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  1. StephenGreene

    Nickel-gap ship-lap *wanted*

    thanks Robert.
  2. StephenGreene

    Nickel-gap ship-lap *wanted*

    Does anyone have nickel-gap ship-lap they'd be willing to share? I'm not sure what the ship-lap is in the CA library but it's not the ship-lap i'm looking for. Thanks.
  3. i made a carousel once, just for fun. or at least started one. never did get around to adding horses. kinda neat to see it spin around in camera view.
  4. StephenGreene

    Apple Silicon / macOS 11 Big Sur

    seriously considering it.
  5. StephenGreene

    Realistic Rendering Software after Chief

    very nice! your dragonfly appears to be a Four-spotted Pennant.
  6. StephenGreene

    Graph Paper - we've got it, please use it!

    Same here. Me and my crew often would frame a house and the scraps would barely fill a couple of wheelbarrows, while the crew next door would have enough scrap to fill a roll-off dumpster. And I've seen drywall hangers and bricklayers that were just as bad (or good).
  7. StephenGreene

    What a Great Forum We Have Here...

    yes, thanks to all!
  8. StephenGreene

    Roof issues need fixed

    That looks better than I ever thought it could, but I think I'd eliminate that weird floating half-gable and just hip that to match the original roof.
  9. StephenGreene

    roof planes

    post the plan and someone will help you.
  10. No, I do not use an external monitor.
  11. I operate a Mac and have yet to encounter this problem.
  12. StephenGreene


    As someone who has framed hundreds of homes in the last 35 years, I've probably used trusses on less than 15-20 of those. The primary reason being most were complicated, multi-pitch, cut-up, hip roofs with rooms of varying heights. Yes, I know even those type houses *can* be trussed, but if I were putting it together, I'd charge 5X versus what i would for stick-framing. Most all of the truss homes we've done had rooms with long, clear spans or cathedrals where stick-framing. just wasn't a viable alternative.
  13. StephenGreene

    Roof plane and wall height issues

    the baseline on one of your roof planes is about 18" away from the wall. to match the other plane it needs to be moved in to the wall. the issue above your lean-to is an attic wall. pull the shed roof back to meet the wall and it will disappear. also, the second floor wall on the front is misaligned with the wall on the bottom.
  14. StephenGreene

    Compass rose on the plans

    i get these fairly often. I either rotate the plan so as front door is facing right or print them to E-size paper.
  15. StephenGreene

    stair head clearance

    would be best to post a plan. otherwise, it's just conjecture.