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  1. RL-inc

    CA locks up when opening item spec dialog

    Follow up- I did upgrade to X12 but after talking with tech support it appears that they have had several reports of Nvidia dual monitor systems conflcuitinh with dell Alienware. from CA Tech- " We have had several calls now from people running Alienware computers with two monitors and NVidia cards. They have all been fixed by uninstalling the Alienware Command Center software. The other software that has been mentioned is the Alienware Sound Center application. You may want to look for and uninstall both of these applications. Make sure all traces of Nahimic have been removed. The service should not be running on your computer." X10 and X12 both working properly now, thanks to all who offered help.
  2. RL-inc

    CA locks up when opening item spec dialog

    Looks like I am going to uninstall X10 and reinstall- Have not done that before - any tips so I don't lose libraries- details etc... I am also eligible to upgrade to X12 which I suppose this is as good a time as any?
  3. RL-inc

    CA locks up when opening item spec dialog

    Talked to tech support and no real help. They did mention a program called Nahimic that can cause issues. Nahimic is in the computer but i can't see how to uninstall it. Anyone have any experience with this?
  4. RL-inc

    CA locks up when opening item spec dialog

    thanks Dermot- I called tech support today and we discussed exactly what you are referring to - After I got off the phone I downloaded the 05-15-2020 driver update for my Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 card. Rebooted the system to be sure that CA was using it and still locks up when trying to open an object for spec of creating a render view. I literally just tried to create a render view on a completely blank plan and got the blue spinning wheel of death. Of course I am stupid busy right now and have no time for this
  5. RL-inc

    CA locks up when opening item spec dialog

    so just tried placing a symbol for a cooktop on a blank plan - then went create 3d camera view and locked up again-
  6. RL-inc

    CA locks up when opening item spec dialog

    thanks Mick- i had another CA user i have been collaborating with and opened some plan files he sent me recent;y - may have something to do with that?
  7. Just had an irritating new issue- every time I select an item- cabinet- fixture- etc.... and try to open for specification, Ca locks up and I get the blue spinning circle of death. Doesn't matter if it is a new or existing plan. Anyone lese ever run into this? much appreciated
  8. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Also think about the extra excavation needed to set up footing and wall forms - concrete contractor will need room on both sides to work. Trench footing eliminates that.
  9. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Comes down to labor really- if your excavator cuts the trench clean and you can run 1 form on the permimiter it sets up pretty quick. Also you need to decide of you need the stemwall standing tall off the slab on the interior or if the framed wall can sit right on the slab.
  10. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Also you may want to verify if L hooks will required from footing into slab
  11. RL-inc

    24" MONO SLAB

    Must be talking about 4" mono slab and 24" thickened perimiter footing. No reason to pour entire slab at 24" deep.
  12. looks like Print2cad 2020 is about 240.00 There is a free download here-https://print2cad.en.softonic.com/ Looks like it is Print2cad 2015
  13. Came in smooth -thanks Mark What did you use to convert to DWG
  14. Thanks Mark- still running X10 however
  15. Used Online converter and imported PNG- had to resize the image but appears we are on the right track. will follow up with results thanks as always