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  1. On all of my views of the foundation walls, the blocks do not srart on top of the footer. Is there a way to tell chief to start the block on top of the footer?
  2. Using X14 When I add the story pole dimensions to the cross section elevation view ,then covert the view to a cad detail from view, the story pole dimensions change. Example, The dimension on the story pole dimension at the sub-floor level is 0' in the cross section view. When converted to a cad detail from view, the dimension changes to 11'- 2 1/4". Also on X14 I can't edit the story pole text or move the text in the cad from detail view. Not the case in previous versions.
  3. How can I post images directly instead of a pdf?

  4. This is the only roof on the plans that I can't get the trim to show. What am I missing? Hartman,Alexis ROOF TRIM .pdf
  5. Using X12 Designing a two story residence. Is it possible to show the floor framing overview for each floor or roof separately without all of the floor framing being shown? On the layout page I have the floor framing for the first floor in plan view. On a separate layout page I have the floor framing for the second floor in plan view. When I click on Orthographic Framing Overview I get both floors framing views. I would like the framing overview for each floor on the layout page that I use for the plans instead of both floors framing being shown.
  6. Using X12 My exterior walls show only the stud wall lines with the fill color. How can I get the osb, siding, and drywall lines to show in the plan view. Also, my interior walls do not show the drywall lines.
  7. Using x12 How can I show the 45 degree corners on the garage door opening
  8. junior


    Using X8. I am putting on a metal roof using standing rib panels. I can't find a way to make the standing rib show in prospective view. It just has a flat view. Am I too many versions of Chief behind? Thanks
  9. Kiwideziner, Thank you very much I used 12' for the bottom chord and 6' for the top chord. The results was what I was looking for. This Forum has bailed me out many times and I thank all of you who answered my plea for help. Junior
  10. Truss manufacture has made this size truss in the past. I made the bottom chord 86' long and the top chord 90' long. McFarland-Floor Plan.pdf McFarland-Orthographic Framing Overview.pdf
  11. Using Chief X8. Designing a 86' wide pole building. The trusses on the framing view does not show the webbing, only the top and bottom chord. On the end truss the framing does show the vertical framing. How can I get the webbing to show on the 86' wide trusses. This is my first venture in doing a building this wide. Never was a problem on narrower buildings.