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    Electrical Schedule

    Mick, Thank you for your reply. As an OLD 86 senior citizen, I don't do enough house design work to justify upgrades to Chief. On X8 the Schedule will automaticly assign the label and number. Therefore, somewhere in my plan I must of placed the Electrical Schedule. I searched every layer set and found the schedule in the framing set. I have no idea why I placed the schedule there, except I must not have went to the Electrical set.. I deleted the schedule and problem solved. Thanks to all in Chief Talk. It has helped me .
  2. junior

    Electrical Schedule

    Version X8 - First time problem. I need to update the electrical schedule. The schedule updates, but the labels do not update. I deleted the electrical schedule completely, but the previous labels do get deleted from the outlets. How can I get the previous labels to get deleted so the updated schedule can install the new labels? This has not been a problem with the other schedules.
  3. junior

    Electrical Schedules

    Version 8 - On the electrical schedule I have chosen, 2D Symbol, Number, Qty., Label, Floor, Attached to. On the Specification Page I have chosen, Show labels, Label prefix, Include schedule number, and Ellipse callout. On the floor plan the labels are shown with the assigned number. The problem is that some of the labels overlap each other. When I click on the label a small square is indicated in the middle of the ellipse. When I click on the small square and move the label closer to the preferred location, the correct assigned number gets changed to a new number at the end of the list. This does not happen on some changes, but over 95% of the time. What can I do to fix this from happening?
  4. I have a deck that has a 45 degree extensioin. I want to extend the floor joist to the 45 degree angle but don't know how to manually trim the joist to a 45 degree angle. The question is: How can I manually trim a floor joist from a square end to a chamfered end in floor plan view?
  5. junior

    Framing overview

    Thanks guys, My old age is catching up to me. When I turned off :Walls,Foundation" the problem was solved I was turning off "Foundation". Can't thank all of you enough. Now I can make some headway.
  6. junior

    Framing overview

    When I turn on all of the 3D framing overviews I still can't get the floor 0 to show the 1st floor framing If I use the floor overview I get the 1st floor joist framing but also the foundation walls. If I delete the foundation walls then the screen goes blank
  7. junior

    Framing overview

    I am using X8 software. I built the roof using roof planes. Then built the roof framing.Then viewed framing overview. Framing showed up in 3D Good results Put floor selection on 0. Built floor 1. Put floor selection on floor 1. Built floor 2. Went to floor framing to build floor joists. Good results Put floor selection on floor 0. Went to framing overview. 2nd floor framing was on screen. Bad result Put floor selection on floor 1 Went to framing overview. 2nd floor framing was on screen. Good results Double checked layer display to make sure correct framing boxes were properly checked I must be missing a step somewhere. Just don't know where. I have been a CA user for over 12 years and never had this problem before. I think my senior years are getting the best of me.
  8. junior

    Framing overview

    I can get the roof framing overview and the 2nd floor framing overview. I can not get the 1st floor framing overview. Instead I get the 2nd floor framing overview. I need all 3 framing overviews to send to layout What am I missing as this is the first time I have had this problem.
  9. junior

    Show metal siding vertical lines

    Thank you, I didn't think to use roofing material for siding would work.
  10. How do I get the vertical lines on metal siding to show in the 3D view? It currently shows as a solid color and prints as a solid color John
  11. junior

    Electrical 2d Symbol sizes

    Using X8 Why are the symbol sizes different when I place them on the drawing from the Library? Is there a way to make them the same scale size? Electrical.pdf
  12. Thanks all, I would not have been able to figure this out without all of your help.
  13. Hi Glen, Your method worked fine, except I can't find a way to close in the areas of the invisible walls What is the magic solution? I am using X8, if that means anything.
  14. Tried both methods, but can't get results I want. This is a one story house with a cathedral ceiling in the center section. I believe I have seen a video that shows how to pull down a wall that enclosed a stairwell in a room with a cathedral ceiling, but I don't know the correct wording to recover the video.
  15. How do I maintain a closet wall height of 9' in a room that has a cathedral ceiling? In the 3d view, the wall extends to the cathedral ceiling. I want the ceiling of the closet to serve as a shelf for decorative items. Avon Catalog | Target Red Card | Target Ad