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  1. Hello, We are a small builder residential and light industrial builder in and around Edmonton Alberta. We are working on a small office and 3 bay shop for a repeat client that is going to put us above the 500m2 threshold requiring an Architect's involvment. In the past we always have had an engineer do a code review and the structural components of our plans but the Architect will be a new one for us. Does anyone have any expirence/recommendations for an architect to work with in the area? Ideally we would still like to do all of the drafting as we have in the past with the engineer we use. Thank you in advance for your suggestions and advice : )
  2. We are looking for an engineer to do plan/code reviews on commercial and residential designs in Northern Alberta, Canada. Does anyone have any recommendations? The one we have been working with has been great but their response times are becoming less and less dependable. Likely in the same situation as the rest of us just trying to keep up. Thank you for your input in advance!
  3. Hello, I have been working through chief talk threads to create a macro for defining area in acres for a prelim subdivision concept before sending to our engineering side. I have attached below a screenshot of the macro I am using, how it appears in the label box (added the word "acres" behind it and how it shows up on my polyline. Does anyone know what I need to add to the macro to remove the default "SQ FT" that is likely coming from the area portion of the macro? I only fumble my way through macros using threads on chief talk so you might have to explain it to me like I am a Golden Retriever...or just a text of the fix would be very appreciated as well : )
  4. That I don't know but I think I remember hearing that Photoshop was ported over to the new iPads with M1 chips by Adobe. I am hearing more and more rumours of software that was built for the Mac being ported for these new M1 iPads so it at least finally seems "possible"...not sure on probable.
  5. Hello, Now that X14 is coded to work on the Apple M1 Architecture natively without Rosetta 2, I am wondering if there has been any discussion about it running on an iPad Pro? My understanding was Apple was moving all of their processors to an ARM based architecture with the intention to enable all software coded for one of their devices to run on all their other devices without having to get into costly recoding. This would be so helpful to our design workflow and for our crews to have access to read-only plan files out of the office. Even just brainstorming out new ideas would be significantly easier from anywhere with an iPad.
  6. Hello : ) Looking for a bit of feedback how everyone has their wall layers setup. I noticed chief had the OSB as an exterior layer and not flush with the foundation. We always flush our rim board up with our foundation and then the exterior of the 2x6 wall sheathing frames flush to the exterior of the rim board. This allows us to have everything in line when we transition from a wood wall down to an ICF raised foundation. When I set my walls up like this in Chief it makes for some pretty interesting wall measurements on the interior. Does everyone just round the interior wall numbers up to the nearest 1/2"? Thanks for your feedback in advance
  7. It runs significantly better for me than my intel BUT...printing to PDF still takes a bit of time and I have been able to slow it down on larger files now. I am 100% happy I upgraded as I am not constantly thinking about the speed of my computer now when I am drafting but I will probably always think that a computer could be "just a bit faster" at the end of the day ol
  8. X13 just looks flat. Not sure how else to describe it. I am too far into using X13 to switch back but I have stopped using the renderings because of it. Its feels like stepping back to Windows Vista...there, I said it lol.
  9. Keep in mind that it may have handled the file better because I was missing some of your textures. I have not heard the fans run once yet but I have not spent a ton of time in 3D. The combination of my intel MBP and eGPU would actually raise the temperature in my office so this is a nice change lol. I agree on the renderings. X12 did appear to look better.
  10. Screenshots were no problem. I didn't tweak them at all so this was just the factory settings. Took a second or two to do the physically based. The 3D was a bit choppy in physically based on the exterior but pretty smooth on the interior. Standard view 3D was smooth on both interior and exterior. 3D was a bit choppy for the first few seconds and then seemed to smooth out. Interior was smoother than exterior. Bit of a load time to switch to physical in 3D. Here is the link to the video. I will keep it up for a few days. I hope this helps
  11. Didn't do much for 3D today still. Was mainly on screen-shares with clients and staff. On the intel MBP, I would experience a significant drop in performance while screen-sharing. Chief would stutter and take some time to render. Occasionally it would crash while going into 3D from a floor plan. Today I could not discern a difference while in screen-share. It worked just as flawlessly while connected. Verified print to PDF works as well. It actually seemed a little slower at that process but not by much. That might just be me thinking that though...I didn't test speeds as I am just not that guy. I should note I have the MBP set in high power mode. I also read that the RAM is discrete on these chips and there is no bottleneck with data transmission between the GPU, CPU and RAM. That might be why the Screenshare experience is better. I am posting this all here because this community has given me so much info over the years and I really haven't had much to give back...this is my tiny contribution. I hope it is of interest to a few of you out there : )
  12. Thank you for the catch! I do not post much and forgot to update : )
  13. I hate to say this but it makes X13 feel like X12 for me LOL. I noticed a significant drop in performance when I moved to X13 and that seems to be gone now.