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  1. If you don't need to do any further editing on the house, you can convert it to a symbol (from a 3D view - Tools/Symbol/Convert to Symbol) and then place it in your plan.
  2. Thanks Mick, that worked pretty well. - Eric
  3. I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  4. Sorry all, it seems like I opened up a hornet's nest with my terminology so 'symbol' it is. Kbird - Thanks for you suggestion but what I need is cascading juniper, that spills over the wall as in this example:
  5. Call them what you like, they're still icons to me.
  6. I've always referred to symbols as icons (as do many online libraries) I guess it's just what you're used to.
  7. A model of an object, what your library is full of.
  8. Import the image into your user library as a new material and then specify it as the image for your frame in the DBX for the frame.
  9. Yes, as in a library icon.
  10. Does anyone have an icon for cascading Blue Mat Juniper?
  11. Simple solution, just turn on 'Opaque Window Glass' in Rendering Technique Options.
  12. Have you tried posting your request on Houzz? Lot's of designers there.
  13. Thanks for posting this, Glenn's method did the trick (after a bit of experimenting).