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  1. I couldn't get them to match with the longer overhang on the 5/12. However, I did get them all to match up perfectly by moving the 5/12 overhang back to 18", like the rest of the roof. Very strange. Gene's Roof.plan
  2. that's what i'm doing. i started one plan in X13 and ended up trashing that and going back 12.
  3. open the dbx for the porch and under structure, lower the deck to whatever you need.
  4. it IS a giant PITA for the framers. i never do this and though there may be, i can't imagine a situation where one might need too. many years ago, we built numerous projects designed by, ironically, an architect from Alabama who always dimensioned from the brick. it must be something they teach at Auburn.
  5. my renders in X12 are FAR better than X13. and this is using the same camera with the same settings in the same plan. and they still look awful in X13. i've submitted this to support and they have no idea. so...i'm still using X12.
  6. go to attic level and drag the wall (with red arrow) down and around. it was also misaligned with the wall below so you might want to fix that first.
  7. i upgraded to Monterey and X13 almost simultaneously. i really had no issues other than the renders in X13 looked like crap, so.....i just use X12.
  8. uncheck the following boxes in the DBX of the particular roof plane you want exposed.
  9. like this? shelf ceiling over the small room. railing along outside wall.
  10. double click the room, then change ceiling height under Structure.
  11. yes.... and i just recently renewed my SSA. now i wish i had saved my money.