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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, a hole can only be created in a PL solid within the same view in which the PL solid was created.
  2. It actually came with Lumion. They have a few high res vehicles to select from I'm always amazed by Jintu's stuff when he does decide to share. He does fantastic work Also thank you for the tip regarding the Farnsworth House... that idea never even crossed my mind. I've only had the software for a couple days now so I'm still trying to figure everything out. Thankfully there seems to be quite a few tutorials on YouTube for Lumion so I feel like that's where I'll be spending my weekend .
  3. Stunning, Jintu. Also, appreciate the tips. I’m still learning the software so I’ll take all the help I can get. Expect a few messages from me in the very near future
  4. Lumion - I figured it was a better value.
  5. Just a sample render. House still isn't complete.
  6. The height of your walls will automatically extend to your roof plane. That being said, calculate your roof pitch so that a 10'-0" wall is created on the high side.
  7. I recently built a system around the intel i7 7820x CPU as I figured it was the sweet spot in terms of both single and multi-threaded performance. Usually the higher you go in your core count, the lower your base clock will be. With my previous i5 setup, my system would be almost unusable while rendering in Chief. Now, while I'm rendering, I can run multiple programs in the background without any issues whatsoever. Ultimately I couldn't be happier with the build. It absolutely blazes through everything.
  8. Such as the Java API. But yes, I wasn't suggesting opening the file either, but rather updating Java. Like you said, we have no idea what's even in that file.
  9. Corrected my response. I believe it's a Java file. Try updating Java and revisiting the page to see if you get the same notification.
  10. That’s a Javascript file. Your java probably needs to be updated.
  11. Thanks, KBird. It’s not perfect but I’m thinking it should do the job
  12. I'd just use polyline solids. See attached for symbol. Custom Cable Wall.calibz
  13. I did. For the brick border, I used a distribution line, and for the walkway I just used a regular polyline solid
  14. Anne - you can create your own block symbols and use those. I created the ones in the image I attached above.
  15. What about just using a spline distribution path?
  16. I know there's a Chief Architect tip or technique somewhere in this condescending post.
  17. I totally agree in that it never looks go to delete voices of concern. Unfortunately the fashion in which things were posted (forum flooding), the irrational content that was being posted as well as the accusations, coupled with the fact that multiple people were reporting the user, in my opinion Chief Architect staff had no choice but to delete the posts. Ultimately (and again this is just my opinion), if the post was made in more of a rational, calm manner and limited to one forum topic, the post probably wouldn't have been deleted.
  18. Absolutely. And again, I can appreciate and understand that for some people having a hardware lock is imperative and/or just more convenient. At the end of the day we're all voicing our opinions based off our current situation. For me personally, moving away from a hardware lock wouldn't affect me in the slightest.
  19. They were erased because a lot of what was written by the original poster was just absurd. He even went so far as comparing Chief Architect to Harvey Weinstein...
  20. I can totally understand the convenience of the hardware lock at that point. However, what's the percentage of people that don't have internet these days? It's probably around 10%. I know personally that over the last 7 years, coordination for all of my projects was done via email. If they have email, they obviously have the internet. That being said, to be safe, you could technically activate your laptop at home or office prior to leaving for your meeting. Also, as Richard mentioned above, you could use your mobile hotspot to activate on the spot. Personally I don't like physical hardware locks because it opens the door to the possibility of losing something that isn't cheap.
  21. With Chief Architect open, try holding the windows key on your keyboard, and then hitting the right or left arrow key.
  22. Select the concrete wall, and as you drag the node down, hit your tab key. This will allow you to adjust the height on the Y-axis.
  23. I'd most definitely go with build #2.