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  1. I'd like to pick your brains on bulk symbol editing... I need to adjust the Y position (among other things) of 160+ symbols I made, and my mouse hand still hurts from editing the description for EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY. I have exported the symbols and opened the .CALIB file in an SQLite browser, but the data for each symbol is some sort of binary. I don't even know what kind of binary it is. I have tried everything I could to convert it / figure it out. I am fully aware it may be proprietary, but does anyone know a little something about it? If I knew what kind of data it was, I could probably put together some SQLite code to modify just the values I need. Wouldn't it be great if Chief had a dedicated symbol editor? Wow, I wonder if someone could write one.... Thanks for reading all this, hope to hear your thoughts!
  2. Sorry I'm late. If you still need this, I created one a long time ago. Edit: Just saw you said heat and fan only, no light. Whoops!
  3. Okay I must be doing something wrong here. This all started with X10 as far as I can tell. I always manually draw/break/join my own roof planes. But now, it automatically creates extra breaks as I'm working, and I often don't notice the new grab handles until the roof doesn't join or doesn't do something I'm used to/expecting. Is there a setting for this that I'm missing? HAAALP!!!! P.S. — Bonus question: Is there a way to turn on "No Special Snapping" as a default for all new roof planes?
  4. It was just a default Chief template. I drew a square room and placed a default door and default window. This was only for testing. As someone else said, I may have to build a foundation under it as well. It's fine, I'll just revisit ray-tracing/photon mapping when it is easy and just works all the time. And when it's faster.
  5. I have light leakage no mater what I do. From doors, around cabinets (even on interior walls), around window frames, etc. I always thought it was because I am still using custom templates I made years ago with custom materials, custom wall types, etc., but after reading your post, I tried the default template that comes with Chief, and there's still light leaking around the doors and cabinets. I simply cannot use photon mapping.
  6. The Scroll Doors library that Chief charges $3 for wasn't the greatest. They were only 80" H., no stretch planes, and most of the frames were too narrow for a doorknob to comfortably fit. Oh, and the "panels" were barely panels. So, I have updated them with one and two-panel options, stretch planes where possible, and duplicate versions for 80 and 96" H. where not. I won't link the .CALIB here since they do charge for it, but drop me a DM, and maybe if you can prove you own the library or something, then I can share. (Would be happy for Chief to weigh-in on this). Thanks! B
  7. I am pumped that you guys are still getting mileage out of this package / post after three years. I feel eel like I should address the fireplace. I use it all the time. The actual firebox came from 3D Warehouse, as did the mantle. The brick course around the face is a door with thick molding (Include in Schedule is unchecked, thank you very much). The brick course (and quarter round) around the hearth are molding polylines. The hearth is a polyline solid. The walls are walls. This doesn't exactly play well with the Materials List feature, but otherwise it's legit. I keep a few fireplace setups like this in a plan file, to be copied/pasted with CAD lines for positioning. Funny thing is, with all the different object types, you (still) can't make an architectural block out of it, and you can't rotate this beast. But you can flip it. So I had to make two of each type of fireplace, one up and down and one left and right. Depending on my needs, I would just choose one and reflect it. Would be happy to share, but buyer beware, I have my own wall types, and layer names. But maybe you could find something useful in the plan!
  8. Trying to sign up for that was the most bull I've ever had to go through. And I still don't have it. Can someone just please post the PDF here?
  9. Wow. Haha. That is ridiculous. Any other users know exactly which buttons are the right buttons? Side note: I highly suggest, to anyone, use FireFox or Chrome if just for the AdBlock Plus plug-in alone. Totally worth it. Side benefit: no YouTube ads!
  10. I am very sorry that has happened to everyone. I was unaware that site was malicious. Sometimes these sites show lots of "fake" download buttons to trick users into clicking them. I use AdBlock Plus, so I don't see the fake download buttons; AdBlock sees them as "ads" and removes them. Attached is a screenshot of what the site looks like for me. Completely spam-free. The real download button is the big green one that you see in my screenshot. Hope this info helps! PS. - It's just too big to host here, or even e-mail to anyone. I am planning to work on a website to display/host my offerings which will be completely spam-free. Until then, I'm afraid, we'll have to stick with MediaFire.
  11. Wouldn't they look the same? Just change the list entries in your materials lists. Just a suggestion.
  12. Roscoe, will this pattern do? PREVIEW PATTERN LIBRARY ATTACHED! I've included the library so you and everyone can try it out. There are some important things to note. I know this seems like a lot, but I'm really trying to cover all the bases. If you have any questions, please PM me. GENERAL NOTES: Because the staircase treats balusters differently than rails do, sometimes there are separate symbols for balustrades and stairs. Each symbol has a suggested width and suggested spacing. Those are in the symbol name in (parenthesis) for width and [brackets] for spacing. Depending on the length of rail between newels, slight adjustments to the widths can be made. Alternating patterns include more than one baluster per symbol. Because of this, the Width and Spacing values that you will enter in the fields will not always correspond with the actual baluster or symbol width. However, the materials list will have correct baluster count and size. Symbols including more than one baluster will stretch between the balusters. They will not distort the balusters themselves when adjusting widths. Symbols including more than one baluster have a higher poly-count. Depending on your hardware, this could cause a slow elevation-to-layout. In the other libraries, there are many lower-poly alternatives than these. ALTERNATING PATTERNS ON STAIRS ARE TRICKY! Because alternating patterns include more than one baluster per symbol, these symbols were adjusted to be positioned accurately on the treads, and to fit properly between newels on a staircuase. To avoid unexpected results at first treads, the Newels at First Tread check box must be checked. If you do not actually want a newel at the first tread, set the Newel Width to 0". Normally, staircases will either cut the tops or bottoms of balusters depending on your preference. Because of this, balusters with shoes cannot use the Cut Baluster Top feature. Alternating patterns, and balusters with shoes, cannot be used successfully on landings. In the other libraries, there are many single-baluster symbols without shoes when your project requires landings. Single-Baluster symbols will work on a curved staircase, but alternating patterns will either not work, or only work (with adjustments) on one side of a curved staircase. This staircase pattern was created using an 11" tread depth. If you use a smaller tread depth, you may want to adjust the Baluster Width a few fractions to keep the spacing perfect, though it is not necessary. PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK: I know I should have chosen a less advanced pattern for the preview, but I wanted to show what's possible when we think outside the box. Have you ever seen an alternating baluster pattern in Chief?? Have you ever seen shoes on a baluster in Chief? Angled shoes on a staircase baluster??? It's all doable! So now you see why I'm also writing extensive documentation to go with it! I encourage you to try this pattern in your older projects to see how well they work for what you do. Bang on them a bit. Try to come up with scenarios I haven't yet thought up. Tell me what works well and what needs improvement. I would love to know how I can improve these symbols! wrought_iron_baluster_preview.calibz
  13. Um, these won't even touch that. Giminy Christmas, I hope that was a good collection!