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  1. Wanted to check in with the X13 beta group and see if they have encountered any issues with the toolbars and their stability. I was involved in a previous thread regarding tool bars corrupting in X12 and had quite a bit if interaction with Carrie at tech support on it. She claimed that toolbar stability was a major point of interest in the new release and I am hoping it has been addressed.
  2. I talked with Carrie at CA yesterday and she said one of the things they were trying to get dialed in prior to release is the issue with toolbars whacking out when views are dragged across multiple monitors. An issue that I went into in depth in the thread "Menu Bug" back in April - and I am updating now. She did say Beta was supposed to be coming out soon........ not sure how long until that translates into full version release but her thought was consistent with end of June.
  3. Update- Talked with Carrie at CA and she has passed on my toolbar files to her developers. After that they had been to recreate the issue but only on occasion and with no consistent contributing factors. She did say that the issue had not come up in X13 and was hopeful that they had it fixed. I requested that I be offered some sort of credit on my X13 SSA renewal based on the fact I have been forced to work with a defective version of X12. Carrie stated that their policy is not structured to do that but as mentioned the issue appears to be resolved in X13
  4. Thanks Robert- Looks like the min I can find for a one side only application is 3 layers of 5/8" type X per WP9021. Better run with what we have spec'd!
  5. I will look at the drawings when I check the job this afternoon- If it is required from both sides the building design the had approved would not have met that standard however- That said, I am assuming that the rating is from the interior side only.
  6. I have a buddy that is building a steel warehouse and he needs a 1hr fire rated assembly along the rear wall line due to proximity to PL. Typ. steel building with no sheathing on the exterior side . He does have 5/8" type X on the interior but I can't find a 1hr detail showing only that material on one side- Anyone ever see a similar condition of have a supporting detail? Much appreciated as always
  7. Strictly based on timing I doubt we will see any resolution in X12- Makes me wonder a few things: -Why this is such an issue so late in the release of this version. Was I just not happening before in X12 and now it has popped up? And if so what changed? -If it has been an issue in X12 all along why not patch to fix it then. -What set up or setting are some of the real power users like Michael, Scott, Eric, Joey, etc...... using that has prevented this issue? I can't imagine them putting up with this for very long. To put a bow on i
  8. A bit of follow up from tech support for those of us still experiencing this or similar issue. Hope it helps As I mentioned, our developers are able to reproduce the problem more often now (not consistently but definitely more often), which is a great help as we weren’t able to do so prior to your submittal of your toolbars folders. Thank you so much for sticking with us through this.It appears that the problem is related to timing and not any particular action which is why we’ve had so much trouble reproducing the problem. Unfortunately, this means it will not be a simple thi
  9. Thanks Michael- That works - certainly looks better.
  10. Much appreciated Eric- will try and get it close enough to pass for now
  11. Thanks Eric- that works - sort of See attached images if cad block prior to loading and then after loading when drag window size down an inch or so. The muntins are there but do not meet the frame properly- The window looks a bit off too.
  12. Thanks Michael- I made sure they lines were blocked and still they disappear when I click on load custom muntins- When I click unload custom muntins the block appears again. Is there possibly a setting in the window dbx I am missing?
  13. Thanks Eric- I went through the process as describe in the ref manual - seemed pretty straight forward but when I click load custom Muntins they disappeared? Tried on fresh plan with a typical wall set up also- same result. Maybe an odd setting somewhere?
  14. Is anyone of aware of a way to add lites or grids to a shaped window similar to the one shown here. much appreciated