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  1. I do. If I go directly to the viewer at Chief's web it works fine because I do allow cookies for my browser. The problem is when I embed into a page Chief's app is saying "allow cookies" to my custom webpage and not to the client-side browser (which is on). I believe they need to allow the embedded element see the page its in as a container on their end .... and client-side browser a separate thing.
  2. I'm trying to embed clients 3D view of their model into a webpage (as Chief has designed it for). However, I get this error about cookies. Anyone know a way around this?
  3. You're calling for an architect, but I might suggest a technical drafter and structural engineer. Architects like to design things - but you have a "complete" design. A competent residential drafter should be able to help you with code related issues.
  4. So you guys are basically saying Apple M chips don't have the GPU claimed....or Chief just doesn't support it well? Of course Apple claims their integrated GPU is great, but so far everything seems to indicate there are problems there.
  5. Id love to know how the Z axis adjustment works. That's interesting.
  6. Yep, I took your suggestion and went back to that earlier driver and i haven’t crashed since. Thank you!
  7. Yeah - i updated when it happened...and i've tried both types of drivers.
  8. Very odd since i haven't run into this in some time and now its happening regularly. I updated my video drivers to the most recent, and right now I'm on a laptop with an RTX 3080 so it can't have anything really to do with the contents of Chief's official article on the matter. Troubleshooting 3D Camera View Display Problems in Chief Architect Has anyone been experiencing this lately? Like I said, it just kind popped back into existence for me.
  9. Thank you guys - i'll try what you're suggesting.
  10. Just to followup on my own question - i guess i don't understand why turning on the sun seems to automatically turn off the lights i've placed.
  11. I was just trying to add some lighting under the covered deck...but i can't find a setting that keeps the sun on and allows me to show the lights. Any help is appreciated. Its like i can have one or the other but not both.
  12. I've had a lot of laptops for when i'm mobile to get the closest I could do a desktop machine. The last year is the first time I found a laptop that I honestly don't realize i'm using a mobile device its that powerful - but it was a 3,500 laptop. The Laptop for Desktop Quality Gaming - The New Razer Blade 17
  13. I think LIDAR is more practical when getting measurement data of highly detailed objects in a building - like moldings, staircase details, etc etc....not large spaces themselves. I've used my iPad for this type of thing and the information I get is worth more than not having it sometimes on complex things i'd typically ignore due to practicality.
  14. I too struggled with walls and roofs where they needed to cut etc. when I first started using Chief. What Scott (a famous forum helper back in the day) pounded into me is how precise Chief needs the connections to be. I'll admit Chief has made it easier with some automated function, but overall the method you use to connect walls/roofs needs to be done a very particular way. See how in Eric's example the roof plane jogs under the wall in just the right spot? Nowadays I don't even have to think about it very often and it works great in most situations.
  15. Are you guys saying you can have different sheet sizes in a layout file? I'd love to know how that is done.