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  1. ericepv

    Models of Orthodox Jewish Men

    Thanks robodyck,that's a good start.Still looking for images of Orthodox Jewish scholars (studying, praying).
  2. I'm in need of models (2D or 3D) of Orthodox Jewish men for a project I'm working on.
  3. Hi BRod: I frequently work with homeowners on their new builds and remodels and I'd be happy to discuss the project with you. You can see samples of my work on my website (link in my signature), my contact information is below. Eric
  4. ericepv

    Quality 3D Rendering from US based company

    I work regularly with commercial clients in addition to homeowners. These are 'Watercolor' renderings I prepared for the owner of a new wedding barn which were used for marketing:
  5. ericepv

    Require designer or illustrator

    Sounds like something I can help you with, below are some samples of my work. Please contact me direct if you like to discuss, my email is in my signature. Eric
  6. Hello: I'm not an architect but as an illustrator with many years of experience on Chief Architect, I believe I can help you out. Please give me a call at your convenience (585-441-5291) if you'd like to discuss further. You can see samples of my work on my website (link in my signature) All the best - Eric
  7. ericepv

    Sun angles

    AS far as the optimum time of day to set your sun angle for, I just go by how it looks based on orientation on the lot, personal preference or customer request. To get the shadows to show on your render, be sure to check 'Show Shadows' in the edit camera DBX.
  8. ericepv

    Nice effect in a camera view. How can we do this?

    Try t as a line drawing, I know you can control the line color with that option.
  9. ericepv

    Nice effect in a camera view. How can we do this?

    Try displaying it as a Technical Drawing with the background switched on (in the drawing techniques DBX).
  10. ericepv

    Kitchen cabinets with no handles

    I found this on 3D Warehouse. You can bring the model into SketchUp to break it down.
  11. ericepv

    Custom Garage Door

    Thanks! These will come in handy.
  12. ericepv

    Hanging Pots and Pan Symbols ?????

    3D Warehouse has several also.
  13. ericepv

    Room Designer

    I just sent you an email and PM.
  14. ericepv

    HD 360 or 3D viewer

    Has anyone heard of an HD upgrade to the 3D viewer coming in X13?
  15. ericepv

    Chief Architect 3D viewer

    I don't ever remember seeing an HD option, here's what shows on my viewer: