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  1. What about converting all the images to a PDF and then doing it in Adobe?
  2. I only use Plot Lines. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I find that when it comes to printing, Plot Lines appears to be cleaner than Live Views. Another nice benefit of using Plot Lines is being able to use the Edit Linework tool.
  3. You're correct - it should definitely be a negative number. I just randomly put a numerical value in there 1. I don't believe this can be done automatically - although I could be wrong! 2. In the defaults, you can highlight "grade level" and then select the remove button. See below. All was auto except for the average grade marker which I put in manually.
  4. Edit > Default Settings > Dimension > Auto Story Pole Dimensions > Locate Elevations Change value at the top.
  5. Have you tried giving all the cells a white fill?
  6. I'll typically narrow it down by doing what Michael said above With your plan. I narrowed it down by randomly deleting a few architectural blocks at a time to see if it made a difference. Once narrowed down to 3 or 4, I simply deleted one at a time which eventually brought me to the robe hook & towel. I find that most of the time the slowdowns are caused by models that contain many faces (usually obtained from outside sources like sketchup, turbosquid etc)
  7. It appears as though the robe hook that's north of your toilet is the culprit. I'm guessing it's a custom symbol you downloaded externally? The model probably has many, many faces which is causing Chief to be painfully slow.
  8. Oops! Thanks, Solver. Made the adjustment to my original post.
  9. Have you tried: Edit > Default Settings > 3D View Defaults > Rendering Techniques > Technical Illustration ?
  10. Hi Bill Yes it's still for sale. I currently use it on PC, however I think it can be activated on both PC and MAC.
  11. Selling my copy of Chief Architect Premier X11. It also includes the upgrade to X12 when it's ultimately released next year. Looking for $2300 obo ($600 off current price). I'll take care of all transfer fees!
  12. I’ve decided to transition back to Revit and in v2019 you can create as many views, sections and callouts as you’d like and Revit will not only auto update the tag info, but it’ll also bring you to the correct page when you click on the section tags in the PDF file. It’s absolutely wonderful.
  13. Here's a quick video on how to achieve that roof. Unfortunately no sound this time around:
  14. Sure! It's not perfect, but here you go MODERN FACADE.plan
  15. Here's my attempt utilizing a couple invisible walls, a 24" floor system and a 24" roof system.
  16. Double click on the line. Or click on the line and do a CTRL+E on your keyboard.
  17. Agreed. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have it in X12. Fingers crossed!
  18. I'd probably create it using invisible walls, polyline solids for the door frames, and then custom symbols for the sliding doors:
  19. Unfortunately no. If you want a 3D model from 2D drawings, you'll need to model it yourself.