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  1. The easiest would probably get an AASHTO template picture and import it into Chief as an image. The apparatus or truck-class template you use will depend on your jurisdiction. If you need to go further than that, there are template design programs that automate the process with an imported CAD underlay.
  2. OP, you might check out this thread on Twinmotion. It appears to still be free, you just have to signup for an Epic Games account (no cost) to download, and it runs in the Epic Games library (because Unreal Engine purchased it). I downloaded it, but have never actually done anything in it yet.
  3. Step in foundation height. You might be able to remove it in a DBX, but its there for the foundation company to reference. I didn't like them at first, but prior to using Chief I still manually noted foundation and footing step locations. EDIT: FYI, you might crop your image to get your clients name off the tab.
  4. If anyone would be willing to take a look at my settings, this is the file that initiated my question about building a floor slab instead of framed (original sketch was slab on grade, this one is basement). My settings all appear appropriate for a framed floor, but it doesn't seem to want to build it. Thank you all for the help. Carver - mod.plan
  5. I'm hoping there might be an easy solution to this. I put together a plan for a builder, simple ranch with a slab on grade. A new client of his liked the plan and wants to basically duplicate it, except over a full foundation. I thought the easiest thing would be to build a foundation and have it auto-delete anything on the existing plan. It worked, except my floor system is (still) a 4" conc slab. rather than 2x10 joists. Is there a way to "build" the floor system over the whole house? It looks like I could edit each room's floor, but seems there might be an easier way. Follow-up question. When I get the floor system solved, they want to put a high-floor closet over the toe of the stairs. Usually I just manually adjust the floor height in that room only and let the builder frame it as he wants. Is there a more appropriate/standard way to do this in Chief? Thank you all.
  6. Excellent trick Chopsaw, and thank you for those websites D3.
  7. Unfortunately, these sizes/shapes are specific to this client. Ages ago I had a program that would attempt to create vector drawings from raster files (for old school importing USGS maps), but that's long gone. Didn't know if CA would possibly have some trick similar to that.
  8. This is a big reach. Is there any function in CA that would allow me to import an image (painted arrows on parking lots) and automatically create a boundary line around the black fill? That I could then fetch the area inside? I need to place these on a site plan, but provide a painting area. There may be no easy way to automatically perform this. I can readily trace with cad lines and manually count, but there are quite a few more shapes in addition to these. Thank you all.
  9. Dermot, thank you for the reply. I think the reason I was unable to find that KB article is my search terms all revolved around autosave rather than archive (both general internet and CA forum search). Just never occurred to me to use a different term.
  10. Thank you Glenn. I was unaware of that feature/location, it did have an archive from several hours after my apparent save.
  11. Hey all, my computer was acting a little strange Friday (not specifically in chief). I worked on a file, got the layout to where I wanted, saved, released the license and closed. This evening, I attempted to open and it is a pretty old version of the file I was working on. Not a ton of work but a couple hours at least. Is there autosave data located somewhere that would be writing a duplicate file similar to how autocad works? As an FYI, when I remoted into the computer tonight, reactivated license and opened the file it still was only the early on work. But, it wouldn't let me view 3-D, gave the serious error message. I'll restart that computer in the morning, but hoping I might be able to recover the file from a different location. I do have a server that backs up, but its a nightly thing, so would not have anything more than what my computer thinks it has.
  12. I'm barely adequate at roofs, but do like to practice as I'm in the same boat as you (trying to really work on setting up auto roofs well). Do you want to post the specific plan your working on? It's hard for me to tell if the near-side wall has a lower plate line than the far-side. I'll give setting it up a shot.
  13. I see, thanks Michael. I also now see how to call the pan command after initiating a wall command with the "way" I've been drawing walls. Thank you all, helpful as always and highly appreciated.
  14. Glenn, I'm curious about your setup. If you would indulge a rudimentary question, how do you go about mapping that command to the "PA" shortcut? Is PA pressing "P" then "A" while in command? That would be most convenient for me.