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  1. BrianBeck

    Chief Architect X12

    You just need to reset the FTH which clears the list of flagged applications which will result in Chief running much faster. Paste this command into a command prompt that is running as admin to reset the list: Rundll32.exe fthsvc.dll,FthSysprepSpecialize
  2. BrianBeck

    Chief Architect X12

    If you are getting the Fault Tolerant Heap(FTH) message then Chief will run very very slowly until you have reset the FTH. Take a look at this article for help resolving the issue:
  3. Mick, A quick google search indicates those error codes have to do with a permissions issue either with the Windows Temp folder or the c:\Windows\Installer folder. I would do search on those msi error codes and try a couple of the suggested fixes.
  4. BrianBeck

    Game controller setting for video

    To be clear Gamepads can be connected to the mac but they are not supported when using Chief on the mac. There are technical and performance related issues that prevent their use on the mac currently. Gamepads are currently only supported in Chief on Windows.
  5. BrianBeck

    Game controller setting for video

    Game controllers are not currently supported on Mac so the option to use them will not appear in the menus.
  6. BrianBeck

    X11 Tab Switch Bug?

    Larry, The problem in your video looks like an issue caused by older Nvidia drivers. Try going to the Nvidia website and downloading the latest Nvidia driver. This should solve the problem.
  7. BrianBeck

    Garage Doors are messed up...

    Scott, I can confirm this issue. The plan view drawing of the foundation cutout is drawing too large. It is including the jamb width. The dimensions and 3D should still be correct though. The issue should be resolved for the official release of X11. Thanks
  8. BrianBeck

    X10 Performance Issues

    Take a look on the Render panel in your Preferences dialog. The Codec for walkthrough recordings is likely set to IYUV. This will result in the large files you describe. If you look at your X9 preferences my guess would be you are using the XVID codec which is what we recommend. Change X10 to use XVID and it should resolve the issue.
  9. BrianBeck

    X10 Performance Issues

    Likely your preferences in X9 are different from X10 in regards to which CODEC is being used to create the walk through videos. Take a look at this support article for more information on getting and using a different CODEC.
  10. BrianBeck

    New Update JPEG Export Issue

    The same issue reported in this thread about exported images would have also occurred for any walkthroughs recorded using the Physically Based rendering technique.
  11. BrianBeck

    New Update JPEG Export Issue

    We have just released a patch( to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.
  12. BrianBeck

    X10 released today - best and worst features

    We are not aware an issue where the software doesn't run on the Macbook pro. We are aware on a issue where the rendering on some MacBook pros is not functioning correctly, and we are attempting to see if we can resolve it. Is this the issue you are having? If not please contact our support team.
  13. BrianBeck

    Let's PBR

    Are any of you still able to produce the "white out" issue in the latest 20.1 update? We were able to reproduce and resolve in the update at least one case of this occurring in the Beta based on a report sent in by a user.
  14. BrianBeck

    X10 released today - best and worst features

    David, Creating a General Material with a low roughness and a higher specular value should give you a very reflective surface in 20.1. Altering the roughness and specular values should give you the control needed to get results similar if not the same as X9. Have you been able to test this out? If you are still getting undesirable results in this area please submit a plan to tech support so we can look into the issue further. Thanks
  15. BrianBeck

    X10 3D Camera Backdrop no workinging

    See attached image. Make sure use backdrop is checked for the rendering technique you're using.