3D -> Rendering Techniques -> Standard), everything look normal. I have raised a SSA support desk call questioning if there is a software bug in X9. They didn't answer me directly but asked what options did I select (3D -> Camera View Options) I tried playing around by selecting various combinations such as Toggle Textures, Toggle Reflections, Toggle Shadows etc. They still made NO improvement. This is bad news as I'm about to start designing kitchen and bathroom for a client this week. I'm inclined to use X8 instead of X9. I have attached screen shots to show the difference in X8 and X9. Does anyone have this problem? I'm using iMac 27" 4GB Nvidia graphic card and Macbook 15". This X9 issue exists in both of my computers. Can anyone help? Thanks, Eric Chief Architect Premier X8 – Standard View vs X9.docx