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  1. and that is why I posted this in the suggestions section so that maybe the program can be changed to offer this as a room style.
  2. Hello, My name is Scott with Tracy's Custom Homes in Texas. I am trying to figure out how to make a "Room Type" for our porches and patios. I want the patio floor to be dropped 1.5" all the way around. I used the Garage room type. This was the only one I could find that would allow you to lower the slab floor. How can I make a room type that will allow you to lower the slab floor for a porch and can be saved to our master template for everyone to use?
  3. Thanks for both of your ingenious ideas! I used the polyline as a road perimeter with a curb. I had to set the curb 1" tall for it to show all the brick as it appeared the terrain was cutting the curb otherwise. I used the road marking for the cross bands. In hindsight, I may could have used the road again, as the road marking you can't set the defualt height and it creates a little bit of a "toe trip hazard", but for my CD's, it won't be noticeable. Thanks again for your creativity! I knew I could count on Chief Talk.
  4. I am needing to add brick inlay boarder and strips in a sidewalk for a customer. Normally in Texas, everything is flat and I just create a molding polyline on the sidewalk and that takes care of it. This customer is building with a little bit of terrain and wants an exposed porch, so the sidewalk doesn't lay flat... I'm sure some of you have figured this out, so I am all ears! Let me know your tricks. Attached is my polyline trick, which doesn't follow the terrain like my sidewalk does. I'm moving on to some other items on my clients list and will check back in when you all have solved my dilemna. Thanks in advance for being super smart!
  5. We are a small design firm (5 employees) and I am looking to bring in an additional designer. Prefer Chief experience, which is why I am posting here. We work out of our design office located in Farmersville, TX. We are NOT looking for remote work. We do full design (floor plans, elevations, cabinet design, electrcial...) and work with about 26 custom home builders NE of the Dallas area. If interested, please review our job posting at Send resume to: Thank you, Roy
  6. Awesome Eric. I never checked the line style at the bottom. I have no idea how that got changed. I REALLY appreciate you finding that. If I can assist you sometime to pay you back, let me know.
  7. Sorry Eric, I have added the file to my original post. Thanks
  8. I am working on electrical on a plan and I have placed all my electrical symbols and now I go back and add electrical connections between the switches and lights. However, after picking the end points the line disappears and doesn't actually draw a connection. I have had this happen before when working on a legacy plan and I closed it and restarted and everything worked fine. This time, I have closed Chief and restarted my machine and still it won't show up. Anyone else have this issue and know how to fix it? I can draw a line or arc and put it on the electrical layer, but I have a shortcut key to the electrical connections which makes it much quicker. I am working on a final set and the customer is expecting thier plans by the end of the day.... Thanks for your help in advance. Minchew Residence
  9. I am looking for someon in the Dallas area that is familiar with Chief Architect and is willing to work out of our Farmersville, TX office. We are located east of McKinney about 20min. We have an influx of work that my team is not able to keep up with. This would be a temporary job, but potentially could turn into full-time if demand sustains. We have been in business for 14 years and are growing. We currently have three designers and a customer relations manager in the office. First Class Setup with sit/stand desk and high end computers. Need to have Chief Architect Experience. Do not have to have their own license. Willing to work 40hr weeks We use our own custom templates and design process. Easy to learn and implement. NOT LOOKING FOR REMOTE WORK. Need someone in office as we work in volume and multiple projects/day. Available immediately. If interested, contact: Roy Homfeld Tracy's Custom Home Designs (903) 274-6022 111 Farmersville Pkwy, Ste 300 Farmersville, TX
  10. The issue is X11 "Auto Updates All Views" after the relinking to the new reference plan file. It doesn't matter if you create the new file names within Chief or out of Chief, or plan file first and then layout file or vice versa. This is new to X11 and never has been an issue before. I have reported it to Chief to see if they can fix it or make it an option for those who requested this feature be added. Our layout line edits have to be redone, let alone the 1-2 minutes it takes to update all the views on final drawings when we are only trying to update a text box or something minor... Hopefully a fix soon.
  11. I am experiencing a very slow processing time (20-30 seconds) when doing my "save as" routine. Each time we work on a file and send a revision to a customer, I do a save-as on both the plan and layout file, then I have to re-link the new plan file to the new layout file, by changing the "Reference Plan File" on the layout sheet. I have been doing this since Version 10, not an issue and just a part of our process. However, I have noticed with X11, that it appears to be updating all my views (non-live views) during this process and greatly slows down the once, 2-3 second process. With cabinet elevations and exterior elevations, it can take up to 20-30 seconds to make this change. Most of the time, I haven't made any changes to the .plan file and do not need my .layout file updated. All of my elevation view dependent edits have to be redone and my isometric views sometimes go off the page and I have to re-find them and center. If I am only making a callout change, I don't want to have to spend 15 minutes, checking everything again due to this process. I am hoping someone from Chief can tell me if this is true or not, or if something else is going on during the change "Reference Plan Files" on the layout page? If this is an option to turn off, I would like to know that as well. Thank you, Roy
  12. Thanks for trying it. I don't seem to be having an issue with other X11 files, so maybe it was a random act??? I'll move along. Thanks again. Roy
  13. This may be a one off issue, but I just opened a previously saved plan in X10, in X11. I made two callout changes, and then went to print the .pdf using Chief Architect's "Print to PDF" option and my file size increased from 2.4Mb to 10.1Mb for the .pdf. The .plan and .layout files stayed basically the same. I checked my "Print to PDF" options and they are the same and set to 600 dpi. I haven't noticed these large file sizes on jobs started in X11. I have attached the .plan and .layout in X11. Typically my .pdf files are 2-4 Mb. The reason I caught this is because my web hosting company limits the size of my uploads to 8Mb and this file was too large. Just curious to see if anyone else has this issue? Thanks, Roy Leonard CofC
  14. Thanks for the input Rene. I guess the main reasons I would like to share the User Library is so that when someone else works on a file, the they don't get the annoying "can't find library item" without having to backup entire plan each time. We may touch 6-7 projects each day with minor updates, so backing up entire plan becomes laborsome. I also like the idea of being able to share content within the office. Currently, each has there own and when someone creates something cool or timesaving, then they share it. I definitely wouldn't want to run into an issue where there are multiple libraries on the cloud because multiple people were editing it at once, which can happen with several employees. Again, thanks for the advice.