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  1. You also have the same issue with your cook-top to the left.
  2. I see that you got it in there but the oven is still too big for the opening. You'll need to re-size the cabinet or find a unit that will fit.You could also resize the oven you chose and then slide it in manually. In your plan view, the oven will be sitting well outside of the cabinet for it to look correct in 3D. Not the best solution but it works for 3D. Perhaps someone else can expand in this.
  3. The opening may not be large enough. Check the dimensions of your chosen appliance.
  4. Are you trying to insert it manually or adding it as an appliance to an 'Appliance' opening in the cabinet?
  5. Proper lighting and material properties are key to a good rendering. Keep experimenting and you'll eventually land on the right combination.
  6. Have you placed any additional light sources? Also, what are the settings for your material properties?
  7. There are a few 3D fonts available in the Bonus Catalogs.
  8. Try searching for 'Modern Spanish style tile texture' in the images tab of your favorite search engine, good chance you'll find a decent image to use. This is what comes up on Bing images
  9. It may indeed overwhelm my system but I need to get it into a Chief readable format first to find out.
  10. That's all the info I have so far.
  11. I am working with a client on an historic building restoration. There is a 3D laser scanned file of the building available but it is saved in .fls & fle formats. Is there anyone out there ho would be able to open this file and export it to a Chief compatible format?
  12. I too have had clients request my plan file for similar reasons which I am very uncomfortable doing. I'd be curious to get more opinions from my fellow Chiefer's about what would be adequate compensation for providing a plan file. My initial thoughts are 25-50% of the original project cost or, if working hourly, a $20.00 - $30.00 premium on my hourly rate. What do you think?
  13. Make sure you have a roof over the room.