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  1. Excellent trick Chopsaw, and thank you for those websites D3.
  2. Unfortunately, these sizes/shapes are specific to this client. Ages ago I had a program that would attempt to create vector drawings from raster files (for old school importing USGS maps), but that's long gone. Didn't know if CA would possibly have some trick similar to that.
  3. This is a big reach. Is there any function in CA that would allow me to import an image (painted arrows on parking lots) and automatically create a boundary line around the black fill? That I could then fetch the area inside? I need to place these on a site plan, but provide a painting area. There may be no easy way to automatically perform this. I can readily trace with cad lines and manually count, but there are quite a few more shapes in addition to these. Thank you all.
  4. Dermot, thank you for the reply. I think the reason I was unable to find that KB article is my search terms all revolved around autosave rather than archive (both general internet and CA forum search). Just never occurred to me to use a different term.
  5. Thank you Glenn. I was unaware of that feature/location, it did have an archive from several hours after my apparent save.
  6. Hey all, my computer was acting a little strange Friday (not specifically in chief). I worked on a file, got the layout to where I wanted, saved, released the license and closed. This evening, I attempted to open and it is a pretty old version of the file I was working on. Not a ton of work but a couple hours at least. Is there autosave data located somewhere that would be writing a duplicate file similar to how autocad works? As an FYI, when I remoted into the computer tonight, reactivated license and opened the file it still was only the early on work. But, it wouldn't let
  7. I'm barely adequate at roofs, but do like to practice as I'm in the same boat as you (trying to really work on setting up auto roofs well). Do you want to post the specific plan your working on? It's hard for me to tell if the near-side wall has a lower plate line than the far-side. I'll give setting it up a shot.
  8. I see, thanks Michael. I also now see how to call the pan command after initiating a wall command with the "way" I've been drawing walls. Thank you all, helpful as always and highly appreciated.
  9. Glenn, I'm curious about your setup. If you would indulge a rudimentary question, how do you go about mapping that command to the "PA" shortcut? Is PA pressing "P" then "A" while in command? That would be most convenient for me.
  10. Thank you solver. As a runner up question, what is that action called? Or how could it be looked up in the index?
  11. I really don't know how to frame this question or surely the search function would have worked. I often have to trace imported CAD lines with, say a wall command. I zoom in to accurately start my line, then while dragging the wall, I can zoom in and out with the scroll wheel. However, how do I pan when in this situation? I can zoom out, then move the position of my mouse pointer to start zooming back in to where I want to place the end point of the wall, but this is cumbersome (scroll wheel). If I use the button function of the scroll wheel it just cancels the command rather than pausing
  12. This an old topic now, but I'll add my two cents. I used to use OneDrive for all my file usage primarily because you log in once and it becomes a native mapped drive on your computer rather than having to sync working files. I have since switched to a physically located server that I VPN into remotely (a Dell SonicWall router). You might need some help to set up (and the infrastructure is more pricey) but it provides a couple of extras. 1) you know where the physical drive is, if you have an office environment its quicker to use than a cloud drive; 2) a VPN, especially if you travel and us
  13. Robert, for some reason, my "linked saved plan view" is working plan view and was not letting me access the reference display. Turning the reference display on or off did not reflect in the layout. With Dermot's post, I changed the linked saved plan view to none and it allows control of the "show reference floor". I do not fully understand the process, however it is corrected. Thanks folks. This file was created by the builder who is new to the program, there are a number of not-default-behaviors that he has set up or modified that are different from how I use the program in fa
  14. No search is returning results. In my layout file, the reference displays are showing; though no longer turned on in the plan file. So I double-click the layout box, it activates my plan file and now reference layers are turned back on. Click them off and go back to the layout tab and they are still displayed. Is there a way to turn off reference layers from the layout without deleting the layout box and resending from the .plan file?
  15. I wasn't able to check the original layout files, but I did open the PDF that rlackalore posted. Just an FYI, my (admittedly old) printer took the border line and some of the text in lower right and title block for page margins. Oddly this happened even printing on a larger sheet, like it needed some minimal margins for the print size regardless of sheet size.