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  1. madcowscarnival

    External hard drive

    I'd recommend an old-school HDD array in raid1. However, I also always start with new hardware (and 250GB is fairly small). I also backup this raid to an offsite usb SDD using windows "SyncToy" which does a remarkably good job for built-in windows tool. I'm not worried about high-speed connections between the drives. My setup that I'm very pleased with (lots of redundancy): work PC -> file server* (w/ mirrored array) -> home PC -> usb HDD (redundant backup) I've previously used OneDrive as well, but prefer the server. * - this is just a regular tower with a pretty basic board running Windows Server OS (very robust) connected to the LAN. Minimal performance specs. It runs continuously except for a few extended power outages (~1 hr) when I learned my UPS battery was bad). As its a separate machine, my workPC doesn't see any decrease in performance. I maybe have $1000 into all of this excluding the work PC (~6 years ago).
  2. madcowscarnival

    evil roof design

    geez Solver, that's impressive. Thanks for helping those of us out that don't have such a complete grasp on this program as you and the other major contributors on here.
  3. madcowscarnival

    Creating sign be SUBTRACTING text from a polyline solid

    I should have looked a little further down my file. Here's one in .PLAN format. PLINE TEXT - HOLLOW.plan
  4. madcowscarnival

    Creating sign be SUBTRACTING text from a polyline solid

    Here's a DWG file of outlined text I'd made in ACAD a number of years back if you'd like. It's just a single font, but they're all plines without going through manipulation of sketchup objects HOLLOW TEXT PLINES.dwg
  5. madcowscarnival

    Remote access to main computer

    OP, if you still look at this thread, the second computer in my signature is my "home office" computer. It runs x11 just fine. File loads and saves over the cloud take some time, but work within the program is just fine. You would be hard pressed to find a laptop less than 10 years old with specs that couldn't run circles around that machine. Also, as I always do in these threads, I recommend Microsoft One-Drive. It is mappable to your local machine. You can work right off it with no additional download or sync steps. I used it before I moved to a VPN into my office server (also a mapped drive).
  6. madcowscarnival

    leaders dissociating from text

    I will post plan when I'm finished up if needed. I created using a previous file, a lazy and incorrect way to get the various sets I wanted. I've finished annotating and was moving some notes around. However, the notes are no longer associated with their leader. I move the text and the arrow stays where it was rather than moving with the text. Have I inadvertently turned off a setting or have I corrupted behavior by using an existing file. It seems that this mostly affects text/leaders after I had edited default settings (going Chief font to Arial). Any ideas would be appreciated.
  7. madcowscarnival

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    Thank you kMoquin.
  8. madcowscarnival

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    If anyone else pops on here, is anyone aware of any potential legal liability of separating the models in sketchup and uploading individually? The free version of sketchup (I'm a very novice user) does not appear to permit saving to local files, only within the web-based program or in 3-D warehouse. I gave credit and described the original model, it just seems to be the only way to get the items I want on to my local machine.
  9. madcowscarnival

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    Thanks for the reply. That's unfortunately what I suspected.
  10. madcowscarnival

    breakup imported 3d warehouse "set"

    I found a 3-D warehouse model that has several things that would be helpful for a layout I'm working on. Its called "bakery shop set" It seems like it is designed to pull out the various items for use. However, in Chief it is blocked together with no apparent command to explode or unblock. Is this possible in Chief or do I need to do that in Sketch up then save individual items? That may be the best direction as the model is very large and definitely slows down the initial camera load-in.
  11. madcowscarnival

    Living area calculations

    Dermot, thanks for the tip. Nice insight into the inner workings.
  12. madcowscarnival

    Living area calculations

    living area.plan
  13. madcowscarnival

    Living area calculations

    I have two 30'x60' mfg. buildings in a 'T' shape. One is a garage, one is living area. The common wall between the buildings is being included in the Living area calculations (I'm assuming) indicating a living space of 1809 sq. ft. rather than 1800. Is it possible to instruct the program to disregard that specific wall area or should I just manually modify? Our AHJ takes the outside dimension (30x60) and is asking for a correction to 1800.
  14. madcowscarnival

    custom light symbol

    Chopsaw, thank you. I was looking for the convert to symbol button, but it was not available until I converted my basic cad to a plinesolid, then to symbol. Excellent, I appreciate it.
  15. madcowscarnival

    custom light symbol

    Is there a way to simply tell Chief Architect a pline (2'x4' rectangle) that it should be recognized as an electrical lighting object so that it will connect electrical runs? I need to demonstrate a basic lighting plan in a large open barn where they will be using 2'x4' hanging high-bay LED's. I did find the "short double recessed tube lighting" that will work for the symbol, and can edit that object, but might want to create a 12" diameter high-output LED basic symbol too. To clarify my question. Is it possible to draw a basic shape, perform a special conversion, and assign it as an electrical object?