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  1. StephenGreene

    Roof plane and wall height issues

    the baseline on one of your roof planes is about 18" away from the wall. to match the other plane it needs to be moved in to the wall. the issue above your lean-to is an attic wall. pull the shed roof back to meet the wall and it will disappear. also, the second floor wall on the front is misaligned with the wall on the bottom.
  2. StephenGreene

    Compass rose on the plans

    i get these fairly often. I either rotate the plan so as front door is facing right or print them to E-size paper.
  3. StephenGreene

    stair head clearance

    would be best to post a plan. otherwise, it's just conjecture.
  4. StephenGreene

    X12 New Features are listed Here

    i'm not trying to pick on anyone as i'm sure it's just a regional thing, but where i'm from, everyone generally considers a footing to be the bottom part of a foundation and a footer to be a block of text at the bottom of a document.
  5. StephenGreene

    Roof generation issues

    Like KBird said...the program is doing just what you "told" it to do. I have no idea what you wanted the roof to look like, but I drew up one version and cleaned a LOT of other things in the plan. CONTI_10_IRIS_12:31:19.plan
  6. StephenGreene

    Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!

    All i want for Christmas is some stairs that work right. The end.
  7. What is DBA?Under Roof Plan specification, I tried lowering the height at 2nd floor, under lock base line height to 7'8.5" and it loweed the that whole side to the first floor to that height!


    I cannot figure it out.

    1. Designer100


      it has a 0/12 pitch on top and 7'8.5" plate line across each side ( I cannot figure this part out) to create the existing roof.




    2. StephenGreene


      sorry....i just saw this. glad you figured it out. glad to help.

  8. StephenGreene

    Circle wall issue

    thanks, Chop. i replaced it with a porch beam and it worked fine. no idea why it wouldn't work with a room divider.
  9. StephenGreene

    Circle wall issue

    there is a room divider that is causing your problems. remove it and the odd circle wall disappears.
  10. StephenGreene

    CA performance on MacBook Pro 13"

    my 2017 macbook pro is doing fine. never an issue. but i haven't upgraded to Catalina either.
  11. StephenGreene

    The "right way" to build a safe room wall type

    Thanks, David. I tried to duplicate the odd behavior in one of my own plans but was unsuccessful. However, i did discover that eliminating the outermost exterior wall layer on Bob's plan solved the problem.
  12. StephenGreene

    The "right way" to build a safe room wall type

    I was just looking at Bob's plan and noticed the brick does not conform to the top of the windows or doors on the Logia. I've drawn plenty of arched windows and doors but I don't think i've ever seen this. Anybody have an explanation?
  13. StephenGreene

    Transparent Material - Vector View

    3.5" solid aluminum walls dragged down with windows.
  14. StephenGreene

    iMac Pro Computer

    I have a MacBook Pro and it works fine.
  15. StephenGreene

    Bird Boxes Not Building

    I agree Kbird, but this is an as-built that i'm recreating with changes to the main roof line. This version is just one of many and the only one with the valleys as such. Thanks for the tips. I'll try notching the corner as suggested. Plan attached. HA5.0.plan