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  1. There are some generic models available in the bonus libraries but that's it. You can find plenty of models in the 3D Warehouse and other libraries online.
  2. Hi Katharine: I'd be happy to talk to you about your projects. P.M. sent. Eric
  3. Why are these walls here? Just delete them.
  4. Rob - Try this in the wall cabinet DBX: Eric
  5. Make sure you zoom in on the file to comfirm the clarity. I have found hat 300 dpi is the minimum for clearly reading a PDF plan at close detail.
  6. When files get to be that big, I'll create a Zip file or just send it to my Dropbox.
  7. Try selecting the area in question and then check in 'Active Layer Display Options' to see what layer it's in. It would also be helpful if you post your plan.