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  1. DavidJames

    X12 BETA Now Available To Public...

    Nice! Downloading now
  2. Oops! Thanks, Solver. Made the adjustment to my original post.
  3. Glad you got it to work Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Have you tried: Edit > Default Settings > 3D View Defaults > Rendering Techniques > Technical Illustration ?
  5. DavidJames

    For Sale: Chief Architect Premier X11

    Hi Bill Yes it's still for sale. I currently use it on PC, however I think it can be activated on both PC and MAC.
  6. DavidJames

    For Sale: Chief Architect Premier X11

    Thanks, Mark. I've edited the post
  7. Selling my copy of Chief Architect Premier X11. It also includes the upgrade to X12 when it's ultimately released next year. Looking for $2300 obo ($600 off current price). I'll take care of all transfer fees!
  8. DavidJames

    Linking Section and Detail numbers

    I’ve decided to transition back to Revit and in v2019 you can create as many views, sections and callouts as you’d like and Revit will not only auto update the tag info, but it’ll also bring you to the correct page when you click on the section tags in the PDF file. It’s absolutely wonderful.
  9. DavidJames

    Export project for Sketchup

    Trying exporting .DAE
  10. Unfortunately projects drawn in X11 can only be opened in X11.
  11. DavidJames

    roof layers

    Here's a quick video on how to achieve that roof. Unfortunately no sound this time around:
  12. DavidJames

    Modern Facade - How to

    Sure! It's not perfect, but here you go MODERN FACADE.plan
  13. DavidJames

    Modern Facade - How to

    Here's my attempt utilizing a couple invisible walls, a 24" floor system and a 24" roof system.
  14. DavidJames

    2D demonstration of a shed Help

    Double click on the line. Or click on the line and do a CTRL+E on your keyboard.