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  1. Thank you. I get it. My next endeavor will then be to develop a work around that will facilitate the same objective. For instance, changing a specific siding type's color or material's surface color. Thank you again for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it!
  2. Thank you for responding. I understand that aspect however, I have to ask, does the application know this intuitively? In that, when selecting a color to blend it will prevent the paint roller from appearing befor the material that is to be blended is even selected? That is what I seem to be experiencing. Thanks again.
  3. I am stuck. I cannot locate the blend colors with material rollor icon or its functionality. The roller does not appear in the material painter icon tray. I have gone to the 3D drop down menu, Material Painter, and I see it there. I've both checked and unchecked Blend Color with Materials and have had no luck. I'd be grateful for any insight or direction to how to get this back. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the timely replies! I'm gun shy from the last time I tried Chief in Win 11, so your experience is very helpful to me.
  5. I had enormous issues using X13 in a Windows 11 operating environment when they both came out. So much so, that I reverted back to Windows 10. Since then, I have been using X14 Beta with Windows 10, and I do not have any issues. I'd like to start using Windows 11 again because I like the enviromment for many of the other tasks that I do. Are there any known issues using X14 in a Windows 14 operating environment that Chief users are experiencing? My system is running a NVIDIA RTX-3090 graphics card, and all the other specs for the computer exceed the recommended requirements from Chief. I'd appreciate any feedback that I can get.
  6. Thanks jcaffe for the legwork and recommendation. I appreciate it.
  7. My thanks to all of you for taking the time to provide the insights, feedback, and experience. I need to stay at the 15" platform because that's what works best for me on a number of different levels, but I completely understand the merit of a larger screen as I use 2 - 27" monitors for my desktop workstation. Looks like the i7 with a ton of RAM and a top end Nvidia GeForce card are the key factors. The DELL Inspiron 15 7000 with 64G of RAM caught my eye. Any additional feedback is more than welcome. Thanks again.
  8. I am ready to pull the trigger on a 15" laptop to take Chief 9 into my client's home for presentations, to utilize it for design work, and for extensive ray tracing, (remodeling & construction) as well. I'm looking for recommendations for a top notch configuration that will make a positive impression on the client (through speed and graphic quality) and be a powerful tool to supplement my desktop work. I'd appreciate any feedback, cost is not a limiting consideration. Thanks DP
  9. How do I eliminate a grey background in a exterior perspective overview ray trace? I am using AO with a min of .3 and max of 1.0, Sun at1.0, outside light at 1.0, and use sky. I just want a white background and I'm stuck.