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  1. It would be easier to determine the problem if you post your plan.
  2. Open the object DBX and in the '3D' tab, click on 'Reflect Geometry'.
  3. Start with a slab door and then add a molding made from a polyline: BTW - Your question would best be posted in the 'General Q&A' section.
  5. Abe: A few things I noticed: You have 44 lights switched on yet your maximum is set at 20. Best to switch off the lights in the rooms not visible to the camera (more lighting slows down the rendering) and select the default lights (in your camera settings) or set up a light set for the kitchen only (good article in the Knowledge base on this). Turn off 'Bloom' in your camera settings Adjust the sunlight so it shines into your scene Cut back on the Ambient Light In your Ray Trace settings, select 'Use Ambient Occlusion' , start with .5 - 1.5 to start (you'll need to play around with this) & 'Use Background Image'. Switch on 'Enable Environment Light", set it at 2.5 to start with Set your resolution to 300 dpi You should also do more with your material properties & use bump maps to add depth (lot's on the Forum & Knowledge Base on this) Don't tilt your camera, keep it level (I set the elevation at 96") I'd also add some under cabinet lighting (rope lighting works great) Here's what I got (10 passes): Or you could skip everything I just wrote and do it as a PBR (I rarely do CPU Ray Trace any more), much faster for what I think is a superior result. This is a quick one with the sunlight set at 3000: Hope this helps - Eric
  6. BTW, I'm referring to the camera for the kitchen view you posted above.
  7. I opened your plan but the camera is missing (I turned on all camera layers).
  8. You have it set for unlimited passes, how far did you let it go? If you post your plan, I'll get closer look at it.
  9. Here's a great site for backgrounds:
  10. You can also adjust the size of the image in GIMP, Photoshop, etc. To do this: Right click on the background and select 'Copy to User Catalog' Go to your User library and open the copy Obtain the file location from the Background Specifications (I'm using 'Pond & Park' from the Core Library as an example) C:\ProgramData\Chief Architect Premier X15\Referenced Files\ & Park.JPG Follow the path to your background selection From there you can copy/save the file to a folder of your choice and then open it in your favorite editing software (I use GIMP) and adjust the size as needed
  11. Please post your settings.
  12. Yes, easily accomplished by adding a 2nd floor.
  13. I have yet to experiment with AI, these are both X15 PBR-RT renderings:
  14. You can render it in Standard style or if you want to use Vector, just delete the upper corner board then drag the lower one up.