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  1. Excellent, I don't know that I've ever manipulated those options, it was just set on default. I must have seen someone else's plan previously. Thank you.
  2. I'm trying to figure out how to display posts in a railing in regular plan view. Unfortunately all my searching has led to displaying posts in 3-D, but they show up just fine in camera/ortho views. I feel certain I've seen it displayed before, but even with "all on" I can't find a layer that would display these posts. Edit: they are "built" (and displayed correctly in 3-D) at ~8.4' on center.
  3. Did OP ever get this to work? I had a similar problem in that I use dark model space in CAD, and when the CA elevations export, the layers are all assigned a dark color that doesn't display well or at all on my screen. I just ctrl+a to select everything and change it to white lines, also zoom extents as mentioned above. Might be the case here, might be nowhere close, worth a shot though.
  4. I was concerned with the slippery slope bit. In the future, I'll end up scaling the DWG in the import wizard down to a 1:1 scale (which makes the dimensions work appropriately).
  5. I'm trying to find out if it is possible to add a scale factor (0.5 in particular) to a CAD detail I'm trying to import into Chief. I have some/many details in CAD that are drawn at a scale of two, then with the dimensions I just change the scale factor and it dimensions as 1:1. However, importing into Chief, I can't find a scale factor in the dims dialog box, or any scaling in the import wizard. Is it possible to add a scale factor to a specific dimension in Chief (so 6' reads as 3')? As a workaround, I just imported dimensions as CAD blocks, but if I need to manipulate the detail, it would be handy to know. General searches just lead me to PDF scaling or the unit conversion scaling which "works" but makes the detail a 1:1 and small. Thank you.
  6. Alaskan Son, thank you. I did see your recommendation on that in the old thread. Went ahead and downloaded and tried out. Its a good program and seems to suit my needs. Still waiting on TurboPDF to send me a working trial download link, but now I at least know I have good options in lieu of PDF Architect.
  7. Hey all. Last year I contributed to this thread (33086) in my support of PDF Architect. If I could keep Version 8 it would still be great. They forced an upgrade to version 9 (had no ability to stop the upgrade) and quite unfortunately it is now awful for my uses (basic line drawing, occasional dimensioning, adding and editing text (at different size and fonts). I've been in contact with their support, did their suggestions (fully remove, reinstall, etc.) but it is not resolving my issues. I think it's something as simple as what I used it for is not their main customer base. So, I revisited the old thread, a number of folks suggested TurboPDF v4. I'm trying to get a trial version, but in the meantime wanted to ask specifically here: The folks that use it and like it, do you make basic shape markups (think if someone brought in a hand drawn scan, could you markup to show potential beam locations, dimensions, leader arrows etc.)? On a created PDF (as opposed to scanned in or "print to") can it edit text in the document? I know Bluebeam is a comprehensive program, but its OTT for my needs. A couple others sound good, but TurboPDF seemed to be the most frequently mentioned. Thanks all.
  8. This is my concern as well. I do not use Chief regularly, nor do I even regularly design houses, it is essentially a hobby software. It is very useful when I do need it though (perhaps not enough to justify costs over the years, but worth it from an investment buy). If I buy outright the last version available, X14, how long will I be able to use it. How long will I be able to do license management to switch between computers (office and house). Will my other perpetual licenses work (not really an issue, but I did pay in full for them)? My biggest concern is Chief will run at this with a full head of steam and fairly soon, try to force everyone on to a rental agreement be simply no longer allowing users to access perpetual licenses. Can anyone from Chief chime in, or anyone point to something other than what Chrisb222 copied from FAQ above?
  9. SNestor, yes. Now I have to get the builder in here to sit down and look through it. Thank you.
  10. I had not tried that, but will try and see what happens. I did just find out that those tools work in "ortho" independently of what "plan" floor they are on. Very nice. It seems like it solves the problem pretty well, but maybe not with the correct method.
  11. Hey all. I'm trying to figure out a roof layout for a builder's hand drawn plan. There is a 2nd floor at the front of the house, the rear pitch extends from that 2nd floor ridge to the first floor wall at the top plate. The rear plane (a 10:12) is "located" on the second floor. There is a breakfast nook extending from the rear wall of the house. I want to try and make the valley from the 2nd floor plane "attach" to the valley on the 1st floor rear gable using the join planes tool. I've attached. That's not a particularly critical area, but demonstrates the issue I'm having. The entire purpose of this is to figure out the rather messy area on the right side of the plan without him just going in and overlaying crickets as needed. Thank you all. Untitled 1.plan
  12. I'm looking for a source for a basic, generic office desk (file cabinets a bonus too). Internet search showed there is a 2020 catalog for commercial furniture (X12 and above), but I'm in X11 for the foreseeable future. Is my best bet 3D Warehouse? My only concern there, is every time I've used one of those blocks they are pretty large files. Are there any older, obscure mfg or Chief catalogs that would have a simple "office" desk? Thank you all.
  13. Something else I've heard of is "theft of professional services". You don't have the same burden of restricted lein filing time, and may be able to file a lein after successful judgement. Less burdensome than small claims, but more bite. However, I have not actually gone through with this process yet, its something my accountant's other clients have used successfully.
  14. Excellent Glenn, the "place point" was my problem. Also, Chopsaw, thanks for the info on the transform/replicate box, that's something I don't know that I've used before.
  15. Thanks chopsaw, that is the tool that appeared on my cursor, but no dice. I just manually moved my structure to 0,0 but it doesn't seem to work either. Selecting objects brings up a rotate handle based on that object or that group alone. I'll try to suss it out in the morning, I appreciate the quick response.