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  1. ericepv

    How to Build a Cupola

    You might also find a decent model online. Here's a selection from 3D Warehouse
  2. ericepv

    How do you keep the inside lights on?

    You can turn lights on and off and adjust other properties in the 'Adjust Lights' panel. It is accessible from the drop menu on the 'Adjust Lights' button in the menu bar (look for the light bulb symbol). You should also click on 'Light Set' in the DBX for your camera. Here's a good overview from the Knowledge Base
  3. ericepv

    Show cabinet doors as pocket doors

    The OP asked "if it's possible to show pocket doors open and pushed back in 3d?"
  4. ericepv

    Show cabinet doors as pocket doors

    This is simple to do. Just open the DBX for the door and in the 'General' tab, adjust the swing angle (works for pocket doors too), then go to the 'Options' tab and click "Show Open' in the 3D Display section.
  5. ericepv

    Accent Wall with Trim

    Draw in a polyline and then convert to a molding.
  6. ericepv


    Hi: I'd be happy to help you with renderings, please call or email me directly if you'd like to talk. Contact info and website address are in my signature. - Eric
  7. Oops, I thought I was in the Q and A section.
  8. You should post this on the 'Seeking Services' forum.
  9. This sounds like a project I can help you with. Please contact me direct if you'd like to discuss, phone and email are in my signature. - Eric
  10. Hi Laurence: I've done many projects like this and would be happy to talk to you about your project. Please contact me directly (phone and email are in my signature). - Eric
  11. ericepv

    Rotating an object

    You first need to convert this to a symbol. Select the entire door and right click, click on 'Convert Selected to Symbol' at the bottom of the box. Once you have done this, select the symbol and then click on the symbol editing bottom at the bottom of your screen (usually 3rd in from the left). Use the rotation commands in the DBX. Check out this article from the Knowledge Base:
  12. DJ: This may be something I can help you with. Give me a call or email me direct, my contact info is in my signature. Eric
  13. I've used Firefox for many years (on the latest version now) and have never encountered this problem. I just downloaded several libraries yesterday without issue, perhaps it's a Windows problem.
  14. ericepv

    Remodel Project-Portland Oregon

    Hi Michael: I've worked with several builders on similar projects and would be happy to help, you can see samples on my web page (link in my signature). Please call or email direct, contact info is in my signature. Eric