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  1. Depending on the wall. I have used different techniques including a 3d solid with a rockery wall as the texture and then resize different boulders (from chief bonus catalog) into the wall at key points for depth. I have done the same with just a foundation wall. Using too many boulders will slow you down a bit though as that adds a fair amount of facet sides.
  2. Rafters do not have an automatic label on their own. You would have to set them to have a description or set macros for custom labels.
  3. Clarification. You can Ray Trace on a MBP. "GPU real time ray tracing requires a Windows computer with an NVIDIA RTX or an AMD Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card" So no PBR RTRT on macbook at this point but you can still CPU RT.
  4. Maybe I am missing a step in my head here but wouldn’t that build inside the wall framing instead of atop?
  5. Why not use the waterfall countertop tool for the waterfall countertop feature you are looking for. We need to see the plan file to see why your toe kick isn’t right.
  6. Pay attention to the box that says "Front Height:"
  7. Its not a bug as it works how it is designed, but it is definitely something that users should be aware or possibly an adjustment needs to be made...
  8. Best to start your own thread for a different issue. However to give you a hint:
  9. As Eric says not great to threadjack. But wouldn't those vents be on the foundation level?
  10. Check out the schedule closely. The size column (good or bad) goes with overall width and height. Since you had no information reporting differently they go to the schedule as the same filtered information.
  11. I would probably do this as well but I would use two layers of joists and just rotate the top layer and do the editing that way.
  12. I use matterport quite often and feel it is a better product than the competition but is most likely due to the scans I have used are from an actual matterport camera so the scans are higher quality than a simple lidar scanner. Canvas is another product and even though I will probably get a downvote from the Canvas rep who is on here quite often I do not recommend it as I have yet to receive a good canvas scan out of about 15 different ones now. With Matterport you can get the matterpack and import it into chief as a symbol and use an overhead camera view and slice to slice down to the floor and then you can trace over like a pdf. You can use the matterport scan viewer to reference key dimensions to get the model as close as possible though which is helpful but as Dustin mentions it is only as good as the scan and scan areas visibility. BTW: What Erick is saying is very key to helping the forum continue to be an amazing source. This is not the correct area to post this question. It should be in Q&A or chatroom. Maybe @CADustin @Dermot or another Chief mod can move this to the right forum for you?
  13. Yeah I did not get an update notice either and used the help check for updates which just takes you to the download page. @SNestor Posted about it on facebook which is the only way I knew it was there. @DermotJust FYI.
  14. Not in layout itself but supposedly in a cad detail within layout.
  15. So you can have saved options for stock plan changes? Good thought… hmm
  16. By chance did you try opening the pdf in a different pdf reader? That is a common issue with certain pdf reader programs.
  17. Been around as long as I can remember. Correct about the layout sheet sizes. Although I believe @Alaskan_Son posted that you could use cad details in different size sheets on here the other day. Didn't know that and haven't looked at it. Doesn't fit my workflow right now... Maybe it should???
  18. Interesting method. I like it. I might have to give that a try. Similar to my current setup but been doing lots of additions lately so the location has to change to take advantage of the real estate on the sheet especially with elevations around note schedules etc... But good clean way for floor plans.
  19. Going off memory here as I am not at my computer, but I believe in the print settings>page/sheet setup there is an option by the line weight scale to click 1 for all line weights (I believe it says something about Home Designer Pro versions in the description).
  20. Every circumstance is different. Sometimes it will not work depending on the walls around it and room size, etc. You can use an invisible wall set to Non Room defining & PARTITION WALL that is placed so the middle of this invisible wall is at the outside layer of the wall you want to cut. This will allow the ceiling plane to snap to the middle of the new invisible wall.
  21. Doesn't seem to affect most. It is apparently a small amount of users being affected. So obviously it is a configuration that is causing an issue with this. Chief is just trying to figure out what it is. I haven't seen any of these issues personally on my setup.
  22. I don’t believe they made any changes at all to the saved plan views themselves. Or at least none I can think of off hand. They made more available to layout boxes for sure.
  23. Interesting. That must be quite expensive in that area. Is that for the snow build-up?
  24. This and pretty much all of the examples here can be done with the auto framing for about 95% of the roof with no real manual framing necessary. It’s just a matter of setting the lookout sizes rafter sizes and spanning girts if necessary etc.
  25. I am typically showing a floor framing plan including decks so I almost ALWAYS use a small deck. A hint if you want to not mess with figuring heights is do it with a landing then turn off auto heights remove the landing and place the deck with the same elevation as the landing was at.