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  1. Something else I've heard of is "theft of professional services". You don't have the same burden of restricted lein filing time, and may be able to file a lein after successful judgement. Less burdensome than small claims, but more bite. However, I have not actually gone through with this process yet, its something my accountant's other clients have used successfully.
  2. Excellent Glenn, the "place point" was my problem. Also, Chopsaw, thanks for the info on the transform/replicate box, that's something I don't know that I've used before.
  3. Thanks chopsaw, that is the tool that appeared on my cursor, but no dice. I just manually moved my structure to 0,0 but it doesn't seem to work either. Selecting objects brings up a rotate handle based on that object or that group alone. I'll try to suss it out in the morning, I appreciate the quick response.
  4. Is there an updated method to rotate selected objects or groups around a user defined center point? I tried the method in topic 12425 with no luck. Placed a point marker in the center of the structure, edit behavior to rotate about current point (cursor appearance changes), but objects till rotate around their "own" center point. The ability to rotate various objects around my center point would be immensely useful; I'm trying to set up a "grain bin" house with a single center point. Especially things like cabinets and door locations. That one post appears to be the only one referencing a user point, but its ~5 years old now. Thanks for any help all.
  5. CAD was going to be the direction I went if there was no built-in ability. Thanks folks.
  6. I realize I'm likely asking Chief to do something it's not really set up to do, but here it goes. I'm working on a basic layout of a "grain bin house". I have the exterior wall set, I believe I got the stairs to snap to that exterior wall, and windows are initially located. However, I'd like to place things a little more accurately, is there such a thing as dimensions along a curve? None of the automatic tools seem to want to initiate anything. I can place manual dims, but only on a straight line. Are there any other options out there?
  7. For years I've always just worked through the "reflect about" method above. This is the first time I've seen that "Reverse Plan" tool. Wow, that's easy.
  8. Thank you SNestor. I like the architectural 'X' mark. That really solves the issue with how I'd been doing it (manually intersect roof planes, then drag main back out to wall.
  9. Ahh, thanks for the catch Chris. The main roof of the house will be trusses bearing on the exterior wall. The pitch break change will occur somewhere to the inside of the exterior house wall depending on the slope of the porch. Porch rafters will overframe on the trusses above the exterior house wall.
  10. Hey folks. I have no problem setting this situation up with manual roofs; its easy and quick. This morning I was experimenting in trying to create it with an autoroof and am not having success. I've tried the steps in KB-00045, but can't even duplicate that method (though I would prefer to not need to set height of pitch change or distance from baseline). Untitled 3 is what I'm trying to auto-create (9' house ceiling, 8' porch, 4:12 main roof, 2.5:12 porch roof). Thank you all, as always. Untitled 2.plan Untitled 2 - Copy.plan
  11. Is there a way to create a group out of the post and footing in a post-frame building without grouping as CAD block? The file I'm working with, when grouping the posts and footings, loses the post data in 3-D view and only shows the footing. It "might" have also not allowed the dimensions to identify the post as an object to locate (though I had some dim settings wrong). The post only shows back up after unblocking the CAD object. I'm just trying to make it a little easier to select and move around post&footing without tab-selecting the post, then ctrl+click the footing (or CAD block, select, unblock). Other than this rather minor "issue" Chief is letting me put together a post-frame layout nice and quick.
  12. Thanks Gary, had not thought of extending the main body away from that gable. Solves several issues at once. Appreciate the note on moving forums Solver. Had forgotten about the chatroom. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I can do that from the original post. Mods feel free to move.
  13. Also, here's a PDF print to have an idea without needing to download the draw ing file. Untitled 2.pdf Untitled 2.pdf
  14. Hey all, I'm trying to put together a very quick and dirty ortho for a builder I know. He has some owner's working towards additions on each end of their in-ground house and I'm trying to get them a little visualization while builder and own er are trying to get some professional designers involved. The main body of the house is existing, with gables sticking out of the front. Garage addition on the right is pretty straightforward. I have no idea on the left how to add a ~12'-15' extension then tie in the roof and have it "look" good. 2nd file is with a porch extension and a shed roof extending to the face of the gable, but the tie-in at the fascias is strange. If anyone has some thoughts or ideas to share, I certainly appreciate it. I haven't added in a saddle roof for the dead valley, just working on an idea at this point. Thank you all. Untitled 1.plan Untitled 2.plan