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  1. Are you referring to the hash (arrow) for the dimension string? Change the default arrow size if that is what you are referring to. But you need to give more info otherwise.
  2. X13 Version where it was cutting the curb but not perfectly either. Since this was a clients project and had so many different people in the files I didn't think it was worth reporting or sending in as there was a high likelihood that it was conflicting terrain info in the plan file. It worked as it was in X14 for concept design to show the AHJ but thinking back this could be the issue from the beginning.
  3. Correct and I think that it is the lack of cutting curb that is not allowing it to slope correctly as a regular and spline driveway appear to work properly. Honestly I noticed this issue once before so I think it has been an issue but I of course was under a gun in that case and it was a very unique difficult terrain to model so I was thinking it was possibly a conflicting terrain issue as there was so much information on that job. So I did not report that one. It very well may be an x14 issue though because previous versions this wasn't presenting as it does in x14. X14 version after making some adjustments
  4. Looks like polyline driveways will not cut curb or trim to road: But placing a 1" long standard driveway at the width of the overall cut of the polyline driveway seems to get your results (although you will need to place some extra terrain info to get it to slope down to the height of the road (6" lower by default oob for the road tool).
  5. That is pretty good! I would probably do it with custom Backsplashes shaped in wall elevation.
  6. Use a different rendering technique besides glass house. But this is not typical Drafting standards to show an addition on a house. Typically you would show an existing elevation and a proposed elevation on the plans (many AHJs request they be side by side or top and bottom on the same page). Showing the differences. BTW overall consensus for best practice is to use plot lines to send to layout as they are cleaner and easier to read plans from.
  7. And I am assuming after you restart your computer it happens every time? To confirm you are using a CPU ray trace rendering correct?
  8. So a couple of questions and a screen grab of the issue would help. Just to confirm you are using the cpu ray trace tool correct? Are you getting an image? Do you see any information on the bottom status bar?
  9. Yup @Renerabbittor @MKBDesign Melissa Nunes are the best in that area.
  10. see this previous thread.
  11. Or use a reference layer which will also work just fine.
  12. This should be a different post as it has nothing to do with the original question. Please feel free to delete this to keep it clean and post. Btw I have a studio with the ultra and have no issues but am happy to answer more detailed if you post separately.
  13. In oversimplified terms: Home Designer products (made by Chief Architect) is a DIY homeowner product. Although the Home Designer Pro has a lot of functions (more than the other two HD products) and can do most basic work it is still made for DIY users. Chief Architect Premier and Interiors is a professional grade product for Architectural Designers, Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, Kitchen & Bath designers, and are made to be used for professional users.
  14. Quite a few other issues on this but your railing is because of how you have your room setup. Setup the loft story as 1.5" Ceiling height (your 2x toe plate the rafters will actually build off of or set on. Then select the railings and set them to balloon through ceiling above in the structures panel.
  15. Convert it to a faceted and closed poly line before converting to a solid. Another tip would be to use solid subtractions with cones.
  16. Take a look at minimum requirements on the site for x14 gpu and types of vivida cards. It a PC guy but I believe u remember seeing that it was an issue with your series of card.
  17. It is the fact that Chief locks the file and so until you close it out and release it then it is not gone it is still in the undo memory.
  18. Alternative method is to use the Wall Material Region tool.
  19. 1x2 nailer at top 1x10 fascia at the bottom and a a 1x6 shadow nailed to both at top for a built up fascia. Alternative is 1x2 nailers top and bottom with rolled metal wrap
  20. Your roof is too high and is cutting the roof. Try selecting that upper wall and setting it to be cut by roof in the roof panel of the dbx.
  21. Sorry I think I tagged the wrong designer. Steve Price is in Phoenix and is ALSO very good. @Beautiful1 is his business account for Beautiful Space Co.
  22. @Steve-C (Steve Price) is there and does great work!
  23. Most likely it has to do with the custom toolbar spacing. If you are separating them by dragging them apart apparently that is an issue with something with mac in particular the limitations set on simple icons that chief uses. Use the toolbar empty space instead of separating them that way. It seems to have worked for me although the process above was done at the same time so it may have been a combination of the two.
  24. Check the existing items to retain framing before framing the rest. For floor and ceiling framing you will need to use framing groups.
  25. By chance does it happen when you have it being used on multiple monitors? Does your side panels (ALDO, PB, & LB) disappear as well or rearrange itself? If so I might have fixed this issue recently. Part of it was with the toolbar customization with spacing and the rest was "setting" my side windows so they would not rearrange.