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  1. Yes! I just found this out a few days ago from another tech support call to Chief. I've tried a couple of times before but wasn't really getting anywhere with my answers. A guy named Cameron nailed it in the first 20 seconds of the call and that was what he said to do. Thank you for reaching out CodeKata. I'd forgot about posting it on the forum. When did you figure this out and did you just search topics for solvers answer?
  2. ...... Not solved, haven't touched it since last night. Thanks
  3. All stair layers are on, the area below is a basement slab. The main level up top is opened to below and the stairwell was created, if it matters to anyone, with no problem. Handrail generated and everything looks good. The stairs lead to the basement level. There's a tread, landing, then right run up the rest to the main level. Thanks guys
  4. I have a house plan I'm creating, with a basement. I enclosed the stairs, added a door then went to view it with Full Camera and they do not show up. Anyone have a clue? Thanks
  5. Can someone please tell me why all these dimensions pop up when I click a wall? It didn't do this originally and I've noticed in other areas it's the same. Anyone know why and how to prevent or fix this? Also, is there a way to control what temporary dimensions will measure to? Thanks I'm also not getting temporary dimensions when I click on a wall like I would normally get to relocate or move the wall.
  6. Can someone please help me understand what's controlling this stem wall? I can't set my ceiling height like I want in the basement. Ideally, I want a stem wall poured on top of my footers 104" plus sill. Why is there such a gap that I can't adjust? This screws me everytime on a basement.
  7. Good afternoon, but anyone tell me why I can't get a window to properly show up in the wall above, note twin window outline, and what it takes to get my trapezoidal windows to clear the wall as well? Note the top corners are hidden by the wall. Inside the upstairs walls is a loft area where the windows are and open ceiling over the room with the sliders. Thanks
  8. Can someone please tell me how to get all of my toolbars pulled up and across the top of my screen? I just opened the software and they are gone
  9. Would anyone know why my wall cabinets are not functioning properly? I don't seem to have a selection of cabinet style in my wall cabinet defaults and I can't get it to place a standard corner cabinet, it wants to install one the size of a base cabinet.
  10. If I'm going to create a bonus room over a garage with partial knee walls, sloping ceilings and walk out dormer, would just go in the Attic on the attic floor how do I create a second story and draw the walls in? What is the correct way to do this in Chief?
  11. And does anyone know what this is buried under my wall. I am having trouble with this wall and I do not understand the problems I've had. I did some edits and the wall went weird on me and gave me ceiling and room structure problems ever since. This is a garage and have had to delete then tire front wall and start all over and I'm still having problems. I can't get much to dimension to this wall and when it does, it did mention to the front of the siding instead of to the backside. If I shorten the wall in length a little, this half circle under my wall goes away. But I have a feeling I have a
  12. Good evening all, I have 2 roof planes with the same t.o.f. height but differently aren't the same. Why would this be?
  13. Would anyone know what controls the corner board command from working properly. I'm quite sure is something I have done incorrectly but danged if I can figure it out. but icon doesn't show up like it used to as a corner board as well, but when I click inside and outside corners, I get nothing. I have one or two places I can get them and that's about it
  14. If you're referring to the room specification box, I do not see anywhere to click or check such. I tried making my deck edge wall thicker and that didn't work. I'm doing these as I reply. So I get to the last one and I make my deck edge invisible, and all of the sudden a handrail pops up I've never seen before? But it works for me! Thanks, now if I could only get a foundation under the porch slab
  15. I can't get my terrain to work properly now, I set my initial terrain height and now I can't get an elevation region to work properly. It moves my entire terrain.