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  1. johnny

    New Mac Pro

    I figured Id report back another anomaly..which i believe nearly guarantees the problem is with Apple or driver. My favorite scale setting was the second smallest. When I change to a larger text, or even a smaller text, things smooth out for me greatly. Going larger (smaller resolution) would make sense I suppose, but going smaller (greater resolution) also works, and that is really something bizarre. I'm just reporting my experience in case it helps someone else. Lastly, if anyone is thinking about buying a 16" MacBook - its a great machine, it really is. 17" monitors are a bit too large for me since I travel a fair bit - 15" is too small at HD scale to draft effectively. This 16" Monitor and the resolution it can handle is really a treat. I do think I made a mistake not maxing out the Video Ram - and that is one thing I wish i could do over....and will in future models.
  2. johnny

    Skype Chief how?

    Its possible, but GoToMeeting is far better for that sort of thing. I think its free under a certain number of people.
  3. johnny

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    That is the golden ratio/angle for deflection of water - most people know that. --- not really Again, i was just quickly sketching in 2D and eye-balled it...and didn't bother fixing it.
  4. Yep, that is exactly what i'm experiencing. It seems completely opposite to what I should experience. Chief does report the correct card, and I even use a monitoring tool to verify that the discrete graphics card is being used by the OS. This is why i am starting to think this is a Apple driver issue.
  5. Yeah that was on and I turned it off - thanks. Though I did have the Macbook plugged into power when having these slow issues so technically it should have only been a problem. HOWEVER, i just did a test where opened Chief with the MacBook unplugged and with this option on (so it should be using the integrated graphics when unplugged) and tested the video inside Chief and it was as smooth as butter. This means for some reason when I have the Macbook plugged in ...the model view gets all jankie. That is REALLY odd and makes me think this is an Apple driver problem for this new video card. I'd love for someone at Chief to go get a 16" Macbook pro and let us know how it performs for them. I remember seeing this thread thinking the OP had a problem related to the size of their model file, but now I understand what they're talking about.
  6. johnny

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    Thank you to everyone who gave input here - helped a lot.
  7. Yeah it shows both in the "About this Mac".... but I can just say the AMD 5500M should run Chief like butter.
  8. I've not used Mac for yeas - so im having to relearn. When I right click on the app I don't see where that is located:
  9. So I just bought a 16" MacBook and I have to report the same slowness in the video on the 3D model. What I feels like to me is that Chief isn't using the dedicated graphics chip but the integrated Intel UHD. Why I think this: I had a 2015 MSI laptop with both an integrated Intel and a 1060 GTX - and when I was using the integrated graphics the visual was exactly the same as what I am getting from the MacBook Pro....very "stuttery" graphics in 3D view. Since in Windows you can manually switch between those graphics sources I could dictate. In Mac OS you don't really have that control.
  10. johnny

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    Honestly it was just a quick sketch and I never re-aligned the footing since I was trying to focus on the upper area. The real footing would typically be centered unless the wall height increased and we needed to cantilever the footing.
  11. johnny

    New Mac Pro

    I'm sure the new Mac Pro will be fast, but the main problem will be with Chief itself. Unless an app is designed to take advantage of certain things like Apple Afterburner (which is mostly related to Video) and other aspects of this beast, the increase in performance simply won't begin to justify the cost. If you do a search on YouTube about people disappointed with the Apple Mac Pro - you will see they say a similar thing. As an unrelated point, I really wish the folks at Chief would find a away to align the app for use with Nvidia's Quadro products.
  12. johnny

    Foundation/Wall detail - Conc Skirt

    awesome - thank you.
  13. Hello - I have a project I am working on where we've conceptualized a concrete skirt (exposed) around the perimeter of the house - its a modern design. I feel the only way to make it work in Chief is to just falsify the visual and then make 2D adjustments for sections/details. I was curious if anyone had an idea to make this actually work with the wall tools.
  14. johnny

    Modifying footing

    Interestingly - i haven't actually messed with using the Square Pad tool since we've been able to control the layer sequence. I filled the pad with "background" and adjusted the layer stacking order...its not too terrible anymore (still not perfect, but i think doable). What they do need to give us is the offset ability so we can properly center the point load in certain circumstances, but 99% of the time i just center it on the wall anyways.
  15. johnny

    Modifying footing

    I used the term "joined" loosely....i thought it was faster than saying "coplanar line getting removed". ...and yes, that is the action id prefer too most of the time. The problem being if this is really how Chief wanted us to deal with this common condition its kinda a PITA due to this rule of thumb. Id personally rather use the Square Pad tool but have it graphically cut the footing line (maybe a checkbox option) so it shows properly in 2D plans.