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  1. Strictly based on timing I doubt we will see any resolution in X12- Makes me wonder a few things: -Why this is such an issue so late in the release of this version. Was I just not happening before in X12 and now it has popped up? And if so what changed? -If it has been an issue in X12 all along why not patch to fix it then. -What set up or setting are some of the real power users like Michael, Scott, Eric, Joey, etc...... using that has prevented this issue? I can't imagine them putting up with this for very long. To put a bow on i
  2. A bit of follow up from tech support for those of us still experiencing this or similar issue. Hope it helps As I mentioned, our developers are able to reproduce the problem more often now (not consistently but definitely more often), which is a great help as we weren’t able to do so prior to your submittal of your toolbars folders. Thank you so much for sticking with us through this.It appears that the problem is related to timing and not any particular action which is why we’ve had so much trouble reproducing the problem. Unfortunately, this means it will not be a simple thi
  3. Thanks Michael- That works - certainly looks better.
  4. Much appreciated Eric- will try and get it close enough to pass for now
  5. Thanks Eric- that works - sort of See attached images if cad block prior to loading and then after loading when drag window size down an inch or so. The muntins are there but do not meet the frame properly- The window looks a bit off too.
  6. Thanks Michael- I made sure they lines were blocked and still they disappear when I click on load custom muntins- When I click unload custom muntins the block appears again. Is there possibly a setting in the window dbx I am missing?
  7. Thanks Eric- I went through the process as describe in the ref manual - seemed pretty straight forward but when I click load custom Muntins they disappeared? Tried on fresh plan with a typical wall set up also- same result. Maybe an odd setting somewhere?
  8. Is anyone of aware of a way to add lites or grids to a shaped window similar to the one shown here. much appreciated
  9. For sure- I describe it to clients like this - If you have 3 toiles in a house at 200.00 each =600.00 those toilets in a 2000 sq.ft. hosue = .30 a foot In a 3000 sq.ft. house = .20 Or a 33% price swing. In short not all sq.ft. is created equal.
  10. Agree with all of the above- 30-40 hrs for a house as originally described if all information is provide in a timely fashion. Ie. survey info and HOA requirements etc.... I have it in my design agreement that I can facilitate coordination with surveyor or download HOA info if available but not my job to hunt down that stuff if not readily available. All time spent confirming site info is billed at additional hourly rate. Transposing structural engineering can be included or as an hourly charge depending if they use my recommended engineer or one of their choosin
  11. By no means do I expect that any issue that is specific to me should take precedent over anyone else- It did however seem to me that this particular problem had affected the productivity of enough of us that CA had made it a priority. Maybe I misread the responses I was seeing. I have reached out to tech support again and will post any information I get
  12. Thanks for the input Michael- While I understand that CA can't keep everyone updated on every issue I don't think it is too much to ask that hey respond with progress here. This is an issue that causes great disruption in productivity and in turn costs money to myself and other users that are experiencing the same problem. At one point Ed from CA was responding and I assumed that meant that CA had someone that was working on a resolution - seems reasonable to me to expect an update from them.
  13. Just a follow up- Toolbars whacked out again- Unless I am missing something I have not seen any progress from anyone reporting or posting about this issue? I will send another report to tech support but the apparent lack of effort from CA to communicate any progress on this is downright pathetic.
  14. Again- trying to get some direction from CA on this- Has anyone gotten anywhere? I see several posts discussing X13 beta and release timing but it appears we still have a fairly significant issue with the current version. And as I mentioned I an earlier post- I don't think being required to pay for an upgrade is a reasonable solution.