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  1. Thank you for your help- The videos are very helpful! Karen
  2. Does anyone know how to customize a garage door? I am using a standard library door in my garage and the lites need to be pulled down one "panel". Any ideas?
  3. Thank you rlackore. I restarted the program and it's acting normal again. Karen
  4. This morning I downloaded the X13 Update that was available. Now my mouse is acting weird. When I use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in, it jumps too far even with one "click" on the scroll wheel. I assume this is a function of the new update. Has anyone else had that problem? Does anyone know where to change how much your scroll wheel zooms in?
  5. Wondering if someone can help me.. I want the floor and roof trusses to show up in the section views but not in the elevation views. Both of them use 1/4" scale annotations. Is there a way to differentiate between the layer sets for the section view and elevation view? In X12 I used to do it but can't seem to find a way now in X13. I'm sure it's simple. Thank you.
  6. Thanks. I'll give it a try. It will only be on the corners of the house, so I will have to make separate roof planes at the corners. I appreciate the input! Karen
  7. Does anyone have any input on what would be the best way to draw this type of eave? I don't want to be fighting the program the whole time. Not sure if I should just draw a standard roof and use polylines to create the extra tall "fascia" or if it should be part of a wall or roof or...?
  8. Do any of you know how to remove the ridge cap line from my elevations? I haven't been able to find anything already posted. My elevations are too busy... I figured out how to remove the roof texture but not the cap. I know I also need to play around with the line weights, so if anyone has information on that I would appreciate it also!
  9. I was able to add it to my tool bar using Tools/ Toolbars and Hotkeys/ Customize Toolbars. Just a little FYI, I was using the OOB toolbar and it wasn't there... Thanks!
  10. Hello- Does anyone know how to update layout page information in X13? I always had a button in my tool bar that I used to edit the information for the page.. the macros in the title block would update to show the new information. I can't find the button any longer... It looks like the button that is still there, but now the button says "Modify the layout lines in an elevation..." Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Has anybody run into this before? When I copy an appliance into a cabinet I end up with it set back about 2' in the renderings. It shows up correctly in the plan view. This happens if I add them to full height cabinets as well as base cabinets. I wonder if I have some setting wrong? Thank you!
  12. Ryan- I am not sure if you figured this out or not, but I usually go to transform/replicate, and resize to a resize factor of .5 or something like that. Works fine for me! Karen