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  1. hi friend hey I have a 12" wall and the 10" W x 48" H x 6"Deep and I need cut the concrete on side with chamfer. This is possible? please see the picture
  2. hey how can do a real Miami Window with the mechanism to open and closed the window, I did one in AutoCad 3D and I import the symbol like Window but not work property with property command miami window.calibz
  3. good to know that have a electrician
  4. hey gregscott download one by one, like this you not need to decompress.
  5. thank you Chopsaw for your great contribution, to the topic, but that's not help me., I have the majority of 3D symbols that Chief Architect sells, I'm just missing some, I'm not a SSA member, but if someone wants to help me write me to this email, I have many 3D symbols to share, because I work AutoCad and I transfer them to chief.
  6. if someone want to help please this is my email
  7. HI.GUYS I looking electrical equipment to add to my library, like gear, board, transformer, I have cable tray<<