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  1. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Also think about the extra excavation needed to set up footing and wall forms - concrete contractor will need room on both sides to work. Trench footing eliminates that.
  2. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Comes down to labor really- if your excavator cuts the trench clean and you can run 1 form on the permimiter it sets up pretty quick. Also you need to decide of you need the stemwall standing tall off the slab on the interior or if the framed wall can sit right on the slab.
  3. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Also you may want to verify if L hooks will required from footing into slab
  4. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Must be talking about 4" mono slab and 24" thickened perimiter footing. No reason to pour entire slab at 24" deep.
  5. looks like Print2cad 2020 is about 240.00 There is a free download here-https://print2cad.en.softonic.com/ Looks like it is Print2cad 2015
  6. Came in smooth -thanks Mark What did you use to convert to DWG
  7. Thanks Mark- still running X10 however
  8. Used Online converter and imported PNG- had to resize the image but appears we are on the right track. will follow up with results thanks as always
  9. Attached- doesn't even appear to be a large file 299kb A203 DIMENSION PLAN.pdf
  10. I dis a search but did not find what I was looking for so here goes- I often have to import a floor plan pdf into CA and then add text or symbols for elec- mech - plumbing - etc... The PDF file slows down the maneuvering significantly. Scrolling in and out becomes very labored. is there a way to manipulate the PDF file to make the process work smoothly? much thanks
  11. RL-inc

    Pool water changes in raytrace

    I am looking in the materials DBX and don't see an option fro reflectivity- is it a materials setting or a raytrace setting or ????
  12. RL-inc

    Pool water changes in raytrace

    Thanks Joe- you the man as usual!
  13. I am working on a raytrace view and while most of the colors and textures stay fairly consistent with the original render view the pool water changes significantly. Any suggestions appreciated.
  14. RL-inc

    New Computer advice

    Just wanted to follow up on my new rig. Arrived last Friday and installed Monday- SO far very happy . Total for unit was just over 1800.00 Thank you all very much for the information - Markus , the guy that ordered and installed found your comments very helpful.
  15. RL-inc

    Different Layout Drawing Sheet Formats

    Seems like 2 layout files in the plan folder. Send to each separately?